More on Uranus in Aries & free Spiritual Path to Money tele-summit!


#1 – I just received this invitation from Colin Tipping of Radical Forgiveness to the free Spiritual Path to Money Tele-summit and thought you should know about it, as well. Here’s what Colin had to say…

“Today, I would like to talk to you about money, as it has the potential to have a massive impact on our lives, either positively or negatively. Issues around money, or more specifically, lack of it, probably affect the majority of people around the world.

Whereas, if you’re a spiritual person, it can bring up a whole heap of other ‘stuff’ too. To many people, even just the words ‘spirituality’ & ‘money’ don’t belong in the same sentence, or they can certainly trigger all kinds of deeply buried away feelings.

So how about you… what does money mean to you? How would your life be different if you had more of it?

To me, money = freedom

Freedom to choose!

If you had more money, how would you choose to spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Where would you go? What experiences would you have?

If you had more financial freedom, how would you make a living? Would you be working for someone else or would you be living your purpose? How would you like to contribute to the world?

What else might having more money offer you? Peace of mind? Security? Relief? Ease? Comfort? Empowerment? Support for others?

Are you willing to believe that the path to having more money is a spiritual one? That maybe releasing our blocks to abundance & to living our dreams is part of our soul’s journey? That it’s all part of the healing dance we do whilst here in human form?

If so, & if you’re ready to take the next step on that magical journey to freedom, then please join me on the FREE Spiritual Path to Money Tele-summit!

Myself, & 17 other inspirational leaders in our fields, will be sharing powerful content throughout each & every call, to help you to transform your energy around money, in order to empower you to:

1. Overcome your blocks to money so that you can open up to the flow of prosperity;

2. Develop a wealthy state of being & attract more of what you want;

3. Make money whilst making a difference.

You will be able to access these wonderful interviews for FREE from the comfort of your own home, live via telephone or webcast, or by listening to the replay online for 48 hours after the event. So it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you too can receive this enormous gift of healing & transformation in your own time, your own way.

So sign up now for FREE to join me on the Spiritual Path to Money – to grow your spirituality & your bank account!”

11/27/13: This event does not seem to be active anymore, so I have deactivated the sign up link above.

#2 – Pick #2 is this article from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk about the transit of Uranus into the sign of Aries…

“I have waited until the last minute yet again-as I write, Uranus is moving into the sign of Aries! I have been reflecting and overwhelmed by the significance of this planetary shift-in the wake of all the dramatic world events over the past several weeks, as well as the crisis unfolding in Japan over the past 24 hours.

I can’t imagine a more archetypally stunning example of Uranus (Uranium) moving into the volatile sign of Aries than the Earthquake in Japan which unleashed radiation from a nuclear power plant just hours ago. I feel this is such a powerful signal–much as the Gulf Oil Spill was when Uranus dipped briefly into Aries last spring–that we must change the game in our way of generating energy.

We are so connected at this time.  Let us hold the light of compassion and for the people of Japan, even as we remain grounded and awake for the many shifts and changes in our own worlds and those of our loved ones.

Uranus in Aries

Today (Friday), Uranus moves from the sign of Pisces-where it has been for the past seven years, into Aries-where it will remain for the next 8 years. This represents the beginning of a new Uranus cycle as the planet will have just completed a full 84 year cycle from Aries to Pisces. This enormous shift comes at a time when we are extremely sensitive and empathically attuned to the Collective-thanks to all the Piscean energies that have been (and continue to be) activated over the past month.

So let’s look at this Uranus in Aries shift. Uranus operates from the dimension of Spirit. It can show up as a force much like lightning-sudden, dramatic, unpredictable.  It can set our world-and individual lives-on fire. It has the capacity to awaken us into greater states of awareness. It has a revolutionary edge. It is the Promethean Liberator, creating space for the highest, most egalitarian ideals for human culture. It awakens the Avatar, seeking the highest perspective, the most expanded conscious awareness.

Aries is the energy of new beginnings. When we run Aries energy we explore the adventure of being an individual, of coming from a place of Beginner’s Mind. We are trying everything for the first time, and there is an innocence and vulnerability to this. Aries is act first, think later. It is spontaneous and impulsive, learning from experience. Aries is NOT-tied down to old expectation, overly reflective, concerned with consequences, empathically attuned to others’ needs.

