Dealing with fear & radiation, source for potassium iodide, help for Japan, astrological update and more

Hello Everyone,

I feel that this may be my most important post to date. With everything happening in the world right now it’s obvious that the evolutionary process has been cranked up to what would seem to be an overwhelming level. The way the media focuses on and presents current events and images serves to feed our fears and insecurities in a big way. It is a time to walk that fine line between being informed, but always being led by our inner guidance so that we are acting from a place of love, rather than re-acting out of fear. These are awesome and terrifying times, and Spirit is calling on us to step up to the plate and walk our talk. This can be a time of miracles or mayhem, depending on our state of consciousness and degree of mindfulness. If we ever needed to hold to the truth of who we really are and focus our thoughts and emotions on the highest and best we can imagine/envision, it’s NOW.

And so I am including a number of things in this post that I feel will inform, support and inspire whoever happens to read this during this accelerated time of change. I hope you find the following information and links useful.

#1- For those of you interested in strengthening and protecting your body during these changing times, Mike Adam’s at has put together information and products specifically designed to address current concerns of radiation, etc. He is also updating the information about the availability of certain products as often as possible. Go to:  Natural News estore

Also, I just heard from that they are one of the very few places to have potassium iodide in stock (most places are sold out)  and are running a special on the Now Foods brand of 30 mg/60 tabs (plus, right now you get free shipping on orders over $89 and under 3 lbs. in weight). Plus, I’ve read recently that up to 90% of the US population is deficient in iodine, so this might be a good supplement to have on hand, regardless of the world situation. In fact, many of the things David Wolfe recommends taking for radiation, such as chlorella, reishi mushrooms, kelp/seaweed, ashwaganda, cilantro, zeolites, fulvic acid, coconut, crystal salt, etc. are great for improving overall health, so whatever you decide to buy right now, let it be from a place of wanting to honor and support your body, and not from a place of fear. You could be taking the best supplements in the world, but if your thoughts and emotions are fear-based, then you may realize little benefit from your efforts, at least in my humble opinion. (Go to  Herbpro, and also Swanson, for great prices on health products.)

NOTE: Potassium iodide is not to be taken as a regular supplement, but used as a protective mechanism in the event of radiation exposure.

#2- Here’s a link to a presentation by David Wolfe about the current situation in Japan and what he recommends for fortifying the body…

#3- Here is the latest from astrologer Risa D’Angeles of the Santa Cruz Good Times on Uranus in Aries and the current astrological events…

The Many Signs of Prediction

Tuesday, 15 March 2011 00:00 Risa D’Angeles

Many signs predicted the Japanese earthquakes. We must realize there could be more. The astrology—Uranus in Aries (all things news); the upcoming “super full moon”; Jupiter opposite Saturn; the solar flares, sun spots, the Ray 1 Shamballa Force. It’s predicted a mega-earthquake hitting Japan presages greater (earth) changes everywhere. Change always begins as destruction with simultaneous opportunities for new creations. The economic markets, affected, are falling. The Mideast crisis (revolution), Libya, gas prices, and now Japan’s (U.S. ally) catastrophic quakes/tsunami impact world economies—we are in the midst of an economic (Ray 3) reorientation. Uranus’ last entrance into Aries was the Great Depression. We must be prepared for an unstable future—prepared with knowledge and practicality (water and  food, etc.).

Saturday is St. Joseph’s Day, a feast day for all fathers. It’s also the “super full moon” solar festival (29 Pisces/Virgo). The New Group of World Servers, especially at this time, invites everyone to recite the Great Invocation, the Mantram of Direction for humanity. Spring arrives Sunday (World Astrology Day and Purim). Uranus remains in Aries for the next seven years. Transformation happens. (Read more at and Risa’s Esoteric Astrology FB.)

#4- Here’s a message from Rebbie at Yoga of Alignment about a simple technique that can help deal w/ all the fear people are feeling in the wake of what’s happening in the world. Here’s what she had to say…

“I just posted an article called “Energy Antidote to Fear Prompted by Watching Videos of Japan’s Tsunami.”

Use this meditation as often as needed to regain your stability in the face of this crisis.

Please forward this to anyone you think
will benefit.

With Love,

#5- And with perfect timing, Guy Finley has just released a new program that was recorded live and taken from his 5-day intensive workshop “Breaking Through the Fear Barrier” at the Omega Institute. It’s 7.5 hours (10 MP3 downloads) of material from the workshop and is only $14.95 for the next 14 days (Guy ALWAYS has great prices on his wonderful material–maybe because his Life of Learning Institute is a non-profit).

 Here are just a few of the important lessons covered in “Breaking Through the Fear Barrier” that will change your relationship with life:

  • The Secret to Ruling Over Any Fear
  • How to Use a Special Kind of Inner-Watchfulness to Discover the True You
  • Seven Words Guaranteed to End Any Stress, Doubt, or Worry
  • How to Release Yourself from the Past and Realize Freedom in the Now
  • Relax Into the Richness of Real Life

A fearful nature can only give itself more fear. But there is another nature you could be living from right now — a nature connected to a Life that is waiting to give you everything you want and need — and more than you even know to ask for.
You just have to break through the current misperceptions that have created what seems like an impenetrable barrier. “Breaking Through the Fear Barrier” will give you the courage and understanding to make it happen.
Stop being held back by inner voices of worry and doubt. Start living a vital, fulfilled, and fearless life.

#6- And along those same lines, my A Course in Miracles lesson for today was very helpful for me, especially in relation to all that’s happening in the world. The lesson is “I am under no law but God’s,” and here’s a link to an audio version..

#7 – And I got this message from leading EFTers Gary Williams, Dawson Church and David MacKay. If you’re into EFT, or even if you’re not, but want to be of assistance to the planet at this time, here’s their message…

“From all directions we are receiving news of the tragic events unfolding in Japan and many EFT groups are suggesting ways of helping including collective tapping. We would also suggest the importance of tapping on your own feelings of overwhelm, sadness, shock or any other feelings you may have as you witness the events in Japan. You do not need to create any complicated statements or procedures as the emotions will be alive in you as you tap and witness.

Once you have dealt with your own emotions, you will better be able to contribute to bringing harmony out of the chaos. You might tap with a strong intention of hearing positive news about the Daiichi nuclear power plant, and helping those most affected to come to terms with their fears and heartbreaks. We invite you to tap every hour on the hour until the crisis passes.

Our thoughts are with the Japanese people at this time.
All the best,
Gary Williams
Creator of the EFT Hub.

Dawson Church
Creator of the EFTUniverse website
David MacKay
Editor of the EFT Insights Newsletter

#8- And finally, I used this Abraham quote at the end of a previous post, but I feel it almost should be included on every one I do these days because the wisdom and perspective puts forth are so crucial right now, as we aspire to create the highest and best possible outcome for the world and it’s people…   

“When you are feeling the discomfort from seeing other people in a lackful or needy situation, and you decide to help them from your place of discomfort, no lasting value ever occurs, for two important reasons: first, you are not in alignment with the Energy of your Source, and so you have no real value to give; and second, your attention to their need only amplifies their need.

Of course, it is a wonderful thing to help others, but you must do it from your position of strength and alignment, which means you must be in alignment with their success as you offer assistance, and not in alignment with their problem.

When your awareness of their situation makes you uncomfortable and you offer help to make them feel better and to make yourself feel better, you are not in the Vortex and you are not helping. When you feel an inspired eagerness to offer something because you want to participate in their happy, successful process, your attention to their success harmonizes with the point of view of your Source; and the infinite resources of the Universe are at your disposal. And that does help.”— Abraham

I hope you find all this helpful, “Zippy”

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