Prayer circle for Japan & inspiring letter, Caroline Myss replay, full moon update, Dyer/Lipton video, and meditation to ease fear


 I am editing today’s post and adding this article and news of a prayer circle via Adoley Odunton at Healthier Living and placing it before the rest of today’s picks because I think it’s the most important part of the post. Please read this inspiring and enlightening article from a member of Adoley’s on-line community who has been living in Japan for the last 5 yrs. (and, if you’re drawn, participate in the prayer circle tomorrow)…

Letter from Japan by Healthier Living Community Member, Jennifer Rodriquez
nullJennifer Rodriguez is an American living in Japan for 5 years. She is an ESL Instructor (English as a Second Language) in Japan and a member of our community.This is what she had to say: 

“Things are stressful here because of the constant threat of radiation exposure but surprisingly the Japanese are remaining calm and despite what the mass media abroad says, no one is leaving en masse and people are facing the issue with a philosophical calm that I believe can only be possible of a country with a Buddhist background.  There’s no rioting, looting, nor anger being expressed at the government.  People here continue to have faith and hope that the workers at the plant will find a way to cool those reactors and avert nuclear disaster.  And even with this big threat looming in the background, the Japanese carry on with their daily lives.
Being in Japan at this time and our connecting has been a powerful
lesson for me about believing and manufacturing optimism for
yourself even when all evidence points to there being no hope and
all logic seems to say you should lose hope.  I’m still in Tokyo
despite pleas from my family and friends to get out, because I
believe that all will turn out well in the end and I’m very hopeful.  I continue to believe and I believe the Universe sends me small messages not to lose hope.  

There are food shortages but somehow the supermarkets are still finding some way to get us fresh fish, vegetables and meat every day.  How?  I don’t know.  It’s almost like they pull it out of thin air.  Just when you think the food is going to run out, the next day they scrouge up some more from somewhere.  It just goes to prove that the Universe is really an abundant place even in the face of disaster!

Adoley, do you know what could really help in this moment?  If you rounded up all the members of your community and formed a special prayer circle to send energy and inspiration to all the workers at the Fukushima Power Plant that they persevere and find a way to cool those reactors and avert disaster.  Visualize Japan ending this threat safely and without horrible consequences.  See Japan as a happy country with the threat gone. 

I honestly believe that if you and all the conscious people of this planet did that, then some solution would present itself to the workers or arrive in some shape or form. 

The more positive collective energy we could get for Japan, the more it would help improve the situation and counterbalance all the negativity and sensationalism of the General Media which has just been shamelessly promoting panic and desperation about Japan.

The more spiritual leaders with communities such as yourself that you could contact and have them visualize and pray for a safe end to this threat, the more possibility of a better outcome.  Then that would be wonderful and give the situation more positive power.

….This is not for me but for the country of Japan and consequently the world at large.  If workers at that plant do not receive any kind of special help, they will not be able to continue forward and find a solution. Many of them have exposed themselves to unsafe levels of radiation and there’s no doubt that at some point, they will contract cancer and die.  Yet they even though they know this, they selflessly devote themselves to concentrating on the task at hand and have accepted the risk of sacrificing their lives because they know that all humanity is at risk if they do not persevere. 

….I actually feel more positive about this situation and even though, it seems grim now, I have honest hope and faith that all will turn out in the end and this situation will end safely.  In part that’s why I choose to stay and not run away.  I have faith.” ~ Jennifer


Like Jennifer, I have faith too, in all of you and the power of collective energy and prayers.  So, I invite you to join me in a special call on Saturday morning at 9AM Pacific Time.  We will devote the Spiritual Coaching Call to a prayer circle for Japan where we will use the power of prayer, meditation and visioning to send our collective healing energy to Japan and to see a positive outcome in this situation.  We can also send our positive energy to Libya and the Middle East at this time of great turbulence and change.

