Michael Beckwith & Unlimited Wealth series, Lunar Eclipse, and Mark Victor Hansen replay


#1 – Here’s a message I received from Michael Beckwith about a series he’s going to be a part of titled “Unlimited Wealth Ultimate Freedom”…

“Are you being pulled by a vision of prosperity, unlimited freedom and the joy of living your life’s purpose? I’m writing today to remind you these are all possible, even in this economy.  Would you like to see how wonderful your life could become?

If you answered yes, then please join me in a completely FREE Virtual Conference Series that I am participating in.  To find out more please watch a short video clip with my friend and international wealth strategist, Chris Howard.

Click here now: http://www.UnlimitedWealthUltimateFreedom.com/Beckwith/invite

Joining me will be 24 of the world’s leading authorities in wealth and achievement, who will each be sharing their proven methods and systems of achieving unlimited wealth and freedom.   We are all excited to share with you as many valuable tools, principles and strategies as we can. 

Together we are conspiring with God for you to realize success.  We want you to have all the keys so that you don’t get bogged down resolving issues we have already resolved.  We want to help you to leap frog over obstacles and rapidly achieve greater wealth for you and your family right now.  Would you like to learn these keys?  Then go ahead and watch a short video with Chris by clicking the link.

After you register, keep an eye out for an email from the Academy of Wealth and Achievement with the details for listening in on these powerful FREE calls.

Also, be sure to click on the special link in this email to collect your bonus gifts that you can start using right away. They are yours just for enrolling in this free series.”

#2 – Here’s the link for the bonus gifts and the replay of Mark Victor Hansen’s seminar on Secrets of Dynamic Living:  


#3 – The people at Finer Minds are going to be offering an interview with Gerald O’Donnell talking about Universal Mind, and in preparation of that they have put out this short video on intuition, manifesting, and the one universal mind…


#4 – And finally, here’s an article with an update on the “Cardinal T” and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse by astrologer Henry Seltzer in Santa Cruz, CA…

The Coming Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

There’s been a lot of buzz lately concerning the upcoming Lunar Eclipse, which takes place on Saturday morning at 4:30 AM on the West coast, 7:30 AM on the East coast, and 12:30 PM in London. The buzz is justified because at the time of the eclipse the Moon stands a mere 2/3 of a degree away from Pluto, and Pluto is already very active in these summer skies.

This June 26th event completes the emphasis on the Cardinal Grand Cross that was begun on the recent Summer Solstice of the 21st, when the Sun entered Cancer and directly opposed Pluto, also – quite coincidentally – at 4:30 AM West coast time. Meanwhile Saturn now direct, opposes Uranus/Jupiter in early Aries, all in square to Pluto in early Capricorn. All month long there has been an emphasis on this powerful T-square, with progressively more energy as the month has unfolded, and with the climax still to come on Saturday. Since the effects of an eclipse are said to last for at least six months, we are also seeing the beginning of a period of great shake-up extending to the end of the year, and which will likely include more bad news regarding the world economy, especially in July, when Saturn becomes a more significant part of the Cardinal action, and then in mid-September, when Pluto stations in square to the Midheaven of the U.S. chart.

This has indeed been an interesting month, with hypocrisy on trial as the chairman of BP confronted first the President and then the congress regarding what was done, and left undone, on his watch. A republican congressman offered BP an apology for being put on the spot and for having to cough up billions in reparations. Meanwhile the information was put forward that BP’s private estimates of the volume of oil discharged daily vastly exceeded the 1 to 5 thousand barrels of oil per day that was publicly stated. In our individual lives as well we are likely being forced to look at issues that we might have preferred to skip over. In the bible it says that “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free,” but a necessary first step is to accept the truth that is offered – from various sources. Circumstances lately have conspired to show us the truth, and to allow us the opportunity to accept that truth and to make it the basis for necessary and radically transformative action, and will continue to do so. There is no need to fear that you might be able to avoid the message indefinitely. “If you ignore a problem,” says the channeled being called Abraham, “don’t worry, it will get worse.”

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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