Elizabeth Gilbert on the creative process; Brent Phillips on Theta Healing


 I just finished watching this video presentation by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat.Pray.Love., about the creative process and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very thought provoking, insightful, and entertaining. Check it out for yourself at:



The replay of Brent Phillips’s interview about Theta Healing on the Aware Show is available for a limited time. I haven’t listened yet, but plan to later. Supposedly you will receive a healing just by listening to this interview. Phillips is an MIT trained engineer who experienced a miracle with a technique called Theta Healing and now he teaches people how to access their own level of  Theta Healing in order to heal emotional wounds, improve health and increase prosperity. Brent says, “You don’t need to know how, you just need to know what” if you want to get to the next step in your journey.  


12 Replies to “Elizabeth Gilbert on the creative process; Brent Phillips on Theta Healing”

  1. Funny that you should quote Brent’s bit about the how and the what – I was puzzled by that when reading the homework he assigned to his students which read, “I want you to make up a story in your head as to EXACTLY how you got
    there from where you are today. Fill in as many details as possible! If you are wealthy, how did you get the money? And the more details the
    better…. [ellipsis in the original] If you are in love, where and how did you meet your partner?” etc etc. Note all the “how”s. How does that jive??

    1. Actually, the quote used in the blog post was just what I was passing along of what was said by the series host as a recap of Phillips’ interview. But I don’t have a “problem” with reconciling that statement w/ the homework assignment because, at least to me, the statement in the post was about him, during his interview, trying to get across the point that a lot of us think something’s not possible or can’t happen in our lives because our rational mind can’t figure out or come up w/ the “how,” and often we give up on our dream as a result. It’s like thinking we need to know and understand all the steps involved before we’ll put our faith in it happening. I think he’s just saying that what’s important is that we get clear on the “what” and let Spirit/the Universe be in charge of exactly how everything might transpire to bring something into this dimension. I don’t really know how electricity works, but I don’t need to for my lamp to come on.

      And the homework assignment, at least to me, was just a way to let people’s imagination soar and get more mentally and emotionally engaged/involved in the experience of having/doing/being whatever they’re intending for the future–of starting to bring alive or make a desired outcome more real and concrete. It’s like how Abraham says that time spent on things/thoughts/images/feelings that make you happy and keep you focused on what you’re wanting to attract is what helps you become a vibrational match w/ it. I see the homework assignment as working much like an exercise in day dreaming, visualizing, pretending, or writing a vision might–it keeps us focused on what we want, gives us clarity about what we want, lets our creative juices flow, and is fun.

      I’m not “defending” Phillips, not that he or anyone else needs defending. I just don’t see a real issue with what you mentioned. But, of course, that’s just my way of looking at things…

      1. This is not to start an argument but I actually recorded Lisa’s interview with Brent and he did say exactly that, don’t worry about the how, just think of what; and so in my simple mind being told to imagine exactly how the what will come about is a simple contradiction. Hey, he also claims he can instantly heal anything so what are you gonna do.. to each his own. Thanks for a great blog anyway!

      2. No arguing going on here—just a lively and stimulating discussion. :-) I guess what’s interesting for me is to see how I don’t see that both things he said/did can’t be true/valid/helpful to understanding and working w/ attracting/creating your dreams. It’s like if you get caught up in the “how”–thinking you need to know or figure out exactly how something can and will happen—you’re putting your attention on the “wrong” part of the equation and getting too “mental” about a process that involves far more than just the rational mind or intellect.
        For me, I thought he was emphasizing that the “how” should be left in the domain of Spirit and your Higher Self–the all-knowing aspects of creation, instead of our ego and little pea brain. BUT, at the same time that’s not to say that engaging your imagination, your creative capacity to pretend and “make believe,” can’t help the process of attracting what you want.

        In fact, from all the research I’ve done, it greatly enhances and accelerates everything. Phillips said in the homework that the assignment was about conditioning the mind–to help show your mind that there were ways things could happen. To me what Phillips was doing w/ his homework assignment was basically having people write a vision, and I’m a big supporter of that kind of activity–I even created a workbook on effective visioning and composing the life of your dreams a number of years ago because I saw the value of the process for getting you clear on what you want, keeping you focused on what you want, and getting you excited about and emotionally involved in creating what you want.

        So for me it’s one of those paradoxes in life… yes, we should be more focused on the “what” than the “how,” AND, yes, it’s also helpful to let your imagination (right brain) play with the “how.” Maybe a part of it is a left brain/right brain thing, in that we’re so conditioned in the West to using our intellect to solve/do everything and we need to be more balanced and right-brained in the creative process (and in all aspects of life really)? Anyway, thanks for the stimulation!

      3. Hey, a short “p. s.” to what I just wrote…You said *Brent said “don’t worry about the how,” not “don’t think about or imagine or consider the possibilities of the how.” Sort of like don’t get put off by, or get so fixated on the “how,” because worrying about ANYTHING is basically a waste of time and an energy drain.

        *hey, is this becoming a he said, she said, he said, she said he said he said kind of thing? :-)

  2. I’m really enjoying the theme/design of your blog. Do you ever run into any internet browser compatibility problems? A number of my blog visitors have complained about my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox. Do you have any advice to help fix this issue?

    1. I’ve never heard from anyone that they were having problems viewing the blog, but I do know I used to have people have problems viewing my website, depending on the browser. I hardly ever use Explorer anymore because of issues I’ve had myself. Usually use Chrome or Firefox. You may want to contact WordPress Help and tell them your issue and see what they have to say. I would be interested in their feedback, as well, in case it would be something I could tell readers if they’re having a problem, so let me know if you find out anything. :-)

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    1. Thanks for your kind words and letting others know about the tips and information I’m drawn to share. That’s what makes it all worthwhile. :-)

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