Catch Dr. Sue Morter replay on Healing With the Masters!

I just got the notice from Jennifer McLean about the latest Healing With the Masters call being available for replay. I haven’t caught this one yet myself, but plan to within the next few hours. This series of interviews has been one of my favorites and I think Jennifer is one of the best hosts around of this kind of thing. Here’s what she had to say about the presentation…

Holy Jumpin’ –Dr. Sue Morter– Please Listen

Last night was a very special call with Dr. Sue Morter!
Seriously, try and catch this one it will add a new clarity to
your life that can literally change it in an instant.

Dr. Sue talked about her unique metaphor of the science of
energy and how we come to t his planet
and who we choose to hang out with. She also talked about her wonderful story of finding
4 leaf clovers and the important insight about how we approach
what we want. What a remarkable gift this call was… one of my
subscribers mentioned the the last 4 – 5 calls seem to be
building on one another in a sequence of raised vibrations, I
think she is right and it feels like this is an important one
in the sequence.”
To listen for the next 48 hours go to this link:



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