More on Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and the world situation

Here’s astrologer Chris Flisher’s latest take on the current major astrological configurations…

The Astrology of Sudden Change ~ Spring 2011

The Sun enters Aries this spring and will be joined by Uranus in the early degrees of this pioneering sign.  An unusual dialog can be expected as the dynamism of Uranus brings a sense of revolution to the table.  Uranus always delivers the new and unexpected with out-of-the-blue moments of revelation and exposure.  Acting as a higher octave of Mercury, Uranus delivers sparks and meteors of inexplicable events often in the most dramatic manner imaginable.  Mercury has a sense of rampant impulsivity about it and it drives these types of events with great magnitude and impact.  Words and all forms of communication tend to fly when these two planets align.  When they involve the sign of Aries we can expect that entire theme to be amplified and embedded with a sense of urgency. 

Meanwhile, Jupiter will be facing off directly opposing Saturn as a conversation of compromise begins to unfold.  Expansion versus restraint will be the topic and Mercury will add a distinctively mischievous tinge to the conversation. There will be a desire to party and cut the ribbons loose with Jupiter in impulsive Aries, but Saturn will be watching from the sidelines (and opposing in Libra) with a parking ticket in hand and the enthusiasm will be deflated.  It will be time to clean up the mess and set things straight.

At the same time another interesting conversation will be occurring as Venus and Neptune pair up together in the late degrees of Aquarius and request global harmony and sharing of resources.  These times are extremely dramatic and shape-changing.  The globe is groaning and this alignment presents an opportunity for cohesion and outreach.  It generates a dialog that says “we are one” or more accurately “we need to be one” and forces unity through disaster or events that supersede our individual differences and escalate the dialog to one of survival and humanity.  Oneness seems to arrive through a common recognition of what it means to be a human.  At our core we understand certain situations that are common regardless of race, creed, or background.

This surreal, mystical dialog will be unfolding as Neptune, the planet of dreams pairs up with Venus and the Moon in the late degrees of Aquarius.  Another huge planetary event waits in the wings as Neptune will enter Pisces towards late April for the first time since 1843.  We can expect a time of renewed spiritualism and discovery.  These are some of the most profound astrological events to take place in centuries.  Any time major planets shift into new signs we have a powerful response and shift. These are necessary and significant changes.  Venus and the Moon will add to the dialog before they move on, but Neptune’s influence will be felt in the coming years and life will be very different, soon enough.  As a result there will be a natural and necessary outreach towards spirituality as humanity strives to make sense and order as chaos and reconstruction reign.

These two major planetary events will occur as spring of 2011 enters.  Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces generate an enormous amount of upheaval that heralds a new time and a tone for the planet.  Such events signal a time of expansion, creation and innovation.  The conversation will be one of confusion until the dust settles as Mercury turns retrograde throughout this time of change and scatters the dialog even further.  The connections required to repair damage control will be crossed and complex until Mercury turns direct in early May.

Through this time of monumental astrological events humanity discovers a new course.  We have no method forward but to forge on despite destruction and natural disaster.  Events of such proportion draw us together in an easily recognizable manner that heralds humility, compassion and respect.  We have to pay the piper and the time has come.  This will be a very dramatic time.

©2011 Chris Flisher

And here’s another take on the meaning of Uranus in Aries and the shift in energies and consciousness it symbolizes…

Astrology of the Soul
by Linda Brady   
URANUS IN ARIESA Cosmic New BeginningYou are reading this article surrounded by the new energy of Uranus in Aries. One March 11 at approximately 7:52 PM EST this once in 84 year event occurred. It has joined Jupiter in Aries. This conjunction will provide us the freedom to hear the true voice of God. This gives us the opportunity to find our inner truth as a divine, independent, pioneering spirit for an entire year. I am a Sagittarius with a north node in Leo. Jupiter is one of my ruling planets. I love fire energy. This Jupiter / Uranus conjunction will provide many opportunities for experiencing fire through actions, excitement, creativity, self awareness and the underlying courage to be spontaneous. I would invite you to go to my Face book page; Facebook/LindaBrady and watch my husband, Michael’s video on Uranus moving into Aries. You will experience the energy of Aries necessary to doing your personal journey in this article.Biblical History of Aries

The Age of Aries began approximately 2500 B.C. until 300 B.C. Aries is symbolized by the ram. The Ram headed god, Amen-Re, became the one god replacing the polytheism of earlier eras. Great men emerged as heroes based on their courage and their ability rather than their lineage. This Age corresponds to the Old Testament and is characterized by the symbolic Moses. Moses was a desert man, who challenged the Pharaoh of Egypt with a staff and the power of God. Aggressive, fearless and against all odds he led his people back into the desert to find their freedom. During that journey on a mountain top God manifested Himself as a burning bush saying ‘I AM THAT I AM”. Aries is a fire sign and the burning bush is a constant fire that does not burn. Moses came down the mountain with the Ten Commandments. He did not know that he had a burning bush within him that would provide him the courage to become the icon of the Age of Aries. It is only now that we are evolving into the Age of Aquarius that we can claim our inner, powerful God. It is now that we can claim the Moses within us.

The Old Testament’s God is seen as an angry jealous and unforgiving God, – an Arian God. Through this Age, humanity was struggling with emergence into self-awareness and self-actualization. There was a great deal of savagery and selfishness also. People took what they wanted by fighting each other: “might make right”. Iron, which is the metal ruled by Aries and Mars was discovered and used most often to create weapons. Aries ruling planet, Mars, the warrior king rules by the sword! Libra, the opposing sign influenced this age in the development of legal systems. We don’t have to look any farther than The Ten Commandments as the first written legal code for western civilization.

