Christian Pankhurst’s Accelerated Awakening, plus the Pisces new moon and other cosmic happenings


#1 – Dr Christian Pankhurst, D.C., winner of Britain’s Next Top Coach, is launching Accelerated Awakening Online Coaching Experience and offering a free on-line course called Removing the Resistance, available starting 3/3, about following your heart’s purpose, improving your manifesting powers and more.

#2 – Plenty of cosmic energies at play right now. First there’s the new moon in Pisces (see the following articles from by Simone Butler and Dana Gerhardt) and then Uranus in Aries, plus other goings on (see information from Chris Flisher)…

Pisces New Moon:The Ninth Wave
by Simone Butler

A 30 million ton block of ice explodes off a glacier like a bomb, as a devastating earthquake rocks New Zealand. Thirty thousand people gather at nationwide rallies to “Save the American Dream,” and police join protestors at a Wisconsin sit-in. Japan finally bows to pressure to stop its ghastly whaling practices. A newly discovered underwater temple to Isis near Alexandria, Egypt reveals breathtaking artifacts.

What do these events have in common? They’ve stirred the collective consciousness, bringing previously hidden issues to light and, in some cases, sparking needed change. All occurred as Mercury (thinking) and Mars (action) joined the Sun (life force), Chiron (wounds/healing) and Uranus (disruption) in emotional Pisces.

Change-agent Uranus, now in the final phase of its seven-year tour of Pisces, is bringing long-overdue attention to the oceans and their inhabitants. Rock star Sting, on his recent trip to Asia, spoke out in favor of Ric O’Barry’s efforts to stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan. The former Police front-man told O’Barry to stay optimistic, assuring him that word was getting out about the dolphins’ plight, as well as the overfishing and depletion of the oceans.

“We only evolve as a species when we are in a crisis,” said Sting.

At the upcoming March 4 Pisces New Moon (12:46 p.m. PST), Luna adds emotional oomph to the planetary line-up in Pisces. With six planets in the sign of the Fish, this New Moon is an unprecedented opportunity to dive deep into your own unconscious and ask, “What’s next?” If you’re feeling restless, at loose ends— like something big is about to happen, but you’re not sure what— then take time out to be quiet and tune in at this New Moon. What is wanted and needed in your life and the world?

On March 9, we enter the Ninth (and final) Wave of the Mayan Calendar. According to Mayan scholar Carl Calleman, this initiates a period of unified consciousness, in which we’ll have the opportunity to step into our highest role in serving the Divine Plan. At this precarious turning point, with old systems crashing down and Piscean fog swirling around us, we can either choose to go with the flow or risk succumbing to fear and confusion. Remember that crisis precedes new birth— and keep breathing!

Adding momentum, Uranus charges into Aries on March 11, catalyzing a dynamic seven-year period that intensifies our collective freedom urge. This revolutionary cycle ushers in brilliant technological advances, breakthroughs in consciousness, increased humanitarian efforts and the rapid destruction of outdated systems— especially as Uranus squares Pluto this summer through 2012 (more on that later). Stay centered in your heart during this accelerated time, and don’t let your mind spin out of control. Let this fresh, exciting Uranus/Aries energy burn away the past and carry you into the future.

The Pisces New Moon is the ideal time to heal the past and envision the future. On March 4, if possible, make a pilgrimage to the ocean or a lake and let your intuitive voice speak to you. Or, create a treasure map of what your heart longs for, and visualize it into being.

Pisces New Moon: Call and Response
by Dana Gerhardt

It’s another new moon: when the magically minded make wishes and astrologers attempt to divine this cycle’s intentions. But fates are personal. Even if a new moon chart could be forced to describe them all, no single astrologer could tell that many stories. The wishes you make now may indeed be super-powered, but if you don’t have a strong relationship with the archetypes, don’t expect special favors. If you rarely sip tea with your quirky neighborhood psychic, don’t expect her to throw rings of protection around your house. New Moons are potent times to forge alliances with the gods. Visit the invisible world. Bow and open yourself to their touch. Make an offering. Humans have been rendezvousing with these archetypes for thousands of years. When you call out to the gods, they do respond!

