Intuition in Business telesummit, Diamond Alignment update, and inspiring video


Andrea Hess at Empowered Soul is hosting an Intuition in Business Telesummit with such recent guests as Morgana Rae talking about how to make money fall in love with you, and Maria Simone talking about how to shift overwhelm into opportunity. You can listen in via phone or webcast, and replays are available afterward. Be sure to sign up for the series so you can be notified of future presentations. Here’s a link to Morgana’s replay:

Also, the Diamond Alignment cutting-edge, multi-dimensional, high frequency on-line energy transmission that I mentioned in a post a number of months ago is now FREE. You can subscribe to the expanded Diamond Consciousness package if you want a more in-depth experience, but the basic (although there’s really nothing basic about it!) 6 minute transmission is now FREE, and available 24/7. It’s a great way to start and end your day and fosters joy, equanimity, and accelerated spiritual “re-membering.”

Diamond Alignment

And finally, here’s an inspiring video with some awesome scenery…

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A double dose of Jo Dunning and free subliminals!


We are fortunate indeed to have the chance to experience Jo Dunning’s wonderful energy work back-to-back this week. First, she will be the featured guest on the great free teleseminar series The Wellness Revolution today. To catch Jo and the rest of the guests lined up for the days to come, sign up ASAP through the following link (you can see one of my previous posts for the guest roster and more details on this series; replays of the presentations are available for 48 hrs. afterward, which is how I’m usually able to listen in ): 

The Wellness Revolution

And Jo’s free monthly teleconference is tomorrow, Tuesday, June 29th at 5:15 PDT.  This workshop contains energy processes and information to assist you on your path during this amazing time of transformation.

To listen by telephone, the number to call for the workshop is
(818) 742-0029 PIN 381954#-
regular telephone charges will apply.

To listen on-line,

 **The Free Monthly Teleconference is available to listen Live only.**

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p. s. The actual lunar eclipse has already come and gone, but its effects will be lingering for a long time. If you’d like more information on this potent cosmic event, you can check out the following link and also refer to recent posts in the “Astrology” category of this blog.

Great article about the lunar eclipse!

PICK OF THE DAY: Here’s what I think is a great article about tomorrow’s lunar eclipse and some of the other astrological forces at play right now. It’s by Elizabeth Jones at Astrology of Light (also see yesterday’s post and previous posts in the blog “Astrology” section for more on the eclipse and “Cardinal T”)…

Lunar Eclipse~Divine Wake-Up Call [Part II*]

June 24th, 2010 Print 

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on June 26th at 4:31 am PDT, is getting a lot of attention, mostly because it is directly connected to the strong emphasis on Cardinal signs this summer. It is, indeed, a powerful celestial event which has actually been impacting us for several weeks now, and will continue to do so until fall, and perhaps beyond. 

Eclipses are catalysts for profound change, triggering events that bring awakenings and new realizations to those areas ruled by the signs the eclipse is taking place in, in this case, Cancer and Capricorn. 

Cancer rules our home, families, legacies and traditions, and also our ability and capacity to nurture and be nurtured. It is a sensitive, emotional sign, often evoking nostalgic memories of the past. From an esoteric viewpoint, it also rules the ancient memories of our true origins and our purpose for being here on Earth. These memories are deeply embedded within our own being, and also the Earth herself, as she is an integral part of our journey as she embraces us while we find our way home. 

Capricorn rules all forms of established authority, such as governmental agencies, doctrines and law, bosses and management, and fathers and father figures. It is through these external modalities that we each learn about authority, about the “right”, or accepted, ways of doing things. These rules and standards have a large influence on what becomes our own criteria for what I will call The Guidelines For Our Life. Through this rather complex dynamic, we establish our own inner authority. And this is what I want to address in this article. 

