More on the new moon solar eclipse & astrology of July

TIP FOR TODAY: The actual new moon solar eclipse was yesterday, but it’s impact is still, of course, resonating through our lives. Here’s an interesting and insightful perspective on what the eclipse is/was about, plus upcoming astrological events for July, from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk….Week of July 11 to July 17

Total Solar Eclipse-Holding Opposites and the Reconciling Third 

On Sunday July 11 at 1:34 pm, we experience a Total Solar eclipse at 19 Cancer, near Pollux, of the Twins Constellation. This eclipse is visible in South America (Chile and Argentina), the South Pacific, and the Easter Islands. A Solar Eclipse is like a Super New Moon. The Twins Constellation also represents the two beams of duality through which we pass into earthly existence. 

Within Shamanic Astrology oppositional aspects are described as “polar resonance,” which is understood to be a fertile and growth-oriented dynamic. So on this Super New Moon, which occurs as the moon is sailing through the poles of duality, can we look deeper into those places within our being and our lives that seem to be at odds and see the gift to be gained by holding and learning to dance with both?

A poem by Rainer Maria Rilke describes the fertile tension beautifully-
Take your well disciplined strengths

And stretch them between two opposing poles.

Because inside human beings

is where God learns.

I found this poem in the remarkable book Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View, by Richard Tarnas, as well as an equally powerful letter written by Jung when he was in his 70s. He said… “we are crucified between the opposites and delivered up to the torture until the “reconciling third” takes shape.” So on this Super New Moon, as well as several days before and after, we can set the intention to embrace our opposites and in the process welcome the “reconciling third”-the beautiful creation that emerges from our full, fruitful presence with our perfectly imperfect lives.

The Goddess Reclaims Her Voice 

On Wednesday, July 14 in the early afternoon, the Moon and Venus join up for the 5th time since Venus reappeared in the evening sky early this spring. Tonight the tiny crescent moon should be visible, still quite close to Venus. In the ancient Sumerian tale of the descent of the Goddess Inanna-which represented the actual journey of Venus through the night sky-this 5th conjunction represents the 5th “Gate” that Inanna passed as she ascended from the underworld. At each gate, which can also be understood as a Chakra, she reclaims an item of clothing and a dimension of her personal power. At the 5th gate she reclaims her necklace, or her throat Chakra.

This is a time for the Divine Feminine to reclaim her voice, her full presence within the collective human experience. She has recently been empowered with new heart-centered vision, and deepened with greater compassion through her encounters with Neptune, Chiron, and Regulus. She has entered the sign of Virgo the Priestess in service to Gaia. Now is time for each of us to enable her to speak through us. She can speak through our words, through our actions, and through our prayers for the healing of the Earth and the full birthing and re-emergence of the Divine Feminine.


Week of July 18 to 24  Developing Healthy Detachment and Trust Chiron, still retrograding and thus experienced powerfully, moves back into the sign of Aquarius on Tuesday, July 20. This follows on the heels of Uranus (a planet associated with Aquarius) going into retrograde last week-thus also amplifying the Aquarian energy. The Aquarius Full Moon later this month continues the trend-gifting us all month with access to an Aquarian perspective on the changes occurring within and without. When we are coming from the Aquarius perspective, filtered through Chiron, we are able to experience even painful events and patterns as part of an unfolding big picture that is perfect and Divine just as it is.Aquarius knows how to practice healthy detachment, with an underlying, fundamental trust that all is well in the Universe at a higher level, no matter what transpires in our personal lives or in the world. For Aquarius, there is a deep sense of love and appreciation for the evolutionary path itself-the many diverse ways of being human, the multitude of choices we make from our unique position of Free Will. If we are learning and growing, and if the consciousness of the Earth and Universe is evolving-then we are on the right track, according to Aquarius.

On Wednesday, Saturn moves back into the sign of Libra, where it will remain through the fall of 2012. Today it is activating the Fall Equinox point (0 Libra) of the Grand Cross. For the next two years we will be continuing to refine and become refined by, our relationships. That includes our relationship with ourselves, partners, friends, family, local community, and global family. Put bluntly, humanity must “change the game” in the realm of relationship if we are to survive in our changing world. In my view, this means claiming the gifts of self actualization and sovereignty not as an end unto itself; but as a means toward creating the most fulfilling, synergistic, co-creative ways of working cooperatively with others.

