Great Jo Dunning offer & free giveaway extravaganza! Wowie!

PICKS OF THE DAY: I’m so excited because I have what I think are two really great things to pass along today. The first has to do with an offer from Jo Dunning, a leading edge visionary and energy worker. The other is an amazing giveway where you can get literally hundreds of free products and services having to do with personal development. DON’T miss out on these opportunities!

#1 – As an unprecedented New Year’s gift to the world, Jo Dunning will be offering the very powerful Activations of Awakening free of charge. These Activations are so valuable and life-changing that for years thousands of people have paid a high fee just to receive them. This is Jo’s way of assisting everyone in living more prosperous, loving, joyful lives. The Activations will be offered in a webinar workshop so that people anywhere can participate. I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer! Visit to register before 1/18.

#2 – The 5th annual Self Improvement Giveaway started Jan. 6th and runs through the 27th. This is the biggest extravaganza of its kind;you can get literally hundreds of free products and services, including the new 2011 expanded version of my Free Stuff Guide offered on the All One Together website. So be sure to get your copy, and whatever else strikes your fancy, by visiting this link:

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And visit my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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