When we look at the external world and the events taking place in it, it is easy to feel sad, frustrated and even unsafe in our environment. Our home, the Earth, is being damaged and in some ways even ruined and destroyed. Yet we have so little power over the decisions made by the “establishment”, yet they impact us in so many ways, the Gulf oil situation certainly being one. But there are many others, such as the deterioration of our food sources and water supplies, of toxins being poured into our rivers and oceans, wars we never consented to, of the unjust treatment of animals and even children. 

All these are directly ruled by the sign of Cancer~being what we are meant to be nurtured by and then in turn are supposed to be nurturing. A good balance between these two signs would be structures and laws that establish sustainable, natural foundations so that we all can thrive and live, and evolve and grow. 

There are many ways to look at the various, possible influences of the celestial events taking place now, one being the eclipse on Saturday. But as I have thought about how I want to tackle the complexities of them, two things keep presenting themselves as being of particular significance. 

One is that the Moon, which is the ruler of Cancer, is in the opposite sign of Capricorn during the eclipse. This is not considered a very positive placement for the Moon, as it can be cold and distant. Your feelings (Cancer) may seem to be unheard, especially by some form of established authority (Capricorn). This voice is like an echo that when spoken is remote and out of range of being heard by anyone who can do anything about your very real concerns. I sometimes wonder: Is anyone really listening to the deep fears and concerns many are feeling now? 

Our Inner Authority
As I said, the sign of Capricorn rules not only the various forms of outer authority, but also our own inner authority. So while it does rule the laws and “rules” that dictate to us much of how we are to live, it also rules those things that we have come to name as our inner authority, which essentially determine how we go about our own life and the things that are within our direct control. 

It has occurred to me that when we see how careless and even reckless those who have the power to “run the world” are, does that become at some difficult-to-detect level what we use as our own criteria for living? A “whatever”, I-will-think-about-it-tomorrow, “let someone else do it” kind of attitude? 

What I am really addressing here is this: Is the carelessness in our governmental agencies and other systems of authority a reflection of our own inner authority, or lack thereof? Have we given away our power because we don’t want to take care of certain things ourselves, and would rather turn our heads, letting someone else do it for us? Taking personal responsibility is a big task, indeed. Yet, it is an integral aspect of awakening and evolving spiritually. 

But now, everything has gotten so out of whack, so out of balance, that the unseen forces that uphold the natural balance of Life (and they do certainly exist) are now acting in ways that reflect the deep imbalance in our very existence. We have clearly gotten out of sync with Life. And that is what I think is being reflected in the astrological events taking place the summer through 2012, and beyond actually, and this Lunar Eclipse, is the trigger. This is, indeed, a powerful turning point for each of us, and for humanity as well. 

And so it comes down to this: these events are only a reflection of what is out of balance in our world. And this is largely because we have given away our authority, and so now, no surprise, we feel powerless to change things.  As I said in my Uranus in Aries article, the greatest thing we can do for our planet is to wake up ourselves. And as we do, our true purpose as caretakers of the Earth and of the life force within each one of us will be revealed. 

Astrology: The Cosmic Mirror
A fundamental precept of astrology is this: As above, so below. It is a mirror being held before us to see as the heavens sees us. But it is more than just a reflection, as it also holds important keys to turning all this around so that we begin to live in greater alignment with higher truth and Universal Law. 

Here is another way of saying this: with every celestial event, there is a lower and higher expression of that energy. However we chose to respond to these influences is up to us, personally and societially. This is, in essence, how free will works in direct relation to astrology. 

To date, mankind has chosen many of the lower expressions of these celestial events, for sure. And yet, as I said, this cannot continue for much longer because we are out of sync with the Universal Laws, which is indeed a higher law than those we create. And it is now time for that to become known in ways that cannot be ignored. It is time to restore natural balance. 

Personal Responsibility
This begins with each of us. There is just no other way. We must each take greater responsibility for our own life and for the well being of those entrusted to us. Taking care of that which I know is mine to take care of: my body, my home, my children, their future home and security and my own life force that exists within me. 