On Friday, Jupiter begins its retrograde journey as well, amplifying its impact in the world. Jupiter energy is expansive and progressive, and can be experienced as exuberance, optimism, and increased understanding of the big picture. Jupiter invites us to live our lives as a grand spiritual adventure-questing for the sacred purpose and meaning of our personal and collective journey, and thus gaining greater wisdom and an inspired, positive vision for our future. Beyond all this, however, Jupiter acts as an empowering catalyst that expands the energy of whatever it touches

On Saturday, Jupiter squares Pluto, expanding the Plutonian dynamic. Pluto functions at the level of deepest intensity and fundamental transformation. It represents the fertile chaos that creates new life, and the instinctual, primordial power of the life force energy that infuses our material world. The Plutonian Underworld is the grave and the cradle, all contained within one dimension. With both Pluto and Jupiter involved, we may experience the intensity of fundamental change, upheaval, and death more profoundly, while simultaneously feeling, at the deepest levels, the stirring of rebirth, and regeneration.


 Week of July 25 to 31 Full Moon in Aquarius-Activating Trust and Big Mind Consciousness On Sunday we experience a Full Moon in Aquarius at 7:38 pm MST. The 3 day window surrounding an Aquarius Full Moon can be the most potent time for meditation, where we can access Big Mind consciousness. We can set aside time to be still, to quiet our busy minds and tune into the deep, silent and vast ripples of consciousness within and without. We can create ceremonies where we write out the burdens and beliefs that restrict us from living lives of inner freedom, spaciousness, and joy. Then we can burn them under the full moon, reducing them to ash and smoke… the ash we can feed to our plants, recycling our waste into food for new life.Monday Saturn opposes Uranus at 10:07 am. This is big news, as it is the final of five oppositions that have occurred since the first on November 4, 2008, coinciding with Obama’s election. We have been in the cauldron of this Saturn/Uranus energetic since that time and from this point Saturn will be quickly moving into the later degrees of Libra. Saturn/Uranus aspects can be understood as the tension between progressive, expansive, liberating and change-oriented energy and energy that wants to maintain stability and restrict change.

We could say that it is the tension between the forces that would maintain the status quo-the institutions, norms, and consensus reality of our current human culture vs. the impulse to break free, innovate, and unleash all our creative potential in service to a new way of being on Earth. The wave of optimism and hope that swept across the globe when Obama was elected demonstrated the longing so many of us feel to connect across divides of race and nationality, and do away with the old orders of hierarchy and elitism.

The above description can be understood as too “hard on” Saturn, however. The truth is that in an oppositional context when we choose sides–as in “I hope Uranus wins!”–we find ourselves locked in endless battle, missing the profound opportunity presented by the aspect. As mentioned earlier, to the degree that we (in this case humanity as a whole) can learn to integrate and balance Uranus (radical change and liberation) with Saturn (need for structure and containment in order for manifestation to occur)-we will discover the “irreconcilable third”-a new way of being that is absolutely new-but emerging from the fertile matrix of our past experience.

Obama may not have the ability or authentic desire to enact fundamental change. But we cannot wait for him or any other leader to save us. It is truly up to us, the people, to enact change at personal and community levels. I feel certain that we will be called increasingly over the next months and years to develop stronger links of support and exchange within our local communities, with inspiration and information exchange from networks of allies across the globe. In my mind it is this capacity to act collectively and creatively for the whole that represents the best qualities of Saturn (human-made structure) and Uranus (evolutionary leaps, expansion of consciousness at the individual and collective levels).

Mercury Opposite Neptune, Chiron, and Regulus-Integration of Mind, Body and Heart 

Venus and Mars have both aspected this threesome, helping us to access greater universal compassion and empathy–and inspiring us to practice heart-centered action. Now Mercury provides us with a final dose–infusing humanity’s collective Mind, Intelligence, and Communication with this uplifting, loving consciousness. This is Big Energy-expansive, celestial, radiant and powerful. And it is precisely the spiritual antidote we need to assist us in working with the Mars activation of Uranus Saturn.

 Mars Activates Uranus and Saturn-Integrated Structure and Innovation Embodied in the World 

Mars opposes Uranus on Friday and is conjunct Saturn on Saturday. You can see Mars in the night sky near Saturn for several days before and after the conjunction. Mars is active, embodied energy in the world. This aspect is an invitation to step fully into our roles as actors in the unfolding changes, and fully embody the balanced energies of revolutionary Uranus and grounded, practical Saturn, as we play our roles in creating a new earth experience.

Tami Brunk is a Shamanic Astrologer, freelance writer, poet, permaculture student and biophiliac based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She calls her astrological practice “heart centered astrology,” always asking the question-how is this sign (Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio, etc.) expressed through the heart? She believes that humanity is currently moving from a mind-oriented Information Age to an era of intuitive and heart-centered knowing-and that this shift will enable us to powerfully emerge the new social structures, values, and modes of being to serve all humanity, the Earth, and future generations.

Enjoy, “Zippy”


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