Gary Zukav & Jo Dunning–the perfect Easter treat!

Tip for Today:

Great news! Due to all the requests from people, host Jennifer McLean of Healing With the Masters has decided to re-post the replays of Gary Zukav and Jo Dunning. I caught Jo’s presentation before and highly recommend it. And I was disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to listen to Gary’s when it was first available for replay, so I very excited to have a second chance now. What a perfect Easter gift. Act quickly–I believe you’ll only have until midnight tonight to listen. Here’s what Jennifer had to say…

“We received SO many requests to hear Gary’s call (even Gary got
a ton of mail and made a special request for us to repost his call
) so to honor these requests it is now reposted again for you to hear. It was truly a powerful week of transformation on Healing With The Masters with Gary Zukav’s powerful call and Jo Dunning’s remarkable healing energy. WOW. NOW both of these calls are available on the replay page.”

Enjoy,  “Zippy”

p.s. Don’t forget to check out the updated “What’s New” page for more tips. I especially recommend watching the Trivedi video to see what kind of “mind miracles” are going on these days.

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