Are you doing what you know you should to create a sane and balanced life? If not, you will feel very uneasy about the events taking place these days. That unease may exist as a low level anxiety, or as feelings of foreboding and fear. This is a complex issue, and I don’t think for a minute that all aspects of it are being addressed in this article. Yet, we must begin our understanding someplace. And we must keep asking the hard questions of ourselves. We must not give in to the fear or the old patterns, even if they are the line of least resistance, and it is easier to just turn away. Aspiring to the highest truth possible is critically important. 

Please know that I know that there are many things pulling at all of us. That life constantly brings us real distractions that keep us from living in such a way that creates and restores balance and natural, responsible living. Yet, it is time.  

As we each take greater personal responsibility for our own actions and even our own thoughts, those entities that have authority over us and over our society will become reflections of us. They will become more responsible and will honor the Earth, and its inhabitants and the real reason we are here to greater and greater degrees. This will take time, perhaps a long time, but the Call has sounded, and will continue to sound until we truly hear. It can be no other way, for it is about nothing less than the natural, and Divine, order of things, of which we are all a creation of. 

Again, the Lunar Eclipse is bringing such things to light and is reflected in the current events taking place on the planet. Many are feeling “a disturbance in the force”, if you will. Something is up, I keep hearing and sensing. This may come through bizarre weather patterns, a horrific hurricane season, a crumbling economy or oil spewing into the Gulf waters, harming the life that depends upon the natural balance of nature and is now being threatened. 

There certainly are signs that things are changing, such as greater corporate transparency (there sure have been a lot of recalls lately!), more information coming forth about the laws being passed, increasing political activism and more people living in ways that are in alignment with the environment. But of course, there is much more that needs to happen. 

Which brings me to the other event influencing us all now, which is the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in Aries squaring the eclipse. This powerful duo is the perfect energy for challenging the established ways, whether personal or external. It is hitting us where we are most complacent and saying “what the heck are you doing?”. Through sometimes shocking events and realizations, we are forced to see that the established way of doing things is just not working any longer. 

This potent influence will be around for a while, so I expect there will be more events taking place this summer that may shock us and continue to challenge how things are being done. It is a loud Divine Wake-up Call. I pray we are all listening and heeding this Call, for if we are not, the Universal forces will surely yell louder until we do. 

Many blessings to you during this time of increased Light,

*See Uranus in Aries~A Divine Wake-up Call for Part I.
Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Michael Beckwith & Unlimited Wealth series, Lunar Eclipse, and Mark Victor Hansen replay


#1 – Here’s a message I received from Michael Beckwith about a series he’s going to be a part of titled “Unlimited Wealth Ultimate Freedom”…

“Are you being pulled by a vision of prosperity, unlimited freedom and the joy of living your life’s purpose? I’m writing today to remind you these are all possible, even in this economy.  Would you like to see how wonderful your life could become?

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Joining me will be 24 of the world’s leading authorities in wealth and achievement, who will each be sharing their proven methods and systems of achieving unlimited wealth and freedom.   We are all excited to share with you as many valuable tools, principles and strategies as we can. 

Together we are conspiring with God for you to realize success.  We want you to have all the keys so that you don’t get bogged down resolving issues we have already resolved.  We want to help you to leap frog over obstacles and rapidly achieve greater wealth for you and your family right now.  Would you like to learn these keys?  Then go ahead and watch a short video with Chris by clicking the link.

After you register, keep an eye out for an email from the Academy of Wealth and Achievement with the details for listening in on these powerful FREE calls.

Also, be sure to click on the special link in this email to collect your bonus gifts that you can start using right away. They are yours just for enrolling in this free series.”