#1- Here’s the link to Caroline Myss’ recent interview with host Lisa Garr of The Aware Show. It’s very interesting to hear her perspective and insights on the current world situation and, in particular, the people of the United States. Definitely food for thought…

#2- Here’s another technique (see yesterday’s post) from Rebbie at Yoga of Alignment for dealing with the fear and stress evoked by the current world situation. Here’s what Rebbie has to say…

“You can change the course of this world…

While the news is flooded with fear of nuclear disaster, *you* can overflow with clarity and vision for a world of beauty and harmony.

Today’s article offers a specific meditation to calm the nuclear panic within you and to move you toward a manifestation of peace and beauty.”

#3- Here’s a short video w/ Wayne Dyer and Bruce Lipton reminding us of the power of our beliefs to influence our health and the world around us…

#4- And here’s the latest astrological update from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk on the full moon and other current cosmic events…

“We are nearing a 3-day period of incredible potency, from Saturday the 19 through Monday the 21.

Saturday the Full Moon at 29 Virgo is at perigee–the closest it has been to the Earth for 18 years. Sunday marks the Spring Equinox, and Monday Uranus conjoins with the Aries Sun.  

When we engage ceremonially in these events of such cosmological significance with clear intentions and from the heart, magic happens. We are communicating with the Universe–we recognize the sacred patterning of which we are a part and our intention is to dance joyfully with it. We are willing to show up–in our beauty and uniqueness–to co-create with Great Mystery.   

Ceremony need not be complex. The most magical moments in these next few days will be Saturday sunset and Sunday sunrise. In both instances we can tune into and experience the dynamic opposition of the Equinox Sun and Full Moon–rising and setting very close to the same time. 

Full Moon at 29 Virgo at 11:10 am MST Saturday On Saturday near noon we experience a Full Moon at 29 Virgo. Above all, Virgo investigates the sacred patterning of our Universe–the cycles and rhythms of the Earth and Cosmos.  Virgo provides us with a ceremonial attitude of reverence toward these patterns and a desire to align harmoniously with them. As we tune into the wisdom represented by the final degree of mastery of Virgo we can ask ourselves-what is my sacred work in service to, and in alignment, with the wellbeing of the living Earth? This is an especially potent time for ceremony, due to the Virgo influence.Sabian symbols give insight into the meaning behind each degree of a zodiac sign. The Sabian symbol for 29 Virgo is: After a crisis, a seeker of occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines his mind. This past week, the entire planet and all of humanity has been feeling the reverberations of the crisis in Japan, and the vulnerability of the most modern societies in the face of Earth changes. Are we ready to seek guidance from an ancient form of knowledge–that of Earth consciousness itself?Lately when I send healing energy to Japan I also send prayers for the scientists and societal innovators whose work and intent is aligned with the wellbeing of the Earth. I ask that we might find new breakthroughs–technologies, sources of energy, and institutional systems to support the wellbeing and continued evolution of human consciousness aligned with Earth cycles and renewal. And I ask that we might be infused with collective reverence and deep appreciation for the Earth and all of its creatures.

Spring Equinox Seeking Balance

At 5:21 pm MST on Sunday the 20th, the Sun enters the sign of Aries, marking the exact point of the Equinox. This is the time of perfect balance between day and night. Following on the heels of the Full Moon, which is a moment of opposition between the Sun and Moon, we are invited to look at the places in our lives where we feel conflicted, or pulled in two, and to seek a harmonious balance.

Let’s look at the contrast between Virgo and Pisces, which was expressed at the Full Moon, as well as Aries and Libra-the opposite energies expressed with Sun, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury all in Aries opposite Saturn and the Moon in the sign of Libra at the moment of Equinox. Jupiter and Saturn are approaching exact opposition of Aries and Libra–a big event indeed!–and will be exact on the 29th. We can certainly feel that dynamic building now.

Aries and Virgo both carry the energy of the loner, focused on their own individual path.  Aries is independent, dislikes being tied down or told what to do, and wants to plunge into action and experience without much reflection or concern for the feeling of others. Virgo is impersonal, with an absolute devotion to the sacred work, and not much patience for the messiness of flawed human relationships–which can feel like a distraction from the spiritual life.   

