Jo Dunning free teleconference tonight, plus Gary Zukav on Healing With the Masters!

Tip of the Day:

You are invited to join Jo Dunning for a teleconference workshop on the last Tuesday of each month (that’s today!). This free workshop contains energy processes and information to assist you on your path during this amazing time of transformation.

Tuesday at 5:15pm Pacific (8:15pm Eastern)

The workshop will last approximately one hour.

You can listen by telephone or on-line.

To listen by telephone, the number to call for the workshop is (818) 742-0029 PIN 381954#.
Your regular telephone charges will apply.

Click here to participate in the workshop on-line,

Also, tonight Healing With the Masters will feature an interview with Gary Zukav about spiritual partnership. This will be his first interview since his amazing new book Spiritual Partnership came out. It is not only about relationships, but builds on
the concepts he offered in his groundbreaking Seat of the Soul to take you into the strategies of a truly spiritual and authentically powerful life. See my “What’s New” page to register for this call and the rest of the Healing With the Masters series.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

“Must see TV,” video on wealth attraction, and “re-replays”

Tips & Picks of the Day:

PICKS – This time I’m going to put the “picks” first because I hope everyone checks these out. First, there’s an 11-part critically acclaimed nature series titled Life that started last Sunday on the Discovery Channel. I taped the 1st episode and just got around to watching it last night. Wow! Stunning cinematography and animal sequences I’d never seen the likes of before—and, believe me, I’ve watched a lot of animal/nature programs over the years. It looks like, at least in the TV area where I live, Discovery will be airing 4 episodes, including the episode I saw, tomorrow (Sunday) night, from 6pm-10pm EST. If you’re interested in animals/nature/life (and lets hope you’re at least interested in the last one), then be sure and check this out!

Also, for details and a link to a FREE webinar by Brian Wong, a protege of Bob Proctor’s who is now a millionaire himself, go to my “What’s New” page. The presentation is titled The Wealth Attraction Equation and Brian does a great job of giving you a simple and easy to follow equation or formula (literally!) that explains how to create the life and experiences you want. By understanding and working with the formula and its various components you can consciously improve your success rate of attracting/creating the level of wealth and life experience you desire. A unique, straight-forward approach to a subject that almost everyone is interested in these days. Viewing the presentation is definitely time well spent.

TIPS – Due to popular demand, Living Energy Secrets is offering “re-replays” of the Brad Yates (one of my favorite EFT masters) and Sue Morter interviews. So, if you missed these when they aired live and also during the regular replay period, then 3rd time’s a charm. Check them out here:

And don’t forget the free Qi Gong energy healing (mentioned in a previous post) that’s happening tomorrow night!

 Enjoy, “Zippy”

David Wolfe and handbags? Oh my!

TIP & PICK of the DAY:

Tip – The Aware Show teleseminar, with host Lisa Garr interviewing David Wolfe, is available for replay for a limited time. David is one of the most recognized nutritional authorities on the planet, and when he gives advice about health, he goes WAY beyond organic and raw, he takes the health conversation to the next level. You will never look at calcium the same again and David even has a way to regrow hair. The replay of David Wolfe’s interview is online at:

Pick –  This may not seem to have anything directly to do w/ making the evolutionary process easier, as the title of this site implies, but if you are into custom-made handbags (or even if you’re not) and great writing, go to . And who says a good handbag, especially when it’s made by someone with a big heart and great flair,  can’t somehow contribute to making evolution, as well as life in general, easier?

p.s. And don’t forget the free qi gong distance healing (mentioned in a previous post) that’s coming up this Sunday!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

Michael Beckwith on aligning with your soul’s highest purpose


Today, Integral Enlightenment presents Michael Beckwith in “Igniting the Passion to Evolve: How to Align Your Life with Your Soul’s Highest Purpose.” Here are the details and how to participate:

Tuesday, March 23, 5:30pm Pacific; 6:30pm Mountain; 7:30pm Central; 8:30pm Eastern.

(GMT: March 24 1:30am GMT)

Listen live by phone or online, or download the recording anytime.

