Free Money Breakthroughs Presentation!

TIP: Just got a notice from Elyse Hope Killoran at Prosperity from the Inside Out about a free presentation she’s offering on money breakthroughs. You’ll have to register for it, but what’s nice is you’ll have access to the call afterwards, so it’s easier to fit into your own time schedule. Here’s the announcement she sent:

“Your Money Breakthrough: Why You’ve Been Getting What You’re
Getting (re: Money)…and Exactly What to Do About It.”

Tuesday October 27th at 9:00 PM ET (Teleconference or webcast –
your choice!)

Join me for this hour and you’ll never think of “money” in the
same way again.

Note:  Even if you can’t make the call live, register anyway!
You’ll receive access to the Mp3 recording to listen to at your

Call Description:

In this riveting, 60-minute class I’ll reveal a) why you’ve
been getting what you’ve been getting in terms of financial flow
(or lack thereof) and b) exactly what you need to do to turn this

We’ll be covering:

~ The Anatomy of a “Breakthrough” (so that you know how to set
yourself up to create one.)

~ Money Set Points (What they are, how to determine yours and how
to recalibrate it to allow more money in.)

~ Money Blocks and Money Leaks (Why we have them, what they
really indicate and what you need to do to overcome yours.)

~ And why there has never been a better time to choose to conquer
your money challenges.

Register at:

 You can shift your vibration around this topic…and I’ll be
providing you with a blueprint of exactly how to do that!

Looking forward to sharing this unusual experience with you.

Prosperously Yours,

Elyse Hope Killoran
Prosperity from the Inside-Out ™

“As a child, when you learned the word ‘money’ you not only
learned how to make the sound of it with your mouth, or how to
use it in a sentence. You also learned how the word felt from
those who were using the word. You learned not only the vibration
of the sound of the word, but you learned the vibration of the
feeling of the word. And now, every time you offer the word, or
the thought of the word — you offer the feeling of the word as
you have learned it.”
— Abraham

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