Circle of Sound Global Harmonization Cermony

The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation


Global Harmonization Ceremony Sunday, 20th of March – Equinox

 World Circle

Join us and the rest of the world-wide family of  Circle of Sound  While we all play our crystal bowls and concentrate together on    

Harmony …  Acceptance… Unity…  Joy….  Compassion…Among All Beings Of The Planet  

The Circle of Sound will share the Global Harmonization Ceremony again this Equinox, the 20th of March, with people around the world. Circle of Sound is a global family of people using the sacred sounds of crystal singing bowls and didgeridoos to amplify the power of our united consciousness. We will all be uniting in thought as we focus on the intentions of Harmony, Acceptance, Unity, Joy and Compassion among all beings of the planet. Everyone everywhere is invited to join us, whether you have a crystal bowl or not. The main ingredients to participate  in the ceremony are your thoughts and heart.  

Through the Power of Synergy we have an unprecedented opportunity to expand the good!     

Circle of Sound is part of the global movement to manifest Peace and Harmony on this wonderful Earth.  May Peace And Joy Prevail  Everywhere. 

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