Further insight into current astrology alignments, plus FREE subliminal recordings!


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#3 – And finally, here’s shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk’s take on the current and upcoming astrological events (see the previous post for even more insight into current cosmic happenings)…

January 4 to 8

New Moon in Capricorn and 2011 Intentions

We are still in the window of yesterday’s New Moon in Capricorn, and this week is a magical time to deepen and refine our intentions for 2011.  

I’m traveling for the next two weeks and stayed over at a friend’s house yesterday. Over tea last night we began a lively and energizing conversation about 2011 intentions–which flowed into a celebration of all our growth and accomplishments through the past year.  Yet somehow, we veered off into the subject of U.S. politics and quickly, spiraled into a familiar, depressing overview of all that is wrong in our world.

We stayed up late and I awoke this morning with the visceral experience of a hangover-groggy, low energy, and anxious. My friend had shared her New Year’s intention of fasting from “negative news”–as she feels it is a kind of addiction for her–and I suddenly knew what exactly she meant. This morning I have been struck by the realization of how vital it is to take responsibility for our thoughts and words, and approach the world as empowered co-creators–rather than victims in a game that is rigged by those more powerful than ourselves.

We can no longer afford to get caught up in negative, abstract, and dis-empowered thoughts and conversation about events and circumstances that fall outside of our direct control. Instead, we can become empowered and active in those areas where we DO have influence.

We are called upon at this time to become warriors–of consciousness, of heart, of presence, and of imagination. This means being strategic and conscious about how we use our energetic, financial, emotional, and intellectual resources. This means, again, shifting from our fearful, chattering monkey minds to our intuition, hearts, and right action.

When we are alone, can we learn to sit in stillness, to allow space for Spirit to move into our being, and heal our anxiety? Can we learn, when we are with loved others, to be fully present–to speak words that connect us, and to honor the gift of our shared moments together? 

The Great Awakening–Final Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

Yesterday Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct for the 3rd and final time since June of last year. This is the big aspect of the month. Our thoughts and actions have TREMENDOUS power at this time. As we get centered and activate the many tools of spiritual awakening available to us, we experience great relief, energy, support for our journey, and breakthroughs to shift into our personal power at an accelerated rate.

A great deal of energy and vitality are available to us at this time. We can look around and acknowledge all that is well in our lives. We can be small, simple, yet powerful at the same time. We can be gentle with our hearts and the hearts of others.  Easy does it. We can know that we are surrounded by love and support beyond imagining as we continue the courageous work of releasing addiction to scarcity, fear, and victim consciousness. This is not always easy but we are on the path, and so much is shifting within and without.

 Sun Square Saturn

It is so important at this time to look ahead, to continue releasing old patterns from the past that no longer serve us, and to keep moving forward toward what energizes and inspires us. We don’t need to have all the answers and we don’t need to “fix” the world or our own lives. So much healing, clearing, and balance naturally occur when we become conscious of our process and present to the moment.

We can and will “screw up” and fall down. What is important is to use these moments of clarity as fuel to propel us toward lives of integrity with our deepest values and aspirations. As we get up and dust ourselves off, we are assisted by Spirit, by the angels, by our loving ancestors–it is so important to remember that we are loved beyond measure, and supported on our journey.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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