Calling Pisces

Pisces plays the mandolin and wears sky blue shirts that smell like lavender or sometimes roses. When he visits, you might hear snow melting. Tulips and daffodils poke their heads above ground to greet him, while starlings dream of their future: finding a soul mate, nest-building, teaching their young to fly. Pisces’ mother used to worry about him. He’d spend long hours alone in his room. Whenever she pressed her ear to the door, holding a bowl of soup or grilled cheese sandwiches, she would hear strange voices, sometimes sobbing, maybe a violin, or a trilling bird. One year he drew a thousand portraits of clouds. Next year he took up face painting, until every kid in the neighborhood had become twelve fantastic animals. The year after that he spoke just one word: “Ah.” He studied poetry and took long naps in college. Later he tried the corporate world, but missed too many meetings. One day he kidnapped the shipping department and took them to a matinee just before Fed-Ex arrived.

Pisces says that life’s too short and there’s important non-work to do. “Each day listen to your desires and follow them exclusively. That’s the wisdom of flow.” I’m suspicious: “How would anything get done?” His eyes grow wide and mirthful, as if to say “You’ll see when you finally try it!” I’d like to, for when I spend time with Pisces, my worries exhaust into a peaceful sigh, like petals releasing from a tired rose. At night Pisces tells me to sit in a dark room with a single candle for at least two hours. If I stay there long enough, I don’t know who I am anymore. Yet my heart grows as big as the world.

Let your heart likewise expand this cycle. Let your imagination run free. Business can take care of itself. The cherry trees are in bloom. You might be yearning for a little poetry or the delicious escape of a movie marathon. You may get lost in the sound of a symphony or the gentle touch of silk. Can you let yourself drift and dream? Soon enough the Equinox will be calling you to action. Next month brings the Warrior’s New Moon. Prepare now by first drawing closer to your soul.

If you stir dirt into a glass of water, it gets murky. But if the glass sits for awhile, the dirt will settle and the water will clear. Something similar happens to the mind in meditation, which is another fine way to meet this New Moon. Sit. Come to stillness. Wait at Pisces’ door like an initiate at the gates of a great teacher. Without expectations, enter the void. This is the end of the zodiac; all signs are contained within it. Perhaps you can sense this, how harmoniously Pisces holds everything and dissolves everything, how this readies us for the Aries adventures to come.

Of course, no matter how dreamy we might like our lives to be, there’s always some unpleasantness. Sure as there are fairies making everything right, there are complainers making everything wrong. How do we respond? Pisces can inspire our most saintly self—or our most victimized. When you’re unconscious of its gifts, Pisces will make you whine: “Poor me!” or “Why me?” Remember that unhappy dinner last night? Maybe the sesame chicken was too dry. Maybe the salad dressing was bottled instead of fresh. Or maybe your dinner date never showed up. Pisces only wants you to understand that everything was just perfect.

Pisces’ Response

Waiting for Pisces to appear is the fun part. No way can I predict his costume. But if you find yourself wandering into rooms for reasons you forgot, if you feel the urge to float for hours in the bathtub, or to take a long drive to nowhere, Pisces may be present, trying to get you to pause, listen, and come into this moment, where he promises you’ll find everything. Pay attention to your nightly dreams. Listen to your daytime fantasies. These are the expressions of your soul. Can you read their language? In the weeks ahead, you might find yourself suddenly weeping, overwhelmed with compassion, for the orphans in Kabul, the Libyan widow, the bankrupt yoga teacher, or the tense soldier prowling volatile streets on the other side of the world. This cycle may we all find, on our fragile spinning globe some grace, some power, the hand of sweet guidance. Call it faith or hope; both belong to Pisces. And let’s join with Swami Beyondananda in his prayer to the hot dog vendor:  “Make me one with everything.” 

Electricity is really just organized lightning.George Carlin
Uranus in Aries ~ by Chris Flisher © 2011

 Electricity is on its way!  On March 11th, the mighty distant planet, Uranus, will enter Aries for the first time in 84 years.  The last time Uranus was at zero degrees Aries, it was 1927 and the United States stood on the brink of the single most significant social upheaval of our brief history; the Great Depression.  Despite the ominous nature of this event and its strikingly similarities to the world today, we cannot assume that the results will be the same. The theme of finances, however, will be present, just as it was in 1927.  Themes do re-occur, the outcomes do not.  That is an incredibly important distinction.  Themes do recur, the outcomes do not.  This is how astrology can be an incredibly useful tool.  Since we know the times are ripe for this type of an event, we can prepare ourselves accordingly.  The largest question; the elephant in the room; is what happens?

