Love or Above replay, free distance healing, and Caroline Myss and T. Harv Eker replays

Hey Everyone,

I have several tips and one “pick”  for you today…

#1 – For those of you who didn’t make the Love or Above event the other day, there’s good news–a replay will be available on Sunday. Here’s what Vishen at Finer Minds has to say…

“Over 4000 people took part (in the original event) and it was absolutely awesome. I’ve received tons of emails asking for a replay, so if you missed out, no worries. The whole thing has been recorded. Because the collective meditation is so crucial to this event, we decided to have the repeat broadcast on Sunday, March 21st at 6 PM PST. This is to ensure that everyone watching the replay will be coordinated and that everyone will meditate together.”

Watch the webinar broadcast here (it will automatically play on Sunday at 6pm PST:

#2 – Qi Gong master and distance healer Michael Mohoric is offering another of his FREE distance healing sessions on March 28th at 10pm EST. Go here for all the details:

#3 – In case you missed the Global TeleClass conducted by T. Harv Eker (who was their featured speaker for the month of February), here’s a second chance.  He revealed the single root cause of financial success, mediocrity and failure.  It’s called your money blueprint.  In case you missed it, click below to download the audio file for free.

You’ll learn:

* Why you can be the best in your field and know everything about stocks or real estate – and still be broke

* The three primary ways we’re all conditioned to think about money

* How to identify your money blueprint – and reset it for success

PICK of the DAY:

The replay of Caroline Myss’s interview on The Aware Show has been extended until midnight Sunday. I caught this presentation about a week ago and have to say I enjoyed it and found it stimulating and thought provoking. Myss has a style of presentation that can seem a little abrasive at times, and a different take on things, compared to what a lot of  people teach/present on creating reality, etc. So it helps you stretch your mind and get clear about what’s true FOR YOU.

And be sure to check out  my “What’s New” page at All One Together for more great tips and free stuff!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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