When we run Aries energy we see things in black and white, we are encountering duality from a very pure place. We are learning to say-I like this, I don’t like that. I believe this, I don’t believe that. We are truly authentic, and thus possess a great deal of personal power. Ultimately we are looking for a cause and a mission that ignites our passion and full-hearted commitment. We need something to pour all of our action and abundant energy into.

On the World Stage

So how might Uranus in Aries show up on the World Stage?  I looked back at major world events spanning the last Uranus in Aries cycle for a clue.  The last time Uranus was in Aries was in 1927. This was a year of technological breakthroughs-the advent of television and the first films with sound. The Model A automobile was invented after 19 years of the Model T, and Charles Lindberg made his first solo transatlantic flight.

There were also a series of major natural disasters including the Great Mississippi Flood, the greatest national disaster in U.S. history at that time, an 8.6 Earthquake in China which killed 200,000, and the Okochobee Hurricane which killed at least 2500 people in Florida. I think it is important to note as well that Pluto and Uranus are also within several degrees of a square to each other, which has also intensifies the Uranian dimension. Of course also, Jupiter is near conjunction with Uranus, amplifying its effect.

On a Personal Level

We feel the intensely electrical energy that is activated at this time. We may experience a mixture of exuberance and excitement, with a thread of anxiety pulsing underneath. My partner and I have noticed that we are exceptionally reactive, and sensitive to the others’ reactions.

Uranus and Aries both energize our desire for autonomy, freedom, and authenticity. We just want to be “free to be me.” The shadow side of both energies is a complete lack of empathy. Luckily, we can still tune into Pisces energy and Uranian objective awareness. So my partner and I have been able to observe and defuse the tension that arises when we both just want to react in the moment from our instincts, and not have to care so much about the feelings of the other.

On the very positive side, I have noticed that when we both make a space for the others’ more authentic, less conditioned way of being and reacting, we are having a lot more fun, feeling more playful, and a really beautiful innocent way of loving and relating emerge. We can explore newness and joy in our relationships as we become more free to be spontaneous and true to the spirited child that lives within all of us.

The Potential for a Breakthrough

The beauty of Uranus in Aries, as I see it, is that it represents a radical “reset” opportunity where we can consciously choose to break from the patterns of the past, and embrace an entirely new, innovative way of being. This past month has been a powerful time for clearing and releasing our old baggage, our old pain and wounding. So much is being lifted from us at this time, naturally without our conscious awareness. In the dimension of Spirit, we have been working very hard! This is all preparation for the breakthrough that each of us-and indeed our very planet-longs for!

Uranus in Aries guarantees that we will be experiencing unpredictable events that shatter and break apart the old orders and hierarchies.  We cannot predict or control what is happening around us. As with all beginnings, we are surrounded by fertile chaos. Of course we also see how fiercely the old Order is focusing all its resources toward consolidating and maintaining power.

The best way to approach what is happening is by cultivating beginners mind, taking each day as a new adventure. Tuning into the higher spiritual dimension of the change occurring around us, always asking-how does this event/feeling/experience help me become more liberated, more authentic, more in love with life? How does this experience help me free myself from my prison of: trying to control events by worrying; carrying old wounding into new situations where they don’t belong?

Perhaps the highest alchemy represented by Uranus in Aries is of the Spiritual Warrior. We cultivate the focused presence of an Aries warrior, the capacity to act spontaneous in the midst of overwhelming events, led by our intuitive guidance system, and our higher selves. We are courageous enough to face our own projections, and we are unafraid to live from our place of deepest authenticity and passion. We claim responsibility for our lives and the color and aliveness of our daily experience.

Much fear can be stirred up by the high energy of the Uranus in Aries dynamic-yet there is so much aliveness, so much potential for new breakthroughs in technology, in ways of relating to each other, in restructuring systems of governance, and collective power. I have long felt that we live in a time where we can learn to balance the empowerment and actualization of the individual (Aries) with the needs (and highest aspirations) of the many (Aquarius).  It is our time, as Spiritual Warriors passionately committed to clearing the way for creation of a New Earth.”

(Tami’s site is

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And be sure to check out my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks, and free stuff!

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