Astrology update, free Qi Gong healing session and Abraham!


#1 – Here’s the latest astrological update from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk…..

Last Quarter Moon in Libra and Sun Conjunct Pluto

From tonight (Monday)’s Libra Last Quarter Moon until next Tuesday’s Capricorn New Moon we have again entered the Balsamic phase of the cycle, where we are given more opportunities for release and clearing toward a vibrant New Year. Last night the Sun and Pluto were conjunct, adding their dynamic to the next few days.

The Sun Pluto aspect offers us profound, body-level insight into the transformative processes that have been occurring under the surface of our rapidly changing lives. With the Last Quarter Moon in Libra there is a focus on relationships–experiencing and letting go of old, imbalanced habits of belief, cellular memory, and emotion in our connection to Other (yes, I know this comes up a lot, right? This is really the leading-edge work of our time, in my humble opinion!)

What a perfect moment–at the end of the holidays–to gain clarity of awareness old family /relationship patterns, so that we can shed generations-old layers of accumulated crap–and dive into the New Year feeling clear, refreshed, and renewed. This year I chose not to go to Missouri to spend Christmas with my very large and loving family but instead to stay in New Mexico to recharge my battery and enjoy days off with my partner, friends, and in the mountains.

I have felt tremendous gratitude for the simplicity of the last week, the wonderful “excuse” to take a break from my busy life. Yet when I called home Christmas Eve I experienced an old, very familiar fear–that if I allow myself to fully be present in my life away from family, I will lose my core connection to my tribe. I felt physically panicked, and recognized an instinctual, survival-based fear triggered within me.

I wondered how much of my vitality and passion are tied up in fear of abandoning and being abandoned. I have begun to imagine how it feels to appreciate each opportunity for connection wherever I am–whether I have 5 minutes on the phone with my sister, an afternoon with my partner and his boys, time alone on my meditation cushion, connecting to Spirit, within and without.

I release old habitual fears and in its place welcome trust and an open heart. I trust that I am exactly where I need to be. I trust that my family will be fine in my absence, and that my next visit will renew connections in heart-full, enduring ways.

Mars Square Saturn

The Sacred Masculine (Mars), currently in its Leo cycle, has been undergoing a profound initiation in the past few weeks–entering the Underworld, joining up with Pluto, and now Saturn. Though the Sacred Masculine is experienced by all of us–men and women alike–I’ve been noticing patterns in the lives of men around me. During these times of such great change and restructuring, men face very specific challenges-and tremendous opportunities for healing.

From childhood boys are taught that it is good to be strong, capable, fearless, invulnerable. Yet in times of great change, the qualities of adaptability, openness, ability to acknowledge weaknesses, capacity for healing connections–these are the approaches that work. A supportive circle of friends and loved ones–not just a rigid nuclear unit–create much needed resilience and safe places to seek support outside of just one primary (often overburdened) relationship.

I have noticed that at this time, when men take two common approaches to challenges in their lives–struggling against or trying to “fix” all that is shifting around them OR checking out because they feel helpless and scared and afraid to change–they experience tremendous resistance from partners, from family–and most of all, from life itself.

Men who are opening up and seeking support from other men, who are acknowledging that they too have limits and vulnerabilities–who are willing to be in the flow of change–are experiencing tremendous healing and awakening to greater joy and aliveness than they had thought possible. And this is a beautiful thing, because this world needs men who are in touch with their core aliveness, authentic strength and vulnerability.

Mercury Stations Direct

Early Thursday morning (oh glorious day!) Mercury stations direct. The days surrounding a Mercury direct station tend to feel suspended, and intensely dreamy. It’s a great time to really assess the mind-blowing experiences we’ve had over the past few weeks, and where our comfortable ideas and paradigms have been re-oriented. What has burst open our minds in the past few weeks? What has our intuition opened up in and for us?

It will take a few days for our world to settle back into something resembling “normal”–i.e., fewer communication issues and technical difficulties. So  we do well to take advantage of a few more days of “time out of time” to tune into our inner soulfulness, and be grounded in our bodies and the present moment–before shifting back into “go mode.”

Venus Conjunct Moon at 2nd Gate (6th Chakra)

With our minds freshly opened to the intuitive realm over the past few weeks of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, on Thursday we are now invited to take it to the next level–as the Scorpio Goddess (Venus) passes through the 2nd Gate on her long descent into the Underworld. This can be understood as representing the 6th Chakra, where she releases all that stands in the way of full access to her inner voice, her intuition.  This is represented by the Moon Venus conjunction that takes place at 6:11 am MST Thursday morning–when the waning crescent Moon can be seen near Venus in the early morning sky.

Do we design our lives in such a way that we have the opportunity to hear the “still small voice” of our intuition? For myself, I have noticed that too much time in front of the computer, too little time in nature, too many deadlines on top of each other, a habit of going to bed late–and thus waking too late for spiritual practice–all these things cloud my capacity to hear my inner voice. I am always amazed by how differently I feel when I take just 10 minutes for stillness in the morning. It can be the difference between experiencing the flow of my life, and waking at 4:00 in the morning to a sensation in the pit of my stomach that something is off kilter.

New Years Liberation and Celebration

So this New Years, in the midst of our most exuberant celebrations, we can envision burning off, happily throwing aside–all the fears that no longer serve us, all the habits that have needlessly trapped us, the ancestral burdens that have cramped our freedom-loving spirits-even as we welcome this new year of growth, renewal, love and light for ourselves, our loved ones, our human family, and beautiful Mama Earth.

#2 – Qi Gong master and energy healer Michael Mohoric is offering another one of his free distance healing sessions this coming Sunday. What a great way to start off the new year! The main healing session is 1/2 at 7pm PST (10pm EST). Details from Michael follow…

You can join this free distant energy healing session by using your intention to be included. If you wish to join, just close your eyes for a minute when you read this and mentally say that you intend to join the session and want to be included. That is all you have to do to connect with the energy and you don’t have to do anything else. Healing energy can begin to flow to you once you do this as many people who have done this before have reported. There will be unscheduled daily energy adjustments leading up to the main session and you can receive a lot of healing energy before the main session on Jan. 2.

You can include other people by following the instructions later in this newsletter. For those in other countries you can search for a World Time Clock to convert the time; Use Los Angeles as the originating city. You can also use this to convert other US cities.

For those who want to know more about this work you can read my website . I was the past Secretary of the International Tibetan Qigong Association and found I had a gift for distant energy healing after recovering from a serious spinal cord injury.

#3 – And here’s a short, but “pith-y,” quote from Abraham…

“We didn’t say, when you feel good you are allowing good, and when you feel bad you are allowing bad (although it may translate into your experience in that way). There is only a Source of Well-being–which you are allowing or not.”— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

Also check out my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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