#2 – Here’s the link for the bonus gifts and the replay of Mark Victor Hansen’s seminar on Secrets of Dynamic Living:

#3 – The people at Finer Minds are going to be offering an interview with Gerald O’Donnell talking about Universal Mind, and in preparation of that they have put out this short video on intuition, manifesting, and the one universal mind…

#4 – And finally, here’s an article with an update on the “Cardinal T” and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse by astrologer Henry Seltzer in Santa Cruz, CA…

The Coming Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

There’s been a lot of buzz lately concerning the upcoming Lunar Eclipse, which takes place on Saturday morning at 4:30 AM on the West coast, 7:30 AM on the East coast, and 12:30 PM in London. The buzz is justified because at the time of the eclipse the Moon stands a mere 2/3 of a degree away from Pluto, and Pluto is already very active in these summer skies.

This June 26th event completes the emphasis on the Cardinal Grand Cross that was begun on the recent Summer Solstice of the 21st, when the Sun entered Cancer and directly opposed Pluto, also – quite coincidentally – at 4:30 AM West coast time. Meanwhile Saturn now direct, opposes Uranus/Jupiter in early Aries, all in square to Pluto in early Capricorn. All month long there has been an emphasis on this powerful T-square, with progressively more energy as the month has unfolded, and with the climax still to come on Saturday. Since the effects of an eclipse are said to last for at least six months, we are also seeing the beginning of a period of great shake-up extending to the end of the year, and which will likely include more bad news regarding the world economy, especially in July, when Saturn becomes a more significant part of the Cardinal action, and then in mid-September, when Pluto stations in square to the Midheaven of the U.S. chart.

This has indeed been an interesting month, with hypocrisy on trial as the chairman of BP confronted first the President and then the congress regarding what was done, and left undone, on his watch. A republican congressman offered BP an apology for being put on the spot and for having to cough up billions in reparations. Meanwhile the information was put forward that BP’s private estimates of the volume of oil discharged daily vastly exceeded the 1 to 5 thousand barrels of oil per day that was publicly stated. In our individual lives as well we are likely being forced to look at issues that we might have preferred to skip over. In the bible it says that “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free,” but a necessary first step is to accept the truth that is offered – from various sources. Circumstances lately have conspired to show us the truth, and to allow us the opportunity to accept that truth and to make it the basis for necessary and radically transformative action, and will continue to do so. There is no need to fear that you might be able to avoid the message indefinitely. “If you ignore a problem,” says the channeled being called Abraham, “don’t worry, it will get worse.”

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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David Wolfe replay, free Qi Gong healing, and great article on true freedom


David Wolfe’s recent presentation on The Wellness Revolution  titled “The 3 Keys to Boost Your Immunity, Accelerate Healing & Increase Longevity,” is available for a limited time in replay. I just listened to it myself and picked up some really good tips, so it’s not just a “tip,” put a “pick,” as well. The Jennifer McLean interview replay is also available, so if you haven’t already signed up for this free teleseminar series you need to do so as quickly as possible to gain access to these replays, plus you’ll want to take advantage of the serie’s bonuses and David’s bonus video on hormones. The Wellness Revolution continues through July 16th, so there’s still many top-name guests, such as Jo Dunning and Dr. Bernie Segal, you’ll want to have access to. 

The Wellness Revolution

And don’t forget that this evening is the free Qi Gong distance healing session. You can find out more details about the session and The Wellness Revolution in my 6/15 post.

And finally, here’s an article I really enjoyed…

Freedom or Death by Apollo Pampallis

This is the motto of the Greek Nation. It is taken to mean that one would rather die than live under the yoke of foreign occupation, so that risking or even losing one’s life fighting to that end would not only be heroic but an obvious choice.

However, this is a reactive interpretation. An assumption that we are victims of circumstance to the extent that ultimate victimhood, i.e. death, is a preferable, more honourable and more acceptable way of experiencing one’s victimhood.

This is reflected in religious rhetoric, with all the suffering, from those in the Old Testament, to Jesus dying for us and martyrdom of the saints.

Seen from a creative, self empowering perspective, however, “Freedom or Death” becomes more than a motto to live by, but a statement of unavoidable truth.

It links in with my first article on “Gratitude”  which I suggest you read as an introduction to see how obvious the relationship between freedom, death and gratitude really is.

