Free presentations on Quantum Jumping and other transformative processes!

On April 29th there will be a free presentation on Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping technology. The last time Burt hosted a webinar, his server got SO overcrowded with signups that he had to turn some people away. So  make sure you get your spot by signing up now because  Burt reveals a technique he’s been using for over 3 decades that he claims will help you:
*Learn new skills almost instantly
*Attract wealth and career success
*Improve your health & fitness
*Enhance the quality of your relationships
*Gain a profound understanding of your true self

 The webinar airs on Thursday, April 29th at 6pm PST.  Burt has already shared this technique with over 12,000 people across the world. Here’s what one of them has to say:
“Quantum Jumping has provided me the vehicle to really know that life is
 right at my fingertips. I see and feel the progress and improvements in programming my mind to control and direct my thoughts to whatever ends I desire. Would I tell my friends about Quantum Jumping? ABSOLUTELY! As I told a dear from of mine the other day, make this the highest priority of your day.”
– Dee E Hoffman from Lake Conroe, Texas

Other exciting and transformative events to check out are the Entrepreneurial Goddess Telesummit and the World Hypnosis Summit, both starting in May, and Healing With the Masters (next up is Guy Finley–one of my faves!), In the Company of Consciousness, Living Energy Secrets, and The Aware Show, which are already underway and continue to offer great guest presenters. Go to my “What’s New” page at All One Together to register for these series and many other great free events and products.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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