New season of Healing With the Masters, plus astrology for September


Healing With the Masters – this free teleseminar series, which is hosted by Jennifer McLean, starts Sept. 7th and offers a stellar line-up of guests–including Gary Zukav, Neale Donald Walsch, Reverend Michael Beckwith, Caroline Myss, Chunyi Lin, Carol Look, and Jo Dunning (wowie, what a roster!)–and that’s just a sampling of the 24 speakers that will be showing up. You also receive 5 free bonuses when you sign up! Replays are available for 48 hrs. afterward, and each guest offers a free gift to listeners, so you come away with a free e-book, etc., as well as some great information and inspiration. This is always my favorite series, so I highly recommend signing up to receive notice of who is speaking when.

Healing With the Masters

And if you haven’t signed up for the new season of Living Energy Secrets (mentioned in a previous post), which started just a few days ago, I recommend that, as well.

And now, here’s shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk’s astrological update for the month of September…Week of September 1 to 4

Mars and Venus conjunct Spica-Claiming the Harvest

This Spica aspect follows the dance between Mars, Venus, and Saturn through the month of August in the sign of Libra. Now we are invited to celebrate and acknowledge the profound work we have been doing in the realm of equal, conscious, nonheirarchical relationships-and we have been working so hard in this area over the past month!

All our buttons have been pushed, we have revisited old patterns of co-dependency and control. It can be helpful to understand that some of these patterns are generations old–so the amount of energetic clearing cannot be overstated. If we have felt tired, drained, unable to focus, this is in large part because of the vital work we have been doing under the surface.

On the conscious level, many of us have been coming into greater acknowledgment of the need to claim full responsibily for our own lives, rather than giving the power to someone else. Through this process of self-claiming, we accomplish the sacred marriage between our dual aspects, our inner masculine and feminine. It is only when we acknowledge our sovereignty and personal power that we can enter fully into intimacy with others.
Week of September 5 to 11

The New Moon in Virgo occurs at about 4:30 am MST Wednesday September 8. The ceremonial period to observe this event spans from Monday evening to the appearance of the tiny crescent moon on Thursday or Friday the 9th-10th. The period where the moon is no longer visible is the most powerful time to create a quiet space to set our intentions. The appearance of the crescent moon signals a good time to speak our intentions aloud and begin actively moving toward them.With the New Moon occurring in Virgo at the same time Mercury is still traveling retrograde through Virgo, it’s helpful to look at what Virgo, as an astrological sign, is about. At the present Turning of the Ages, Virgo is the sign most closely associated with Gaia, or the living Earth. The human embodiment of Virgo is the Priest or Priestess-the one fully dedicated to doing his or her sacred work-which has historically been centered on the ceremonies that kept humanity in balance with the cycles and systems of the Earth.

Virgo is impersonal, and has in the past been expressed as the Renunciate; one who remains apart from the middle world pleasures and pains of marriage, family, childrearing: so that they can fully focus their energies into their vital work-which serves All.

So this September lunar cycle can be understood as a time to take some breathing room from relationship focus in order to attend to our sacred work. For some of us, this means bringing great presence, kindness, and humor into our workplace, without the content of the job itself being of great importance. For us, we may want to cultivate a stronger spiritual practice to help us rise to our full capacity as healers and transformers.

Others have work of great specificity that we long to put our full energy into-whether we are artists or doctors or farmers or astrologers or what have you. We must allow ourselves the time and focus to deepen our skills and knowledge–and to design or strengthen a context where we can provide for our financial needs while practicing our craft. Many others of us are in an in-between place, unsure of what our sacred work is-we, too, need time and space to discover our soul passions.

On this New Moon, it can be good to claim our inner renunciate and withdraw from too much social and relationship responsibility so as to feed our inner well and work steadily to accomplish-or discover!–our most cherished goals and dreams. We will be powerfully assisted as we ask for guidance in designing our work so that it contributes to a healthy planet and greater human alignment with Earth cycles.

Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Pisces

Later Wednesday morning, Venus enters the sign of Scorpio, signaling a shift in the feminine energies at play for the remainder of the month. The Scorpio Goddess can be understood as the Sorceress or Shaman; one who knows who she is, has full awareness and healthy control of her emotions and instincts. She powerfully manifests what she desires, because she knows how to access and powerfully channel life force (creative/sexual) energy.

We are invited to engage Virgo’s capacity for grounded, spirit-guided work with Scorpio’s intensity and full focus. When we do so, we will be astonished by what we can accomplish. Also on Wednesday, retrograding Jupiter moves back into Pisces, joining Uranus in this sign. Jupiter will remain in Pisces until the end of January, when it moves back into Aries. With Jupiter again in the sign of Pisces, we are invited to take some time out each day for prayer, meditation, or otherwise contacting the Divine Presence for guidance and nurturance along our path.

