John Assaraf and Wayne Dyer replays now available


The final interview in the recent Healing With the Masters series is now available. Haven’t caught it yet myself, but I’m snowed in here in the mountains of western NC, so listening to the replay will be a nice way to spend part of the day. Hope you get a chance to catch it, too. Here’s what host Jennifer McLean had to say about the interview…

“That was such an AWESOME finish to this most amazing series
of masters… WOW.

John Assaraf just kept on giving and clarifying and giving and
clarifying–it was really quite lovely. AND we gave you an 81-day
challenge (81 days is when the next series starts on Mar ch 9
2010) that we believe can literally change your experience of
your life!”

Also, the Aware Show has had numerous requests to extended the replay deadline so that people can listen to Wayne Dyer’s interview over the weekend, so here’s the link to that:

Enjoy, “Zippy”

p.s. If you’re snowed in like me, I hope you have plenty of warmth, food, and inspiration to keep you comfy and cozy. Good grief, the sky is absolutely beautiful outside right now!

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