To listen live by phone, dial 216-258-0785

Access code: 272072#

To listen live online go to

To download the audio after the teleseminar is complete, you can also go to:

Enjoy, “Zippy”

p.s. Get more great tips and free stuff at my website’s  “What’s New” page


Love or Above replay, free distance healing, and Caroline Myss and T. Harv Eker replays

Hey Everyone,

I have several tips and one “pick”  for you today…

#1 – For those of you who didn’t make the Love or Above event the other day, there’s good news–a replay will be available on Sunday. Here’s what Vishen at Finer Minds has to say…

“Over 4000 people took part (in the original event) and it was absolutely awesome. I’ve received tons of emails asking for a replay, so if you missed out, no worries. The whole thing has been recorded. Because the collective meditation is so crucial to this event, we decided to have the repeat broadcast on Sunday, March 21st at 6 PM PST. This is to ensure that everyone watching the replay will be coordinated and that everyone will meditate together.”

Watch the webinar broadcast here (it will automatically play on Sunday at 6pm PST:

#2 – Qi Gong master and distance healer Michael Mohoric is offering another of his FREE distance healing sessions on March 28th at 10pm EST. Go here for all the details:

#3 – In case you missed the Global TeleClass conducted by T. Harv Eker (who was their featured speaker for the month of February), here’s a second chance.  He revealed the single root cause of financial success, mediocrity and failure.  It’s called your money blueprint.  In case you missed it, click below to download the audio file for free.

You’ll learn:

* Why you can be the best in your field and know everything about stocks or real estate – and still be broke

* The three primary ways we’re all conditioned to think about money

* How to identify your money blueprint – and reset it for success

PICK of the DAY:

The replay of Caroline Myss’s interview on The Aware Show has been extended until midnight Sunday. I caught this presentation about a week ago and have to say I enjoyed it and found it stimulating and thought provoking. Myss has a style of presentation that can seem a little abrasive at times, and a different take on things, compared to what a lot of  people teach/present on creating reality, etc. So it helps you stretch your mind and get clear about what’s true FOR YOU.

And be sure to check out  my “What’s New” page at All One Together for more great tips and free stuff!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

Free “Love or Above” event from Finer Minds tonight

I know I’ve already done a post earlier today, but I just got this notice from Vishen at Finer Minds and thought some of you might want to participate in the event that’s happening tonight. Here’s Vishen’s message…

“Tonight’s the night! It’s the Love Or Above Event and in case you forgot,  it’s happening March 18th at 6 PM PST.


It doesn’t matter if you registered or not, that link will take you straight to the webinar play page. Why are we doing this? Because there’s going to be a massive collective meditation where we’ll use our energies to raise the vibrations of the planet and of each other. So the more people there are the better :-)

Here’s a snippet of what will go down:

* Live collective meditation to raise our energies to
improve the planet and ourselves.
* Discover the 4 concepts of achieving a high
vibrational frequency
* Find out what tools you can use to give yourself
an energy upgrade
* Find out what drastic differences there are when
you’re operating from a high frequency versus a low
* A special Q&A with Christie Marie with your most
asked questions

Enjoy, “Zippy”

Guy Finley’s tips for a better life, Brad Yates and Judith Orloff interviews

Hi everyone!

Here’s something I received from Guy Finley today about 10 ways to change your past and plant the seeds for a brighter future. Thought you might enjoy the stimulation.  Guy says…”Study them with the wish to uncover the secrets hidden in their empowering instructions. Practice them and watch how you begin to feel the presence within you of a new kind of power that changes everything — now and forever — for the better.

  1. Spend as much time as possible by yourself for the purpose of discovering yourself.
  2. Never explain yourself to anyone out of fear they may misjudge you.
  3. Always accept a little more responsibility whenever life asks you to.
  4. Say “No” to anyone or anything that you fear saying “No” to.
  5. Refuse to revisit your own past for a way out of any present problem you face.
  6. Learn to see your own defensiveness towards others as an offense against your own right to be free of fear.
  7. Whenever possible, realize that the person you are about to argue with is in as much pain as you are.
  8. Leave to themselves those who would punish you with word or deed; do not return unkindness in kind.
  9. Never accept any negative reaction you may have as the only possible answer to your present challenge.
  10. Remember that everything you resist in life increases its weight, so accept all that you can, and quietly drop the rest.

Try just one of these simple transformational exercises sometime today and you will see — immediately — the great power of the wisdom that it wants to share with you. In that same moment, you’ll also see that it’s true: you do have the power to make your wishes come true.” —Guy Finley

Also, Brad Yates is on The Living Energy Secrets series today, and Judith Orloff is on The Aware Show. Check my “What’s New” page at for more about these free series and other great tips.

Enjoy, “Zippy”