More astrology, Connecting Science & Spirituality series, Colin Tipping on forgiveness, and Healing the Gulf meditation


#1 – The people over at Manifest-Station are helping organize a world-wide meditation to heal the Gulf of Mexico. Here’s what they had to say about it, in case you’d like to participate…

“The destruction from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which occurred on April 21st has finally been contained, however the devastation to life in this corner of the world has and will continue to surpass anyone’s estimation for years. 

Once again in light of this tragedy, many have come together to assist and support efforts to contain the damages of the oil spill in the affected areas.   With continued help and hope, the goal to restore all life in this area and return it to its natural healthy state will be achieved.

What else can be done?

We at have organized a global meditation and we ask for your participation to assist in supporting all the initiatives that are underway to ‘Heal the Gulf’.

How will this work?

 VISIT –  DOWNLOAD – MEDITATE A guided meditation is now available to download to your MP3 player – click here to download the guided meditation…… and join us on August 9, 2010 – 08-09-10 at 8:00 p.m. pacific standard time. 

This initiative requires our global community to silence their collective minds and focus all energy and positive thoughts on ‘HEALING THE GULF’.  Our objective is to stem and reverse the ecological damage that threatens all life for generations to come.

Count yourself as one of the 1 MILLION PEOPLE who will take 30 minutes from their day to HEAL THE GULF

Our hope is to bring 1,000,000 people from all continents together in this global meditation.”

#2 – There’s a new free teleseminar series being hosted by Lisa Garr titled Connecting Science and Spirituality starting soon that will have some great guests, including Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Sue Morter, Ann Taylor, and more (24 in all!). And you get to listen to some bonus audios by Braden, Lipton and others–just for signing up for the series. Go to to register.

#3 – Here’s the link from Karen and Salma at to the interview they did with Radical Forgiveness author Colin Tipping…

#4 – And here’s the monthly astrology update from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk…

Week of August 1 to 7 Lammas-Harvesting the Bounty from the T-Square 

The T-Square activations continue through August as the month begins with Saturn and Mars still visible within a degree of each other in the night sky, after Mars triggered Saturn this past Saturday July 31. On Tuesday, Mars will oppose Jupiter, then square Pluto. Venus follows, opposing Uranus on Saturday, conjuncting Saturn on Sunday, then squaring Pluto next Tuesday. Other aspects to the T-Square include Jupiter squaring Pluto for a second time today (Monday).

Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto all activated this week translates to an immense amount of energy flying around, accessible for us to use to take action in powerful ways. It also means that if we are NOT actively moving forward in our lives we can start to feel a little crazy and bottled up. Learning to take one step at a time toward designing lives that feel truly balanced and joy-filled is a practice we can cultivate every day-and create self loving space for the natural process of getting off track, and back on again.

August 1 is modern day Lammas, the midway point between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox. The precise Solar cross quarter, where the Sun is at 15 Leo is this Saturday, August 7th. So Lammas can be observed all week, celebrated as the time of first harvest. It is a perfect time to savor and enjoy the bounty of the heart of summer.

Even here in the desert, the storms are producing tremendous growth–deep, green, lush and fertile along the riverbanks and in every backyard garden, farm and orchard. Cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers flourish and the farmers markets across the nation are thriving. In my backyard, in the city, I hear the steady thrum of cicadas and katydids, and June bugs do noisy somersaults in the night air just as they do in my native Missouri.

We’ve been clearing so much in the realm of relationship, and undergoing such tremendous transformations at every level. It is a good time to celebrate the bounty of our own lives, the places for growth, renewal, and learning. Sharing a meal with friends or neighbors where we contribute food from our own gardens, or from local farmers, weaves a sense of connection to each other and the earth beneath our feet that fosters a feeling of abundance and satisfaction beyond measure.

Venus, Mars, and Saturn in Libra: Emerging the New Paradigm for Human Relationships 

On Friday, Venus moves into Libra, joining Mars and Saturn in the early degrees of the sign. This is a powerful time to engage with the visual Night Sky mysteries–by Saturday night, Venus, Mars and Saturn are all visible within a 5 degree diameter orb after sunset.

Last fall, Saturn moved into the sign of Libra for the first time, creating friction and growth in the realm of human relationships. By early April, Saturn had retrograded back into the sign of Virgo, completing its past 3 years in this sign. Saturn in Virgo has been about humanity clearly seeing the need to change its relationship to the living Earth, or Gaia. Within two weeks of Saturn’s re-entry into Virgo we experienced the Deep Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Many more of us understand today that our relationship to the Earth must be brought into balance.

On July 21, Saturn moved back into the sign of Libra, where it will remain through October of 2012. Whatever sign Saturn is in during the Turning of the Ages represents an area of human society that is up for revision, for change, for refinement. Libra is about the way that human beings relate to each other, about how we balance Self with Other.

With Mars joining Saturn at the end of the month-right after the final Uranus opposition, we receive more urgent, non-negotiable prompting that now is the time to see what is not working and make changes accordingly. With Venus joining the duo, it is clear that masculine and feminine relationships need to be refined and brought into balance.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve seen within many people, myself included, a growing impatience with relationships that are not based on mutual respect, or honesty. In situations where the male energy is overpowering the feminine, conflicts are arising. These times are perfect for busting us of our co-dependent tendencies. I have definitely seen my own shadow stuff lurking and showing up-ready to be released!

