Gregg Braden, Guy Finley in The Abundant Mystics and Living on Purpose free teleseminar series


There are a couple of free teleseminar series that you may want to know about. The first is called The Abundant Mystics and will feature 21 modern day mystics speaking on abundance. Go to to access the current presentation (up until 12 noon PST it will be Sonia Choquette, then it changes to Guy Finley). Sign up at to be notified of upcoming guests.

You might also want to check out the Living on Purpose Telesummit that will be featuring people such as Gregg Braden, Howard Martin and Dr. Robert Anthony. Sign up at and receive 4 bonuses in the process.

And don’t forget to request your copy of The Free Stuff Guide, 13 pages of websites focusing on personal and planetary evolution–and almost all of them offering great free stuff! Just send an e-mail to and put “Free Stuff Guide” in the subject line to receive your copy.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

3 Replies to “Gregg Braden, Guy Finley in The Abundant Mystics and Living on Purpose free teleseminar series”

    1. Since I’m sort of just the “middleman” in passing along information and links, I can’t do anything about the link no longer working. I know that certain replays are only available for a short window of time and maybe that’s why it’s not active. When I post something I try to check all the links at the time of posting and make sure they work, but after that have no control over how long they are valid. Maybe you could contact the presenters of the event and see what they say, or get on their mailing list, so you will receive notices and links directly from them? Good luck!

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