David Wolfe/Nadine Artemis interview, weight loss, and other health-related tips!


I’ve got a number of health-related tips for you today…

#1 David Wolfe is offering this interview with Nadine Artemis, who is a
world-renowned expert on essential oils. I haven’t listened to it yet, but hope to soon because it sounds like it would be very interesting. Here’s what David had to say…

You’ll learn things like: 
-How to use essential oils BEYOND “just fragrance” to boost your body medicinally from the inside out! 
A quick (and efficient) way to apply essential oils that delivers nutrients to your body as fast as possible!  (Hint–it involves the lipid matrix of your body) 
Essential oil delivery made easy – from tongue dropper to suppository – broken down into simple and easy terms you can follow tonight!
Candida Vs. Essential Oils: Discover which oils can wipe out Candida (drastically reducing risk) before it seriously harms your body! 
-A complete breakdown of black spruce, frankinsence, pine, ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, treatra…PLUS…their high-end healing effects on your body!
-How to cleanse with half (or less) detox effects with this one special essential oil combo that very few people knew exists! 
And, you can get free instant access this entire audio recording by clicking here now


#2  Here’s an easy recipe for detoxing your body. What’s nice is it’s all natural and a relaxing way to detox. Soaking in a salt bath can open your pores and draw impurities out of your body, and salt and baking soda not only aid in the body’s detoxification, but also leave your skin silky smooth.
  1 cup Epsom salt
  2 cups baking soda
  3 drops essential oil (for fragrance)

(for more simple and effective cleansing/detoxing protocols, check out the e-book version of A Healthier You From the Inside Out–normally $3.99, but if you go to the special offer page I put together for Natural News readers you can get it, as well as the Free Stuff Guide, for $1.99!)


#3 I’ve certainly had my issues over the years with heavy metals, including mercury. Here’s an interesting (and scary) video from the IAMOT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) about mercury/amalgam dental fillings.

#4 Here’s a link to a short video on probiotics and their positive effect on B12 levels and weight loss:


To your health, “Zippy”

p.s. For more health tips, check out my website’s To Your Health page!

8 Replies to “David Wolfe/Nadine Artemis interview, weight loss, and other health-related tips!”

  1. Thank you for your information. I’ve just learned about Nadine Artemis through an email received from David Wolfe. Your information is a definite addition to the video David sent.

    1. Yes, Annie, I’m afraid that’s often the case with things that are in old posts, like this one from 2010. Sometimes the links/tips are time-sensitive and the content is only available for a limited period of time. It’s too bad because this has been a popular post, so it would be nice if the information was still accessible for people. Right now it looks like the link sends people to a page about the 2014 Longevity conference, instead of the Artemis info from the past conference.

      1. Thank you. Any idea what essential oils and dosage/frequency were recommended for candida/yeast/imbalance for females?

      2. Can’t help you with that. Maybe googling that question could get you some feedback/input on what experts normally recommend. Also, I’m sure Artemis has a website….she might have info on that topic. Let me know if you find out anything useful.

    2. Annie, I don’t know if this is synchronicity or what, but right after replying to your comment, the next e-mail in my inbox was about being able to access some videos from the current Longevity Now conference for free, and it looks like Nadine Artemis is one of the speakers. Check it out, but like the link/offer in the 2010 post, it looks like this is time sensitive and only available for a couple of days. Hope this helps. :-)

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