Uranus is the planet that rules revolution, rebellion, innovation, invention and all sudden and out-of-the-blue types of events. Aries, by the same token is the sign of new beginnings.  It is the actual beginning of the zodiacal cycle and it is known for brash, pioneering, impulsivity with a tinge of blind heroism.  So when we combine these two energies and themes what are we likely to get? We are likely to get a seven-year electric storm where we will witness the boldest, most innovative inventions, rebellions and re-boots of the highest order.  What does this all mean?

If we look back to the last time in 1927 when this occurred we see the United States on the brink of economic collapse.  In just two short years after Uranus entered Aries the US entered into the Great Depression of 1929.  With all the turmoil in the financial markets lately we could easily jump to the same conclusions.  And yet, I am cautious to take that stance, simply because much of the damage has already occurred.  The financial institutions of the country having already collapsed and there has been much reorganization in the last two years.  Is it possible that the opposite unfolds?  Perhaps the work of the past two years has reinforced our systems to the point where recovery becomes the out-of-the-blue Uranian event.  We don’t know, but that theme will definitely be one of many topics.

The recent overthrow of several countries clearly illustrates the impending pressure of Uranus leaving Pisces behind as it enters Aries.  The added tension of an opposing Saturn has precipitated these events and perhaps paved the way for a bold recovery.  Out of the ashes, rises the phoenix.  Listen as I speak to Susan Miller about this topic as she appears on my radio show on March 5th.

And here’s Chris’ week by week “Cliff Notes” on the cosmic happenings in March…

Week of March 7th
March often rolls in with a blustery roar. This month will be no exception as Mars, the ruler of impulsive Aries, runs through Pisces.   We will find the Sun firmly in the middle of Pisces joined by this great motivator of Mars.  Mars brings a sense of urgency to the world as budgets and deadlines become more apparent.  Ambition and drive are key words and rightfully so as Saturn in Libra holds the world in a delicate balance as it moves closer to an opposition with its mighty counterpart, Jupiter currently in Aries.  When these two face each other we witness an encounter of opposing views.  Expansion and responsibility come to face each other in a dialog of necessity versus restraint.  Often we find a compromise that satisfies the demands of each force.  Uranus sits right on the edge of Pisces saying goodbye for the next 84 years.

Week of March 14th
Uranus, the mighty planet of revolution, rebellion, and innovation enters Aries, the sign of new beginnings, for the first time since 1927.  Joined by Jupiter, also in Aries, this signifies a dramatic new beginning of the highest order.  We may be witness to huge sweeping shifts in power and direction.  The great wheel of the world is squeaking and the grease needs to be applied.  Uranus will dominate the conversation for the next seven years as it moves through Aries.  We can expect to see dramatic discoveries and powerful restructuring of the global community as the major players take on new roles in character and demeanor.  We may have to endure a bold break with habits in order to fulfill this shift.  Mercury will bring a decided charge as the dialog becomes especially dramatic.  

Week of March 21st
The Sun enters Aries this week and will be joined by Uranus in the early degrees of this pioneering sign.  An unusual dialog can be expected as the dynamism of Uranus brings a sense of revolution to the table.  Uranus always delivers the new and unexpected with out-of-the-blue moments of revelation and exposure.  Meanwhile, Jupiter will be facing off directly opposing Saturn as a conversation of compromise begins to unfold.  Expansion versus restraint will be the topic and Mercury will add a distinctively mischievous tinge to the conversation.  Another conversation will be occurring as Venus and Neptune pair up together in the late degrees of Aquarius and request global harmony and sharing of resources.  These times are extremely dramatic and shape-changing. 

Week of March 28th
A surreal mystical dialog will be unfolding as Neptune, the planet of dreams pairs up with Venus and the Moon in the late degrees of Aquarius.  Another huge planetary event waits in the wings as Neptune will enter Pisces in the next few weeks for the first time since 1843.  We can expect a time of renewed spiritualism and discovery.  These are some of the most profound astrological events to take places in centuries.  Any time major planets shift into new signs we have a powerful response and shift.  These are necessary and significant changes.  Venus and the Moon will flavor the dialog for the remainder of the week before they move on, but Neptune’s influence will begin to be felt in the coming years and life will be very different, soon enough.
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