Insight into the lunar eclipse and Solstice


I just received this message from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk about the upcoming lunar eclipse and Solstice. I thought you might enjoy reading what she had to say, as well…..

Dear Friends,

As is often the case near a full Moon I tossed and turned all night last night. As has been the case for several days now, my mind has truly felt like a tyrant–I have been besieged each night by a cacophony of thoughts, and very little respite. This morning in my meditations, to honor the Super New Moon of tonight’s eclipse, I ceremonially released my addiction to my mind and its machinations. I welcomed–like the new Solstice dawn, a new relationship to the world around me. I am imagining how it feels to move through my day with gratitude, presence, and great joy. To accept fully my life as it is, to connect in an intimate and kind manner with the world surrounding me–the trees the birds, my neighbor, my too-busy life, the Moon.

I invite you to create your own ceremony of release and welcoming–these next days are a VERY potent time to do it. And regardless of whether or not you can stay up late enough to watch the eclipse, please remember that you can observe–at sunrise and sunset tomorrow–the incredible visible power of the solar/lunar opposition–as the Sun rises, the Moon sets. As the Sun sets, the Moon rises. Such is the magic of our world.

I hope your visits with family and loved ones, and celebration of rebirth and ancient celebration of the return of the Son–and Sun–brings you unbounded joy and blessings.

Much love, Tami

Tonight’s Total Lunar Eclipse promises to be a spectacular event, and will be visible across North and South America, Africa, and Europe even for city dwellers–in areas with clear skies. It occurs in the midst of the Ursid meteor showers, and just prior to the Winter Solstice. Whether you stay up to watch or simply say a prayer or meditate before sleeping then rise to greet the solstice Sun–it can be such a beautiful experience to participate in this solstice. Please also remember that you can engage with the solstice Sun each morning for the next few days, and the Super Full Moon energy of the eclipse can be experienced (and ceremonially worked with) through the next few days. The climax of tonight’s total lunar eclipse is at 1:13 MST (3:13 am EST).

The visible movement of the Earth’s shadow over the face of the Moon will last for about 3 hours–beginning at about 11:33 and ending at about 3:01 am. The Moon is darkened, into a fiery red, and as my teachers explain it, we can understand this as the opportunity to see every phase of the Moon within a 3 hour window-where it usually takes a month for this cycle to occur. The eclipse occurs about 15 hours prior to the exact moment of the Winter Solstice Tuesday the 21st at 4:48 pm MST. This is the first total lunar eclipse in 3 years, and it will be another 19 years before we experience another total lunar eclipse so close to the winter solstice.

The significance of this lunar eclipse is beyond our full understanding–but I feel it has a great deal to do with a blowout, or endpoint of society’s over-reliance on the rational, cerebral, masculine approach to life–and an opening to greater intuitive guidance, feminine consciousness, and humanity coming into greater alignment with the heartbeat of the Universe. The peak of the eclipse occurs at 29 degrees Gemini, the degree of mastery for Gemini training. It occurs just as Mercury is in the “Underworld” completing its latest 3 month cycle in Capricorn, and transforming into a new version of itself. The Moon is also at this time conjunct the South Node–which represents the areas of past mastery (and the collective shadow) of humanity.

I can imagine no greater opportunity to release, at an individual and collective level our addiction to “knowing it all”–to analyzing, and probing, and trying to manage Gaia (and our own indigenous souls!) without regard for her (or our) innate spiritual essence and aliveness. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn suggests we must release our attachment to the old rules; the rational understanding of how things “should work.” Venus at her brightest in the morning sky in the sign of Scorpio, the Goddess of intuitive and organic knowing adds to this dynamic.

The Sun at the moment of the eclipse is in Sagittarius, conjunct the North Node–or humanity’s point of greatest evolutionary growth. Over the next few days Mercury follows the Sun (last week) in squaring Jupiter, then Uranus–also suggesting we break free of the tyranny of our minds (liberating Uranus) while embracing a higher, more intuitive and inclusive vision (Sagittarius, Jupiter and Uranus). I feel this eclipse has a great deal to do with our growing capacity to integrate opposites and so embrace the dual nature of our fertile world. Modern humans have developed a culture of violence, I believe, because we are at war with the fundamental nature of the Earth experience–its duality and life death cycles.

As my teacher points out in this article, this year’s extraordinary series of Full and New Moons near the Solstice and Equinox points represents a synchronization of the two greatest symbols of duality on our planet–the Sun and the Moon. The Sabian Symbol for 29 Gemini is: The First Mockingbird of Spring. As astrologer Dane Rudhyar, articulated it–this is the creative exuberance of the human soul in response to basic life experiences. He points out that the mockingbird absorbs a diversity of sounds from its environment and weaves them together into intricate and marvelous songs.

May we all approach the new dawn after tonight–the longest night of the year-with the mockingbird’s creative exuberance, as we learn to venerate and make beautiful the chaotic chords that surround us in this rapidly changing, dying and re-birthing world–creating new songs, new visions, new life from the compost of humanity’s past.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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