Great free stuff! Quantum K healing video, discount health products guide, and more…

TIPS & PICK of the DAY:

My first tip is also my “pick of the day.” It’s the Quantum K healing video that reactivates your body’s blueprint for health. You can watch it for free (and also download) at the following link (be patient, it takes it a little time to load, but is worth it). Very interesting, trip-y experience, and I’m so impressed with the knowledge and thoroughness that must have gone into putting the whole thing together.

Another tip is the free Health Products Discount Guide recently put out by Natural News, where you can get some great deals on a variety of health related products and services. Check out the “Detoxification” section and take advantage of the opportunity to order my A Healthier You From the Inside Out e-book for only $1.99.

And finally, here’s a sweet little video to watch where the people from 156 countries joined in singing “All You Need is Love” at the same time around the world on Dec.7th. Very interesting and expansive to see all the various locales, cultures, and styles of presentation…

This is the year to fully manifest this message, so here’s to spreading the love and appreciation of our Oneness.

In joy, “Zippy”

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