Marianne Williamson interview and free Pulse Technique workshop from Jo Dunning

Marianne Williamson is doing a special interview for Healing With the Masters, TODAY JANUARY 14 at 4PM PACIFIC TIME. This is a free call with Marianne that will add a new level of understanding to what you may be looking for in your life AND how to make a difference in the world.


She will also be sharing about her upcoming Sister Giant event taking place the last weekend in Feb. This seminar/conference speaks to the role of women at this pivotal moment in history. It’s a critically important time to transition from disastrous probabilities to fantastic possibilities, and she feels women can lead the way.

Free Pulse Technique Teleconference Workshop  

This is a reminder that The Pulse Technique free workshop by will be offered this Thursday (today) at 5:15pm Pacific Time. You can participate by telephone or on-line. Listen by phone  at(818) 742-0029 Passcode 381954# (Your regular calling plan charges will apply.)

Listen online
The Pulse Technique Teleconference Workshop offers an opportunity to change things you would like to have different in your life so you can experience greater freedom, joy, aliveness, and abundance.

And don’t forget to check our previous post or Resource page about the new Free Stuff Guide that’s available, well, for FREE!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

2 Replies to “Marianne Williamson interview and free Pulse Technique workshop from Jo Dunning”

    1. Hi Lorna,
      I am usually only the “middle man” (actually woman, in this case) in regard to the things mentioned in my posts. In other words, I just serve to inform you of what’s available out there from other people and websites. With almost every tip or pick I give I’ll also include a link which will take you to where you can find out more about whatever was mentioned in that particular post. For more information about the Quick Pulse Technique you should visit Jo Dunning’s official website I love Jo’s visionary ways and soft, yet powerful energy. Enjoy her site!

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