Moon Activates Spica Conjunction-the Goddess Reclaims her Connection to Spirit

Friday the 10th look to the West just after sunset to see the crescent Moon join Venus, Mars, and Spica–all within 6 degrees of each other. The moon is conjunct Mars near midnight and conjunct Venus just before sunrise. As the celestial body closest to and most intimate with the Earth, the Moon can be understood to transmit the energies of the planets or stars it is aspecting. As both Venus and Mars prepare to move into the sign of Scorpio, we can know that the work we have done to strengthen ourselves and our relationships will help us to move more fully into our work. 

The Moon Venus conjunction specifically is also very important, as it represents the final Moon-Venus conjunction of Venus’s most recent synodic cycle-in the sign of Aries–which began on April 4, 2009, and ends November 4, 2010. Over the course of its 1 ½ year cycle, the Moon joins up with Venus 7-8 times in the morning sky before disappearing in the Underworld-a period of time where it is within 10 degrees of the Sun. Then Venus rises in the evening sky, and once again experiences 7-8 encounters with the Moon.

The ancient Sumerians have a story about the “Descent of the Goddess” that describes this journey. As the Sun Goddess Inanna (which means Venus) descends into the Underworld (her morning star journey) she passes 7 gates and releases an item of clothing at each gate. When she ascends from the Underworld, she passes again through these gates and reclaims her personal items.

Shamanic Astrology holds the insight that each of the Gates (represented by the Moon conjunctions) can be understood as a Chakra. Today, the Divine Feminine passes through the 7th gate, reclaiming her crown-or her connection to the Divine through her crown chakra. Clearly, with the activation of Spica, the Virgo New Moon Cycle, and later in the month a Moon conjunction to the Pleiades, or 7 Sisters star cluster, the Divine Feminine is profoundly activated within and without.

September 12 to 18Mercury and Pluto Station Direct

When it stations direct, Mercury is within 6 degrees of Regulus, a bright star known as the “heart of the lion” within the Lion constellation. The star and planet are visible close to each other in Monday’s early morning sky. Regulus has been understood as assisting us in moving into “heart focused” action. So as we move back into our flow of busy and full lives, it is so helpful to remember to stay centered in our hearts.

Pluto stations direct on Tuesday the 14th at 2 Capricorn 47. Over the next few months Pluto will be moving direct through Capricorn until it begins its annual retrograde cycle on April 9 at 7 Capricorn 30. This direct station can be understood as Pluto’s final contribution to the T-square energies at work in the early Cardinal, or Householder signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries. It will remain nearly stationary for the next couple of weeks-thus strongly holding the tension in its position in the T-Square.

Mars in Scorpio–Full Access to Life Force Energy

Also on Tuesday, Mars moves into Scorpio, following Venus’s entrance into that sign last week. As with Venus, we now have access to the full life force energy possessed by Scorpio-especially potent as we align our personal goals in service to the well-being of the Earth (Virgo) and an awareness of our fundamental connections to all other life forms on this planet (Pisces).

Jupiter and Uranus Major Activation

Uranus and Jupiter both have a tremendous impact in mid to late September. This week we feel the building intensity as both planets approach “perigee”–the point in their cycle where they are closest to the Earth. The exact date of this position for both will be Monday the 20th. They will contribute a great deal of energy to the Aries Full Moon and Equinox occuring next week-as they oppose the sun the day prior, and conjunct the Moon day of.

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct this Saturday the 18th-the second aspect since the first on June 8. The last conjunction will be January 24 of 2011. In the first conjunction last June, both planets were in Aries-which added to the volatile and high intensity of this aspect. Now both retrograding planets are moving back through the sign of Pisces, which adds a much needed softening to the intensity and high energy. Still, the archetypal energies of the planets themselves (Uranus and Jupiter) are dominant.

With Uranus highlighted, we can expect unpredictable, sudden events on the world stage, designed to help humanity break old habits and addictions in order to evolve in concert with the Turning of the Ages. Innovation, creativity, and breakthroughs in the realm of science, technology, and new thought are all potential outcomes. Jupiter expands all of this and can add a dimension of exuberance and optimism to the dynamic.

It is a good idea to practice grounding and quieting ourselves as we begin our days-as well as providing ourselves with physical outlets to blow off steam–so that we can utilize this gift of energy in a focused and productive way-rather than letting it scatter our efforts or overwhelm and our systems, leading to an excess of aggression, distress, or anxiety. This conjunction is a gift, if we utilize it appropriately.

September 19 to 25Autumn Equinox and Full Moon in Aries

As if last week wasn’t powerful enough-this week we experience the Equinox nearly exact with a Full Harvest Moon in Aries, conjunct Uranus and Jupiter, which are at their closest point to the Earth. Add to that the fact that the Sun squares Pluto on Saturday-which is still in a power stance, having just stationed direct, and is nearly at a stand still. It’s clear to see that the T-Square is in fact very much activated and intensified at this time-even though this month we do not have the “super aspects” of Uranus opposite Saturn and Saturn square Pluto.

