Jupiter opposite Saturn, Guy Finley, and presentations by Jo Dunning


#1- Tonight Jo Dunning is offering her monthly free presentation and energy transmission– a great opportunity to experience this wonderful being’s healing, uplifting and inspiring presence.

Tuesday at 5:15pm Pacific (8:15pm Eastern)

The workshop will last approximately one hour.    

Click Here to find what time the teleconference will take place in your time zone.     

To listen by telephone, the number to call for the workshop is    

(818) 742-0029 PIN 381954#.  Your regular telephone charges will apply

To listen on-line,


You can also catch an interview Jo did with Jewels at Law of Attraction Radio Network (it takes a few minutes before the commercials are over and Jo begins to speak, so hang in there–it’s worth it). 


#2 – Here’s the weekly update on planetary happenings from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk

March 28 to 31

Sun square Pluto

We have access to a tremendous amount of raw, creative energy on Monday, when the Sun squares Pluto, followed by the big transit of the month–Saturn opposite Jupiter. As the Sun illuminates the Plutonian dimension, we can feel and see more clearly the transformational nature of the Earth changes occurring at such speed, and so dramatically, all around us.

Pluto is the Dark Feminine, shamanic force that destroys all that is out of balance in us and our world, creating the conditions for us to be reborn and made whole. And of course we are seeing so much destruction at this time. Great Mystery (the Sun) can assist us in holding an awareness of the life force beneath and emerging from these death processes, helping us to more consciously work with them to nourish and hold the processes of profound healing, renewal, and growth from the rubble.

Saturn opposite Jupiter

The positive or conscious dimension of the Sun Pluto dynamic is amplified by the Saturn Jupiter opposition, which represents a tremendous potential for us to create new form from the unraveling occurring around us. One could say that the Saturn (contraction, or in-breath), and Jupiter (expansion, or out-breath) forces within our world are the very basis for the creation of life. Both Jupiter and Saturn are “Middle World” planets, meaning that they impact change in a very “real world” manner.

Within Shamanic Astrology opposition is referred to as “polar resonance”-as it is seen as a very growth oriented dynamic. It is the fully balanced relationship between two halves of a whole, dancing with one another and creating life from the fertile tension held between.  With an opposition, we can see clearly the contrast and difference we are working, and so can engage with it more directly.

With Saturn in Libra and Jupiter in Aries, this dance of tension we have been engaged in between Self and Other–the impulse for connection and community contrasted with a fierce desire to charge forward in life with pure focus on our individual mission and goals–is lit up. This dynamic encourages us to use this tension as fuel to craft and design lives in alignment with our greatest individual passions, balanced with heart connection and creation with others.

I have an Aries Ascendant (self/life purpose) while my partner has a Libra ascendant. This means that our Descendants’ (partnership path) is in Libra/Aries respectively. So we have been working this energy of polar resonance for the past 4 ½ years. What I have been learning is that I cannot fully connect or bond unless I am attending to my individual path. I cannot “merge” without having and holding a strong sense of self and identity.

 When I meet a strong contrast between my own desire and that of my partner, I can be tempted into one of two traps–over-empathize in order to connect to the degree that my own preferences become blurred with his; or push him away to protect myself and my autonomy.  A third option is to ground into my core, be vulnerable enough to hold and share my own truth-and do my best to open a space in my heart and mind to see and honor his unique desire and perspective.   

Venus in Pisces Release at the 3rd Chakra 

Over the weekend, Venus was conjunct Neptune (Saturday) then moved into the sign of Pisces (Sunday), giving a dreamy quality to our week. The Sacred Feminine (Venus) which is currently evolving on the world stage as the Scorpio Goddess, is now in the dissolution process. She is receiving a download from the collective; developing sensitivity and empathic awareness. This empathetic quality will be deepened into compassion on Tuesday when Venus is conjunct Chiron.

All of this occurs as the Goddess/Venus completes her cycle of release and clearing at the Heart Chakra. She is now preparing to pass through the 5th Gate early Thursday morning. This activates clearing and releasing at the 3rd Chakra, or Solar Plexus, as she continues her initiatory descent to the Underworld.

The 3rd Chakra is all about self-valuing, self-esteem, and developing strong ego and will. This is a powerful time for us to invite a natural, clearing and releasing of toxic beliefs and burdens we have accumulated through our lives and from our ancestors that block us from a full embrace of our intrinsic value and worth. Most of us have been steeped from birth in the “Original Sin” concept.

What habits and attitudes exacerbate and confirm the idea that “I am not enough,” I am not worthy,” “I am sinful,” “I am flawed?” Ask for assistance in releasing this old patterning, and know that the process is already underway. This wonderful TED talk speaks beautifully of the power of self-valuing, and the role of vulnerability (Pisces and Chiron) in developing it.  

Mercury Stations Retrograde

On Wednesday, Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Aries.  So of course, prior to this date back up your computers, and for the next 3 weeks, be particularly mindful when driving. Mercury retrograde is a kind of coyote trickster energy whose intent is to grab our attention and force us to be awake and aware. We cannot get by with unconsciously plodding through our days, expecting the middle world (traffic, communications, etc.) to run like clockwork.

Rather, we should expect the unexpected, develop patience and humor when situations go awry, and understand that our rational, linear minds cannot provide us with a roadmap for joyful, exuberant living. Consider Mercury Retrograde an invitation to take the long road home, to enjoy the scenery, to slow down and fully appreciate the quirky, ridiculous (and delicious) elements in our lives.

With Mercury retrograde in Aries, this is also a tremendously powerful time for us to tune into our intuition-to receive lightning fast insights and awareness around what we should do next, what actions we should take. Trust that, rather than your bewildered mind, which cannot be the lead at this moment in time. Also–once you stop trying to manage everything, FUN should be a side benefit of this aspect!

#3 – Here’s some words of wisdom from Guy Finley…

  “We must deliberately remember our intention to start our whole life over every moment we awaken to find ourselves reliving some past conflict. To cultivate this refreshed outlook, born of remembering that our true life is always new in the Now, is to let go of who we have been and to begin reaping a life free of anger and fear.”–Guy Finley

Check out Guy’s Life of Learning Institute and free Welcome Starter Kit at: http://www.guyfinley.com/Welcome/36/CD1414/0

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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