David Wolfe and handbags? Oh my!

TIP & PICK of the DAY:

Tip – The Aware Show teleseminar, with host Lisa Garr interviewing David Wolfe, is available for replay for a limited time. David is one of the most recognized nutritional authorities on the planet, and when he gives advice about health, he goes WAY beyond organic and raw, he takes the health conversation to the next level. You will never look at calcium the same again and David even has a way to regrow hair. The replay of David Wolfe’s interview is online at:


Pick –  This may not seem to have anything directly to do w/ making the evolutionary process easier, as the title of this site implies, but if you are into custom-made handbags (or even if you’re not) and great writing, go to http://www.sumodesigns.net . And who says a good handbag, especially when it’s made by someone with a big heart and great flair,  can’t somehow contribute to making evolution, as well as life in general, easier?

p.s. And don’t forget the free qi gong distance healing (mentioned in a previous post) that’s coming up this Sunday!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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