The Fall Equinox occurs on Wednesday, September 22. It is followed by the Full Harvest Moon in Aries, exact at 3:17 am Thursday morning. The near-full Moon can be seen at around midnight on Wednesday at the “top of the sky” near conjunction with Jupiter (and invisible Uranus). The Aries/Libra dynamic now activated by the Full Moon is a joyful invitation-energized by Jupiter and Uranus-to take decisive, clear, and committed action toward the fruition of our goals and dreams, in concert with others.

We are finding the balance between acting autonomously and independently and seeking collaboration with others. We are learning that there is no prescribed path to follow at the Turning of the Ages-we must carve it ourselves. We must be willing to make mistakes, to stumble, and to try new approaches as we make our way through the world.

As we come into our own as agents of our own destiny-and world changers in our own right, Aries says-take risks! Be the pioneer and inventor you were born to be! Uranus and Jupiter urge us to embody our uniqueness and know we are supremely blessed as we do so.

The Autumn Equinox is a time of preparation for the winter months to come. It is a time of balance between dark and light, where the air offers the hint of crispness, and we see the beautiful trees beginning to turn colors in thier own process of release. As with the recent activation of Spica, we are invited to claim and celebrate what we have learned, created, and brought into the world over the past year. What do we wish to carry with us through the winter months to sustain us? What will we release and return to Source?

We have gained so much wisdom, clarity, and strength over these past months. It is important to celebrate and own this! So as we take focused action toward the lives and the renewed world our hearts say is oh-so-possible, we can make use of the foundation we have been building over the past year.

Sun Square Pluto–a Torch in the Darkness

On Saturday, the Sun squares Pluto, bringing new light and insight to the Pluto in Capricorn dynamic we have been experiencing since 2008. Capricorn is about the human-made rules, institutions, and structures that support a society and culture. Pluto represents the regenerative processes of the Underworld-the death and rebirth cycles that are part of Earth existance. Interestingly, the “official” begin date for our current recession has been set at December 2007–immediately preceding Pluto’s entrance into the sign of Capricorn in January 2008.

Since that time we have seen our global financial institutions falter precariously. We have seen that our political institutions’ adherence to “business as usual” is exacerbating, not addresssing our current societal and planetary crises. The Sun squaring Pluto can be seen as a “torch” in the present darkness, offering a glimpse into the heart of the disintegration process modern human societies are facing, and insight into how we can best engage with this process.

To the degree that we can accept that the changes we are experiencing are in service to humanity’s evolution and the birth of a new era, we will be empowered to act decisively in those areas where we DO have some control (Aries)–in collaboration with others (Libra). The Uranus Jupiter connection suggests that we are poised at the brink of tremendous evolutionary change. With Pisces in the picture, again, we are reminded of the power of prayer and seeking spiritual guidance on this journey.

September 26 to 31Moon in the Sacred Hoop conjunct the PleiadesTonight at about 10:00 pm we can see the waning near-full Moon about 1.5 degrees S.S.W. of the Pleiades. This will be the last of a series of conjunctions occurring since last October and the Moon will not join the Pleiades again until 2023. As it passes this mythic, beautiful star cluster, the Moon moves into a portion of the sky know to the Lakota as the “Sacred Hoop,” or Great Shining Circle.” This circle of stars is created by Procyon, Sirius, Rigel, the Pleiades, Capella, Castor, and Pollux. It holds the Galactic Cross at the Center of the circle-formed by an intersection of the Milky Way Band and the ecliptic plane.Like all stars and constellations, the Pleiades have represented different things to different cultures across time and geography. A common theme–from Pre-Columbian Central America to Ancient Greece to Northern Native America–holds that they are a group of sisters, chased by a warrior (Orion), young men, a bear… So, like the Virgin Constellation, they have represented women’s mysteries to many cultures.

With the Moon passing through the Sacred Hoop tonight, and transmitting the mysteries of the Seven Sisters, it is a powerful time for women to come together and speak their dreams, supporting each other in leading the way toward a new world culture. For men, I see the recurring theme of the “chase” of these women as symbolizing the incessant longing within the masculine for its other half in the feminine. I encourage you to court and feed your inner feminine aspects-your connection to the earth, your ability to emotionally nurture yourself, your capacity to recieve.

Sun conjunct Saturn–Continuing to Refine Relationships

On Thursday, September 30, the Sun conjuncts Saturn. The Sun joining Saturn can be understood as assisting to bring forward the new expressions of healthy human relationships-and bringing new light and insight to the process. While the intensity of August’s Venus Mars dance with Saturn in Libra has ended and we are well served to have taken a break to integrate and acknowledge our relationship work, it will continue to be a prominent undercurrent for as long as Saturn is in the sign of Libra-until October of 2012-another 2 years.

And this is a good thing. As with so much else, we cannot rush through and be “done with” these processes of change and transformation. We can take this time to peel back many layers of accumulated roles and barriers to our hearts and our authenticity.

We can continue to deepen the process of the sacred marriage-fully accepting and integrating all aspects of ourselves; as well as actively practicing ways of relating that equally honor ourselves and others. For now, let’s honor and acknowledge the new levels of awareness and empowerment we’ve currently achieved as individuals and as an interconnected global family.

And don’t forget to check my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks, and free stuff!

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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