Many of us have been integrating the Saturn in Libra changes from last fall over the past 9 months and are now in a clearer place to experience the positive side of renewed (or new) relationships. As a client recently told me, some people wait for destiny to arrive–others rise to meet it. This is the benefit of understanding, preparing for, and engaging with planetary cycles as they occur. There is something magical and tremendously empowering about saying to the Universe-I know what’s up, let’s dance!


Week of August 8 to 14 Divine Feminine Redefines Relationship

The week begins with Venus conjunct Saturn on Sunday then square Pluto on Tuesday. The Divine feminine presence within humanity has begun her journey of investigating equal, conscious, non-hierarchical partnership. When she opposed Uranus last week, she was awakened to the possibility of a new way of relating-more free and empowering than she had ever experienced before. It awoke a longing in her-necessary to bring her through the next stages of the journey.

Sunday she faces into all the places where she has been less than her full self in partnership, where she has exerted power and control over others, where she has allowed fear to close her heart. On Tuesday, she faces her fears, and surrenders to the Underworld experience of dismemberment, the necessary death of who she believed herself to be. This is all necessary, in order for her to be reborn into a new way of relating to herself, and to others.

New Moon in Leo: Invoking the Divinity Within All of Humanity

We can set intentions to cultivate radiant, radical love for ourselves, to treat ourselves as though we are valuable, worthy of care and respect. We can take responsibility for our own lives, recognizing that no one else knows so deeply what we need, or what actions we must take. We can see this day as a day for planting the seeds of a new form of authority and radiance in the world.

The shadow expression of Leo has been glaringly visible over the past several years, as we see clearly the increasing concentration of power and wealth in the hands of the few across the globe. In the U.S. for example, the past three decades has seen the divide between the wealthy and middle and lower income people triple. Corporations have taken advantage of the recession environment by doubling employees workloads, freezing raises, and continuing to lay off workers-even as they maximize profits for their shareholders and upper management.

The scarcity thinking so embedded within our culture is demonstrated just as surely by those who accumulate massive sums of wealth at the expense of healthy communities and the environment as it is by those who have not learned to harness the Law of Attraction. For the insanely wealthy, there is an ever present fear of loss, resulting in the need to control and amass more, and more. For many of the rest of us, we have not yet claimed full authority and sovereignty in our lives-to create lives of meaning and abundance.

Perseid Meteor Showers and Ramadan: Bridging the Divide

Wednesday the 11th is the absolute best night for viewing the spectacular annual Perseid Meteor showers. This promises to be a beautiful magical night with the tiny crescent Moon appearing after sunset, signaling the beginning of Ramadan, a month of spiritual cleansing within Islam. This week, when we experience a profound lineup of planets in the early degrees of Libra, over 20% percent of the world’s population will be fasting and praying throughout the day.

It is uplifting to recognize that any division–even the current one between the Judeo Christian and Muslim worlds–can be bridged if we open our personal hearts to each other. This is what Libra, at its essence, is learning to do. As we become skillful in Libra training and also carry Leo medicine of strong self worth and healthy ego we develop a rare and precious ability. That is the simultaneous capacity to know who we are, while allowing others to be who they are, even if they appear (or we have been told repeatedly that they are) very different from us.

Friday the 13th–Moon Transmits Libra Learning and Uranus Moves Back into Pisces

iday the 13th-the only one we will experience in 2010-the Moon can be seen in the evening sky very close to the Venus/Mars/Saturn lineup. The moon acts as a transmitter, giving us direct access to the new emerging Libra mysteries. At the same time, retrograde Uranus re-enters the sign of Pisces where it will remain until March of next year, when it completes its 7 years in the sign of Pisces. We are blessed with the compassionate, yet detached perspective of Uranus in Pisces again, a true gift to stay connected to our hearts as we witness the big picture overview of fundamental change transforming the face of humanity and Earth itself


Week of August 22 to 31Pisces Full Moon: Entering Oneness

Tuesday we experience the Pisces Full Moon, with the Pisces Moon opposing the Virgo Sun. Both Virgo and Pisces are “service” signs, and they are both considered feminine-meaning that their function is to bring spirit into matter–there is a pulse toward bringing greater sacredness and spiritual aliveness into the earth plane. Virgo, an earth sign, is the sign most closely associated with Gaia–the sacred, alive earth. Pisces is a “celestial” sign, concerned with the highest expression of empathic, transpersonal love on the Earth plane; the felt experience of profound Oneness.

August completes an extremely intense 3-month period where the T-Square has been continually activated by both the inner and outer planets. This Full Moon invites us to get still, and connect deeply with spirit, tuning into the pulse of harmony and integration within the Earth body, and our own bodies and spirits in alignment with Earth processes. This is a powerful time to send out prayers for healing of our Earth and our own lives, as well as for guidance from our guides and the Divine.

We can take this time to rest and gently release the burdens that we have accumulated over the past months, so as to make space for spirit, and grace in our lives.

Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius Near Conjunction: Embracing Wholeness

Through to the end of the month, Neptune and Chiron, both in the sign of Aquarius, are the closest they have been since their last conjunction in February. The Sun opposed them last weekend, (Friday and Saturday, August 20 and 21), illuminating their resonating dynamic. With Neptune involved, we are invited to continue the Pisces Full Moon practice of prayer, meditation, and connection to All That Is, through the end of the month.

With Chiron activated, we may become aware of old wounding that wants to be witnessed (Aquarius) and integrated as healing medicine into our lives. If we ourselves or our loved ones are sensitive and easily hurt, it is good to practice kindness and patience, as this is truly an opportunity to embrace wholeness, self love, and ultimately our greatest potential as healers of ourselves and others.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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