More on the “Giant T” astrological alignment, new moon & Jupiter in Aries, plus Abraham quote

TIP OF THE DAY: Here’s another interesting astrology article a friend forwarded to me about the “Giant T” phase of evolution we’re heading into…


April 18, 2010

Giant T: June 13 – July 11th By Susan Thompson

In and around the vicinity of Earth – It’s history in the making. Get out your telescope. Look to the skies. Astronomers, astrologers, and NASA are all heralding a unique alignment this Summer 2010, and some are saying that “bridges between worlds,” will be opened during this wherewhen, in one way and another.

What’s Happening?

– June 13, 2010: Planetary Alignment

– June 26, 2010: Partial Lunar Eclipse

– July 11, 2010: Total Solar Eclipse

– December 21, 2010: Total Lunar Eclipse

On June 13, 2010, this window will open as six of the largest planets in our solar system will begin their procession into a balanced alignment.  Along with the sun, their combined gravitational pull offers an enormous contribution to a phenomenal event.

The alignment of planets will appear from Earth like a straight line of six planets with the sun in the middle; Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury lined up on one side of the sun, while Venus, Mars and Saturn will be lined up on the opposite.  The Earth will thus be perpendicular to this alignment, forming a giant T-shape.”

Then, on Sunday, July 11, 2010, this window will close, with a total eclipse of the Sun – that will visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses Earth’s southern Hemisphere.”

As Above, so Below

Many life coaches are already seeing the effect of these planetary alignments on their clients on Earth. And many scientists are speaking about the effect on our planet and “societies” as a whole. There are a number of analogies which seem to be helpful.

Life strategist, Lorraine Cohen, on her web site, PowerFull Living, describes the changes occurring in the context of one of Harrison Ford’s most famous scenes:

“Things are not always what they seem. One scene that consistently stands out in my mind that has left the most vivid impression is in my favorite – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I’ve heard many people refer to the same scene because of it’s symbology and inspiration. Indie stands on the edge of the mountain looking across a crevice to the doorway to another mountain.

Indiana Jones must cross to the other side to find the Holy Grail so that he can save Sean Connery’s life. He must take a leap of faith. He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes, and puts one foot out into nothingness and a wooden plank appears beneath his feet so that he can cross to the other side safely. WOW. What a powerful metaphor!”

On her web site, Lorrainne also speaks about visionary Gregg Braden, one of my favorite pioneers and authors. In his current speaking tour, Braden speaks about the reasons why the world feels in crisis.

Braden says that we’re at the end of a 5125 year cycle and the beginning of a new one.  He says that this is the fifth time in history Earth has experienced this phenomenon and an incredible time to be alive on the planet. As he writes: “The last time this happened many civilizations fell because of fear and greed while others flourished because of their resilience and vision.”

I agree with Cohen and Braden. We are indeed in the cusp. A whenwhere. The end of the Old World as we have known it no longer exists. We are between worlds. It’s up to us.

As Cohen remarks: “The changes we are being called to make within ourselves and as a world (can) usher in a bright new age of enlightened actions that embodies love, compassion, and service in both physical and spiritual form.”

Taking the Plunge

In your fear, in your refusal to move boldly into the unknown, will you dissolve like the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz? Or, will you embrace the new, and take the plunge?

Happy plunging!

For more about What’s Happening with the planetary alignment on June 13, 2010 and the total eclipse of the Sun on July 11, 2010,  view our more in-depth Galactic Communications blog article.

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PICK OF THE DAY: Here’s a great reminder from Abraham…

We would like you to release the word “achieve” or “earn” from your vocabulary and from your understanding, altogether, and we would like you to replace those words with the word “allow”. You’re wanting to allow your Well-being, not achieve it. It’s not something that you need to earn. All you have to do is decide what it is you would like to experience, and then allow it in order to achieve it. It isn’t something you have to struggle for or try for. You are all worthy beings. You are deserving of this Well-being.— Abraham

Also see my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks, and free stuff!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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      Best wishes on experiencing the life of your dreams!

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