More on the Pisces new moon & current astrological happenings


Yesterday ‘s post included information on the Pisces New Moon and other current astrological happenings. Here is shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk’ s take on things; she adds even further insight and understanding to the perspectives given in the previous post’s articles…

New Moon in Pisces 

The New Moon is exact today (Friday) at 1:36 pm. At this time, Uranus, Mercury, Mars, Chiron, and of course both the Sun and Moon are ALL in the sign of Pisces. The dynamic will have changed dramatically by the next New Moon on April 3rd. By that date we will have an even more pronounced lineup of planets in Aries–Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, of course the Sun and Moon, and most importantly–Uranus.

This New Moon in Pisces can be experienced as a grace point, a respite and space for communion with Spirit in All Things—as we approach a very different period–of tremendous, quick-paced, large-scale change and new beginnings. I will write more of this in weeks to come.

I have been reminded by the writings of other astrologers and the feedback from friends that Pisces can also be about endings, the “graduation point” at the end of the Zodiac. We have all been on a path of spiritual maturation, and as we approach the end of one cycle (from Pisces to Aries) we are also in a process of dissolution–which can be seen as a death process. For many of us, it is a death to our old ways of being in the world.

And yet for many others it is is literal. Many people are passing from this world, and many others are experiencing a breakdown of their capacity to function as powerfully in the physical dimension as they are accustomed, due to injury, illness, or the age process.   

For individuals experiencing these breakdowns, as well as their loved ones who are assisting them as midwives in the process, there comes a point where the capacity for a breaking open of the heart, or a powerful new connection to Spirit are possible. My prayer is that more and more of those who experience these initiations have the support needed to pass through with grace and as much ease as possible.   

Yet Pisces is not only about spiritual growth through loss. I have a strong dose of Neptune (which acts like Pisces) in a chart otherwise dominated by lots of fire and air (Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries). It empowers the part of me that is softer, more empathic, and most capable of merging with the Divine. This part of me holds a sometimes overwhelming, loving emotional appreciation for and connection to my global human family and the  the Earth as living being.

Within the 3 day window of this Pisces New Moon we do well to allow ourselves time off–a couple of hours, an entire day if we can swing it–to experience the gifts of the Pisces dimension. We may need this space to integrate loss and accept Divine support, or we may need this space to dream, and experience connection to to our deepest inner core and to loved ones..

Sleep in, savor physical connection with your partner (or yourself!) take a long, leisurely walk, a long soak in the tub, muse on your dreams. We will all be busy and active soon enough. Now is the time to allow our visionary, dreamy selves to take the forefront–and see what inspired New Moon intentions bubble to the surface.

North Node in Sagittarius at Galactic Center

For almost two years, the North Node has been moving through the sign of Capricorn. For the past few days it has been hovering near the point of the Winter Solstice–0 Capricorn. It is also very close to the location of Galactic Center.   

That makes this New Moon even more extraordinary, and it does seem that every New and Full Moon since the fall have been marked by exceptional aligned events like this one.

The North Node has to do with the collective destiny point–where we are headed, what we are aiming for. So now we are shifting from a focus on the new rules and a progressive revision of the “operating manual” of life on Earth, into a period of seeking spiritual truth, and the higher, optimistic, future oriented vision for humanity.  

These past weeks, perhaps due to the combination of Pisces and activation of Chiron, I have met with a number of people, who have devoted their lives to positive change–individuals I would consider my edlers. They have confessed profound grief for the slow pace of humanity in waking up and taking steps to ensure a future worth living for the grandchildren. It seems that sharing this grief with others is tremendously important.  

Sagittarius asks us to focus our attention on the positive, the visionary, the potential, and to be willing to hope again. It is my opinion that at this time the challenge is not closed doors but rather the fact that SO MANY are opening at once–we have to be very alert and grounded in order to tune into and take our OWN place within all the unfolding changes.  

We do not know what the outcome will be. We are aware of the possibility of failure but we do not get stuck there. We act as if–and we feel in our bones the approaching Aries flame of new beginnings, and center ourselves in spiritual practice and in our hearts as we prepare to jump into the fray.   


Venus in Aquarius   

This week, Venus moved from the sign of Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius. The Scorpio Sacred Feminine has just removed her breastplate at the 4th Chakra as she continues her initiatory descent into the Underworld.  For the next month she moves through Aquarius, and experiences a measure of clear, detached awareness of her situation.

We may otherwise feel deeply absorbed in feeling everything and experiencing tremendous sensitivity with so many planets still in the sign of Pisces (Uranus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, and Chiron). Added to this, we may feel a kind of raw personal vulnerability as Monday’s Venus/Moon conjunction represented the Sacred Feminine passing through the 4th Gate/Chakra, and stripping away the armor around her heart on her initiatory descent into the Underworld.

It is appropriate and positive at this time to feel what we are feeling, and to become fully immersed in the flow of life. Yet sometimes we must come up for air, must remove ourselves, and create spaciousness to refresh our perspective and see our lives from the “witness” stance. All of us require this kind of respite from the density and intensity of life on Earth at this time of great change.  Aquarius, which both Venus and Neptune are currently passing through, gives us a blessed dose of that.   

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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