Free “Love or Above” event from Finer Minds tonight

I know I’ve already done a post earlier today, but I just got this notice from Vishen at Finer Minds and thought some of you might want to participate in the event that’s happening tonight. Here’s Vishen’s message…

“Tonight’s the night! It’s the Love Or Above Event and in case you forgot,  it’s happening March 18th at 6 PM PST.


It doesn’t matter if you registered or not, that link will take you straight to the webinar play page. Why are we doing this? Because there’s going to be a massive collective meditation where we’ll use our energies to raise the vibrations of the planet and of each other. So the more people there are the better :-)

Here’s a snippet of what will go down:

* Live collective meditation to raise our energies to
improve the planet and ourselves.
* Discover the 4 concepts of achieving a high
vibrational frequency
* Find out what tools you can use to give yourself
an energy upgrade
* Find out what drastic differences there are when
you’re operating from a high frequency versus a low
* A special Q&A with Christie Marie with your most
asked questions

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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