Libra and Pisces are more concerned with relationship, and the connections that “bind” us.

Libra wants to experience authentic, heartful connection with others, and really values community and bonding. There can sometimes be TOO much focus on what others want, to the degree that we lose sight of who we are, or what are personally aiming for. Pisces is immersed in the profound awareness that we truly are “All One,” and merges easily with others–feeling empathy and connection to everyone we meet. Sometimes, as with Libra, we can lose track of our own personal aims.

Finding Our Balance in the Modern World

SO many of us are feeling a painful confusion around what we want. Do we want to be alone, to do our own thing, to retreat, to push away the obligations of relationships? Or do we want to open our windows and doors and invite in more connections, more experience of community? Why is it that both options can feel so unsatisfying, so painful?  

So many of us feel a kind of schizophrenia at this time. On the one hand we long for loving, authentic connections with others. We feel so isolated, so disconnected, so disembodied.  For example, I feel so strongly that I want to be part of a movement to reknit communities, to re-establish connections between neighbors… and yet I already feel so overburdened by too many connections!

I think it is very important to have compassion for our current predicament. Never before as a species have we had this experience of complete inundation with the Collective–the images, stories, experiences, of our GYNORMOUS global family. We feel so linked to one another through the internet and other global systems of connection. This is a tremendous gift, an extraordinary opportunity.  It is an amazingly profound product of human evolution.

Yet sometimes it feels like a tremendous burden, and it can be exhausting. I have found it to be astonishingly easy to spend the majority of my waking hours communicating–through email, Facebook, cell phones, and face to face– yet somehow still feel incredibly isolated. From my body, from my partner, from my community, from the natural world, from my living soul.

I feel we are on a tremendous learning curve– AND that we have the assistance of so many divine helpers in this process. We are learning to SORT, at warp speed, through so many possibilities; to navigate clearly and with ease toward the life experiences, the communications, the relationships, and information that serve our most joyful, aligned with Spirit, soul purpose.  

I believe we can leave behind the stress, the overwhelm, and the isolation. We can embrace a more grounded, satisfying, healthy and loving way of connecting to our own hearts, to our communities, and to the Earth. To the degree that we can remember to touch into Source, which reconnects us to our intuitive and heart-led guidance system, we find our way more easily. When we get out of alignment, we rapidly become stuck, overwhelmed, and feel as though we are drowning.

Equinox Sun Conjunct Uranus

According to my teacher Cayelin Castell, it has been 335 years since Uranus has been conjunct the Sun so near the Spring Equinox. So this may indeed be the most significant Spring Equinox in our lifetime. What does this mean? Uranus is a change agent, in service to shifting humanity’s current “point of balance” to a completely new place. The way Uranus operates is through sudden, unexpected events that move us forward along our evolutionary path.  

I feel that Uranus holds the key to finding balance and ease within our current times. We might find ourselves in a state of paralysis, brought on by so much change, so quickly and at such a large scale, bombarding us from every direction. We CANNOT find a way out of our collective mess through the tried and true methods. We cannot look to the past for a way forward. We MUST leap, we MUST embrace the unknown, the never before experienced.

The most empowering way to engage with Uranus is to say–I give up. I trust the flow of the Universe, and I choose to flow WITH it, rather than against it. It is to say–I will seek a NEW path, a new way. I will believe in the possibility of miracles, of surprising and unexpected events, and insights and revelations that reveal, in a flash, a way forward that I had never suspected before.

We cannot waste our time looking for the sure thing, for the certain path, for security. We cannot waste our time looking to the past, clinging to old hurts and old stories as a form of comfort. We must open up, and create a space in our lives for Grace to enter, for Spirit to flood our awareness, to know that truly ANYTHING is possible.”–Tami Brunk

Best wishes and blessings to all, “Zippy”

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