What do New Year’s Eve, the full moon, a blue moon, a lunar eclipse, and Mercury and Mars retrograde all have in common?


Hey, did you know that December 31st is not only New Year’s Eve, but also a full moon, blue moon, and lunar eclipse–with Mercury and Mars both stationed retrograde? That’s quite a stellar line-up, or “super nova” event, as astrologer Ton Pascal calls it. You can get more insight into the whole thing, plus a great ‘I AM’ template process for making the most of the next couple of years at Ton’s blog at http://www.dreamyourlifepositively.com/blog.html

For another year end process to consider using, check out Morgana Rae’s blog. And don’t forget that the beginning of the new year is an ideal time to write a vision, so be sure to order your copy of All One’s unique workbook Vision Writing: Composing and Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live–filled with information, exercises, inspirational quotes, and a vision format, all designed to assist you in living your true identity and manifesting your heart’s desires. It’s been proven that just writing something down makes it 10 times more likely to happen, so, as Nike would say, “just do it!” Take advantage of the special being offered through 1/31/2010 and get the vision workbook in e-book format for only $3.99.

Wishing you the best in 2010 and beyond, “Zippy”


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