The Age of Aries led us to the last two thousand years of the Age of Pisces… Pisces is a water sign and water symbolizes the emotions that create this level of Love. The Age of Pisces taught that humanity needs to relate to the divine and the world-at-large through a more emotional filter… In its more constructive aspect, this brought about a newfound element of compassion and faith in society, especially within Christian society. We see the emergence of a spiritual sensibility that spoke of “turning the other cheek” rather than the smiting of one’s enemies. Jesus spoke about God, not as an angry God, but as a God of forgiveness. Christ was the son of this loving God, a lamb, a gentle creature. He died for humanity’s sins, which made Him the victim and redeemer. Pisces is the martyr, sacrificing it for the needs of others. Christ’s resurrection symbolizes the rebirth into spirit, a Pisces reality. Throughout His short ministry there was a plethora of Pisces symbols: baptism by water, the washing of feet, disciples who were fisherman, turning water into wine, miracles, spiritual healing, drawing fish in the sand and so many more. Christ’s message was that of forgiveness, what Pisces does best!

Symbology of Uranus

Uranus is the ruling planet of the sign of Aquarius and the next 2,000 years of the Age of Aquarius… Its astrological glyph is a derivation of the letter “H” for its discoverer Herschel in 1781. It is almost impossible to see Uranus with the naked eye. It required technological advances of the telescope to see it. Because it takes Uranus about 84 years to go around the Sun, the average individual will only experience one Uranus return. Uranus is the first of the transpersonal planets, which means it affects the collective as well as the individual. Uranus is associated with sudden unexpected changes and events. It is the “awakener” and symbolizes the urge to freedom, intuition, individuation, originality and independence. It is our personal hurricane rushing through our lives, and taking down whatever structures have outlived their usefulness in our lives. Uranus is always connected to the mind of God; from whence all creative invention comes. As intuitive connections are made with God, change occurs for the individual and for the world. Each generation will break with the traditions of the generation before it and take on the unique energy of its particular Uranus.

Understanding Your Personal Uranus Journey

Uranus is now transiting my _________________ House ( If you need your astrological chart, please e-mail me at and I will e-mail it to you labeling the house through which Uranus is traveling.)
For example: Uranus is transiting my 1st House

What are the top four house issues that I wish to be activated by Uranus in Aries energy? (Refer to the House Issues on my web site, www Creative Choices. com)
For example; One 1st issue is physical health

1. ______________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________________

How do I continue to be connected to the universal mind and obtain clear insights?( refer to the following Energetic Model for Aries to answer the questions and then use the House Issues to determine what area of your life Uranus in Aries will affect )

Energetic Model for Aries

 Aries Symbol: The Ram Element: Fire Key Phrase: I Am Energies • Self aware • Creative • Pioneer • Takes action • Confident • Energetic • Risk-taker • Assertive • Deals with anger • Physical • Loves new beginnings • Courage • Alert • Stimulating • Self will • Athletic • Selfish • Self absorbed • Impulsive • Accident prone • Impatient • Combative • Reckless • Abusive • Quick-tempered • Easily bored • No follow through • Arrogant • Domineering • Confrontational • Abrupt • Aggressive • Rude

Common Symbols

Red, fire, East, Spring, #1, knifes and other sharp objects, the desert, ram, firemen, soldiers, daybreak, battles, Moses, matches, lighters, karate and other martial arts, surgery and surgeons

For example: I continue to be connected to the universal mind and obtain clear insights by having the will and stamina to be more physically active. I will be healthier and continue to connect to the divine mother on whose earth I walk

Who is my spiritual warrior hero and how would I like to emulate him?

How can I claim my unique talents and express them to improve my world?

How can I understand the sudden and unexpected circumstances that Uranus will bring?

What do I need to do to claim my independence and be wholly free?

How do I honor my unique path to individuation?

How do I allow myself the space to change direction?

What must I do to satisfy my need for stimulation and excitement?

How do I connect with my generation and its need to change and create progress in the world?

The world is undergoing massive economic instability, political upheaval, cultural and religious conflict. AND “coincidentally” self aware people are experiencing their greatest spiritual challenges. Because of all of this humankind is in the midst of its greatest potential for spiritual integration, actualization and evolution….

The transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius began on March 12. Uranus moves into Aries on that date and on April 4 Neptune moves into Pisces for four months. Neptune retrogrades back into Aquarius on August 5 and returns to Pisces on February 4th, 2012 for 14 years!! .

This is the time that we have been anticipating for thousands of years – the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Michael and I feel it is the time for cosmic adults to claim their internal divine triangle – mind, body and soul. I have been blessed with an understanding of my soul which goes beyond words. Michael and I have been guided by our Souls to develop an innovative approach to further your connection to your Soul. Without a REAL, SENSORY, EMOTIONAL connection to our Soul we cannot be the cosmic adults that bring us the balanced, integrated powerful life for which we have always longed. YOUR SOUL WANTS YOU TO HAVE THIS NOW!!

Uranus in Aries can give us the awareness, the courage and the desired actions to understand the Neptune in Pisces mandates. The most important mandate will be the spiritual understanding of our relationship with our Soul. Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Libra will come together for awhile to aid in our transition to Aquarius and its divine triangle. (I will be writing articles on spirit to further investigate these energies. Please sign up to receive your free newsletter)…..

With love and blessings, Linda and Michael Brady

copyright 2011

Linda Brady is an internationally recognized author, teacher and karmic astrologer with over thirty years in practice. She is the President of Creative Choices, Inc. Her first book, “Discovering Your Soul Mission: How to Create the Life You Want” was published in November of 1998 by Random House and has been reproduced in four languages. Linda’s second book, “No More Goodbyes – A True Story” was released in March of 2004. Linda has a Master’s degree in education from Southern Illinois University. Her web site is

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