Michael Beckwith, astrology update for the week, and more!

Have been away for the past week visiting my father, but now I’m back with some…


Rev. Michael Beckwith is hosting a free teleconference on the 21st, and here’s the access information:

Free Teleconference Call “Healing Your Relationships”
September 21, 2010
5pm PST, 8PM EST

Attendee Dial-in #: (712) 432-1001
Access Code: 430320010#
Back up access code: 469057191#

Here’s a message from Dr. Sue Morter about another free event…

“Although the four of us have well over 100 years (yes over 100!) of combined experience teaching principles of success, passion, love, happiness, self-esteem, and how to come from a place of power to literally millions of people on every continent, this call is not about us. It is about you.

When we presented this teleconference last week to Janet’s Passion Test group the appreciation people expressed was actually quite overwhelming. So we are really looking forward to offering it again and know the experience will be equally as powerful for the women who are called to be there.

Be sure to mark it on your calendar and if you want to invite your friends, forward them this link: www.SisterhooSummit.com/rsvp . We need everyone to register so we know how many lines to get. We don’t want anyone left out of this call.”

Date: Thursday, September 16th
5:30 PM Pacific, 6:30 PM Mountain, 7:30 PM Central, 8:30 PM Eastern

And here’s shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk’s update for the week…

September 12 to 18
Mercury stations direct on Sunday, September 12, though it will not move fully out of its retrograde shadow until September 27. We can begin now to move back into “middle world reality,” balancing our new intuitive skills with our logical, rational intellect, which is a very valuable ally in helping us move toward the goals our intuition guides us to discover and refine.

Mercury and Pluto Station Direct

When it stations direct, Mercury is within 6 degrees of Regulus, a bright star known as the “heart of the lion” within the Lion constellation. The star and planet are visible close to each other in Monday’s early morning sky. Regulus has been understood as assisting us in moving into “heart focused” action. So as we move back into our flow of busy and full lives, it is so helpful to remember to stay centered in our hearts.

Pluto stations direct on Tuesday the 14th at 2 Capricorn 47. Over the next few months Pluto will be moving direct through Capricorn until it begins its annual retrograde cycle on April 9 at 7 Capricorn 30. This direct station can be understood as Pluto’s final contribution to the T-square energies at work in the early Cardinal, or Householder signs of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries. It will remain nearly stationary for the next couple of weeks-thus strongly holding the tension in its position in the T-Square.

Mars in Scorpio–Full Access to Life Force Energy

Also on Tuesday, Mars moves into Scorpio, following Venus’s entrance into that sign last week. As with Venus, we now have access to the full life force energy possessed by Scorpio-especially potent as we align our personal goals in service to the well-being of the Earth (Virgo) and an awareness of our fundamental connections to all other life forms on this planet (Pisces).

Jupiter and Uranus Major Activation

Uranus and Jupiter both have a tremendous impact in mid to late September. This week we feel the building intensity as both planets approach “perigee”–the point in their cycle where they are closest to the Earth. The exact date of this position for both will be Monday the 20th. They will contribute a great deal of energy to the Aries Full Moon and Equinox occuring next week-as they oppose the sun the day prior, and conjunct the Moon day of.

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct this Saturday the 18th-the second aspect since the first on June 8. The last conjunction will be January 24 of 2011. In the first conjunction last June, both planets were in Aries-which added to the volatile and high intensity of this aspect. Now both retrograding planets are moving back through the sign of Pisces, which adds a much needed softening to the intensity and high energy. Still, the archetypal energies of the planets themselves (Uranus and Jupiter) are dominant.

With Uranus highlighted, we can expect unpredictable, sudden events on the world stage, designed to help humanity break old habits and addictions in order to evolve in concert with the Turning of the Ages. Innovation, creativity, and breakthroughs in the realm of science, technology, and new thought are all potential outcomes. Jupiter expands all of this and can add a dimension of exuberance and optimism to the dynamic.

It is a good idea to practice grounding and quieting ourselves as we begin our days-as well as providing ourselves with physical outlets to blow off steam–so that we can utilize this gift of energy in a focused and productive way-rather than letting it scatter our efforts or overwhelm and our systems, leading to an excess of aggression, distress, or anxiety. This conjunction is a gift, if we utilize it appropriately

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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