Firstly let’s look at the word ‘freedom’. In Greek the word ‘eleutheria’ is far more meaningful. The word “freedom” alludes to a state of non dependence or subservience to anyone or anything. In truth, there is no such state. Even an anarchistic atheist is subservient to his “god”, his commitment to opposing the status quo and his belief that his philosophy is ‘correct’ and demands subservience. “Eleutheria”, by contrast, is not an assertion of negation of attachment such as ‘freedom’, but a positive statement of connection. It literally means “attraction and free flow of sacred/source energy”, so that such a person is aligned with universal energy beyond time and space, and thus not limited in our three dimensional temporality, or the illusion of time and space which our limited physical senses betray us into believing and being subservient to.

It is an ability to say “flip it” to any and all life circumstances and, with head up high, experience even the most uncomfortable, and most horrific life circumstances firstly with unconditional gratitude(not necessarily gratefulness- see Why Gratitude? for the difference). Only then do we allow ourselves the freedom to choose between dwelling on the terrible circumstance, like experiencing potential, imminent and unavoidable or unpreventable loss or danger or physical death to ourselves and/or loved ones or not. I have lived through poverty, homelessness, loss of all my most precious possessions. Being overrun by rats and not even being able to sleep. Others have lived through loss of their homes and family members in war and experienced horrendous concentration camp conditions and genocides, of whom the most known in the west in our time is Viktor Frankl.

The difference between ‘masters,’ ‘survivors’ and ‘victims’ of life is to what degree we are eleutheri/free, that is, connected primarily with “sacred (life) energy” or in other words our spiritual reality (source/cause) or the physical ‘reality’ we are going through (result/effect). The masters will experience ‘gratitude’ (great attitude) and power, regardless of physical circumstance, (literally things that stand around us in our lives) the survivors, being the great majority of us, will unconsciously drift between spiritual and physical realities without being aware of it, while victims identify fully with the material state of life, and are cut off from any sense of creative power, reacting unconsciously to the same circumstances, not realizing that circumstance is a state of effect of what we consciously or unconsciously create.

The tendency to increased ‘victim’ mentality needs to be acknowledged in all levels of our society, so that we can become aware of our own programming as we in turn reinforce this programming in a vicious self reinforcing cycle.

The institutions that own us and that we serve cut us off even further from our source than the identification with our physical reality. Physical reality is created from Source, and our nations and religions are created by ‘our’ egos, the egos of our physicality. In truth, you cannot identify with, and serve Source and at the same time identify with and be in bondage with such abstractions as nation states and religions which by definition stand between us and our spiritual reality, and as a consequence fellow humans and the rest of Creation.

The likes of Jesus and Socrates were neither victims or put to death, because as free spirits (eleutheri) they identified with their primary/Source reality which is not limited by time or space of the three dimensional world. They understood that in reality death is merely a belief of the body-bound ego. Real death is identifying with the body instead of owning it.

And that is really scary, as our bodies and the personality we have created around it is a temporary (meaning in time) creation designed to ‘die’ any how sooner or later.

They chose to let go of their bodies instead of their serene understanding of who they really were and are. The same applies to saints and martyrs who chose to let go of their bodies in the way that we let go of an old car. The vehicle no longer serves its owner. The operating costs outweigh any benefits it offers. The metal used in its making is best served recycled into a new car, as do the spiritual and physical/material components of a body which has served its purpose, irrespective of its age. The image of a Jesus pinned on a cross only serves to foster the illusion of death and suffering, whereas He chose to rather illustrate how the sacrifice (sacred fee) of His physical body bought the promise of eternal Life, together with the promise that we shall (at some point, not might) do better than He had in our own lives.

We are, indeed Spiritual Beings having a physical experience. And true ‘freedom’ is not the pursuit of total detachment, but of misidentification only with all things temporary (which by definition, die), things, people, ideologies, beliefs….. and re-membering our Source, allowing it to guide us in its service, and vice versa. After all, serving our Source is the best way to serve ourselves, and likewise Source/God serves itself best by serving us.  Something that is as easy to do as our willingness to do it.

