Marianne Williamson & the Inspiring Women Summit


Here’s a message I just got from Stephen Dinan at The Shift Network that I thought you might be interested in…

“The way I see it, the larger Shift we’re all collaborating on includes giving feminine values and qualities their rightful, equal place in our culture.  Which means we need a LOT of inspired, empowered, dynamic, radiant, full-on women to help shift every aspect of our society as well as men who are comfortable empowering the feminine in our world.

That’s why I felt it was so important to offer an Inspiring Women Summit as our second major event, which my wife Devaa is hosting along with 55 truly amazing women leaders.  It begins on Saturday and already has 17,600 registrants from 106 countries.   You are warmly invited to both attend and invite others.

Here’s what makes this event like no other:

  • The leadership roster – This is the largest virtual women’ summit that’s ever been done, making it the easiest way to hear the most important insights of 55 truly amazing women.  Without travel.  And without cost.
  • The entire event is built around dialogues – each session begins with 3 or 4 women leaders who have led remarkable lives and then leads to dialogues between you and the other amazing participants.  Each day there are two featured dialogues that focus on questions of deep importance.  So it’s not a passive event but includes your active participation.
  • Recordings – Unlike 90% of teleseries, we’re not selling you the recordings.  They are free for you to download and listen later, in your car, or even at the gym.  It will be a library of insight and inspiration for years to come.
  • The networking –  When people sign up, we’re logging where they came from and we’ll have opportunities for you to network with others from your same region.  This, to my knowledge, has never been done as well.

It’s a totally free global gathering of some of the most remarkable women on the planet to help empower you in giving your greatest gifts.

So join us! And that includes men who are deeply honoring of women. Also feel free to send this invitation along to your friends.

The Summit will open on Saturday at 10 am with Marianne Williamson and Riane Eisler, two remarkable pioneers you won’t want to miss.”

Go to to register

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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