Vitamin D–The “D” Must Stand for Dynamite!

Yipes! I can’t believe I started creating my “Hello World” opening blog a month ago and am just now finishing it up and moving on to this new posting. Hopefully I’ll get faster at this as I go along.

Anyway, one of the things I’ve been researching lately is vitamin D. It seems that suddenly this is the “go to” nutrient for almost anything that ails you. I remember when you really didn’t hear much about it, which gave me the impression it must not be that important to our health. Now they’re finding that it is not only necessary for bone health, but also can help protect against colds and flu (including swine flu!), a number of cancers, and more.

And what’s interesting is that as they are discovering how big of a player vitamin D really is, they are also finding out that most people are deficient in this “sunshine vitamin.” Even 83% of the people living in Saudi Arabia, one of the sunniest climates around, were found to be deficient. And the Mayo Clinic found that 100% of the African-Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans they tested had low levels of D, so it’s affecting the entire population. And chronic deficiency has shown to play a role in 11 types of cancer, as well as in inflammatory conditions such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s Disease. Low levels of D also play a part in heart disease, pain issues, diminishing cognitive function, and weak, brittle bones.

There’s so much about vitamin D that I think people should know that I plan on writing an article to recap all the information I’ve found. But it may be awhile (consider that it took me a month to get my “Hello World!” blog done) before I will be posting it on my website. And with flu prevention being a hot topic right now, I wanted to let people know right away that they should make sure they’re getting enough D.

TIPS: When buying any D be sure you’re getting D3 (cholecalciferol), not D2, an inactive form of D that’s about 10 times less effective because it’s hard for the body to absorb and use. And be sure you’re taking an adequate amount of D. Many researchers, doctors, and healthcare practitioners are now saying that the RDA recommendation of 400 I.U. is way too low, and that we should be getting between 2000 – 5000 units a day (some set therapeutic dosage as high as 50,000 I.U. a week). So make sure you’re taking enough to have a preventative effect, and since D is fat-soluble, always take it with some fat/oil containing food(s).

PICKS: There are a ton of different vitamin D supplements available, and even more now that it’s showing itself to be such a powerhouse. And in light of recent findings, many companies are putting out versions of D with much higher doses than before.  Up until a couple of months ago I didn’t take any vitamin D other than what was in my calcium supplements, but after all the stuff I’ve been reading, I decided to change that. Right now I’m using Now’s Liquid Vitamin D-3 (you can get it through the Links or To Your Health page on my site for one of the best prices around). Each drop equals 100 I.U. and a dropperful is 5000 I.U., so it’s easy to take the dosage you feel is right for you and not have a lot of pills to swallow. It’s taste-less, so that’s a plus, too (you can even add it to your salad dressing and get your dosage that way). I like it a lot, but will also be keeping my eyes open for anything else that seems worth checking out. And be sure to leave a comment if you have your own D recommendation to make.

That’s it for now. Have a “D” lightful day, Zippy (aka Zirah)

p.s. If you would like a free 4-page report by Dr. Nicolas Hedberg about how to fortify your immune system against swine flu and other “bugs,” go to my What’s New page and send in a request.

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