Apollo Pampallis is a Life Mentor and can be contacted on He is establishing new web pages in an exciting new alliance. For ongoing information, upcoming webinars, consultations, ebooks and other news please contact him on the above email

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5 Levels of Manifesting, Nadine Artemis, and The Wellness Revolution


Adoley Odunton and Healthier Living’s The Wellness Revolution free teleseminar series has started, but it’s not too late to sign up. Plus, they will be offering replays of some of the first interviews, so you’ll have a chance to catch up on things. Here’s just a short list of some of the topics that will be covered in this series that will run thru 7/16:

* Medical Intuition: How to Tap into Your Body’s Wisdom

* Raw-food nutrition including chocolate, natural healing herbs and superfoods

* Energy Medicine for Women: A Daily Energy Routine for adapting to 21st century living

* Reclaim Your Vision Naturally: Avoid Surgery Using Non-Invasive Methods of Improving Your Eyesight.

* The Art of Living and Healing: How to Live a Long, Healthy Life

* Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: A Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsession, Anger and Impulsiveness

* The Bio Energetics of Healing: Revealing Subconscious Potential… and so much more. 

Go to The Wellness Revolution or check my previous post for more details.

Also, for those of you who still haven’t heard the excerpt of Nadine Artemis’ presentation from the Longevity Now Conference, here’s a link to that video…

And here’s an interesting video from Vishen at Finer Minds on the 5 levels of manifesting, which include Mild Awareness, Applied Intention, Releasing Past Programming, the State of Allowing, and Personal Bubbles of Reality:

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Great Wellness Revolution series,Marci Shimoff on Secrets of Dynamic Living, & free Qi Gong healing session!


I just heard about a free teleseminar series being put on by Adoley Odunton at Healthier Living. It’s called The Wellness Revolution and I can’t believe the list of guests she’s put together. It’s probably the most impressive line-up of all the series I’ve signed up for, so I’m really looking forward to when it starts on June 16th. Each of the 21+ speakers is a renowned leader in the field of health and healing, including…

Dr. Bernie Siegel (Love, Medicine & Miracles), Dr. Christiane Northrup (Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom), Caroline Myss (Medical Intuitive, Anatomy of the Spirit/ Defying Gravity), Dr. David Simon (The Chopra Institute), David Wolfe (Longevity Now),  Chunyi Lin (Spring Forest Qi Gong/ Qi Sage), Carol Look (EFT), Caroline Sutherland (Medical Intuition), Greg Marsh (Natural Vision), Dr. Daniel Amen(Neuro-Science/ Brain Imaging), Jo Dunning (Energy Medicine), Dr. Alex Loyd (Healing Codes), Jennifer McClean (Body Dialoguing), Donna Eden (Energy Medicine), Jonathan Goldman (Sound Healing), Dr. Sue Morter (BEST Chiropractic), Baeth Davis (Hand Analysis/Life Purpose), Dr. Naran (Ayurvedic Medicine), Dana Ullman (Homeopathic Medicine), Guru Singh Khalsa, DD (Kundalini Yoga & Yogic Philosophy

They will be delivering the most current information on effective healing techniques and how to maintain optimal health. The series kicks off on Wednesday night with Dr. Christiane Northrup, who will be sharing “Women’s Body, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Healing”.

The event is free and replays will be available for 24 hrs. afterward, which is usually when I’m able to listen in. Plus,  when you sign up, you will get access to 4 great bonuses, so, as they say, “chop, chop, hop to”…

The Wellness Revolution 


Secrets of Dynamic Living will be hosting an interview with Marci Shimoff on June 15th at 8pm ET. You can check out the following link for more details:

And Michael Mohoric is offering another one of his free Qi Gong distance healing sessions this coming Sunday at 10pm EDT. You can go to for more information, or check out the previous posts I’ve written on his free sessions.  Also,  don’t forget to visit my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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