New moon in Aries, global prayer, inspiration, technique for releasing fear

#2 – Here’s two items from Maureen Moss at World Puja I wanted to pass along…


Two things in particular in this “Note.”
First: This month has been another of over-arching, jaw dropping moments, all earthquakes aside, and now a new challenge of poisoned waters, which I know through our love and healing prayers will be healed. We give great thanks to Dr. Emoto as well as everyone of you participating worldwide in your deep and sincere love for this Planet.

I know our Mother Earth is so very grateful that more and more of humanity is at long last deeply loving her and valiantly attempting to take burdens off of her. What a difference love makes. Give her time, she will respond in kind. It’s been a long time since she has gotten this much deep caring and attention.

Have you noticed that real love actually shakes us up too? Even we quake in its authenticity until we become used to this magnificent, new frequency, made real through ones Divine Heart; the one that God gave us to use. Oh we have so much to learn about loving as we adorn our New Human Earth Suits and re-member what it is to love without provocation, without agenda, without trying.

I’m counting on the fact that there is going to be a big wake-up right around the corner, bigger than expected, and the catalyst will be love, the real one. Let’s just see if we can all move this wake up a bit more quickly and ahead of ‘schedule.’ Actually let’s make it a priority and the very reason we speak a word, take an action or take a breath.

Someone wrote something to the effect that the word ‘love’ was becoming a bit watered down, even becoming trite. No, actually for the first time, I believe it’s finally getting our attention and being experienced for what it really is. How could it be watered down when it’s blowing hearts wide open? Seems to me the real love is finally coming to the surface. Haven’t you noticed how much closer the Divine feels to you? That couldn’t happen without love as the catalyst. We’re getting there, we really are. Just don’t stop five minutes before the miracle of the really noticeable shift inside of you!

An “Invocation To Release Fear”
from Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts, 

As always I pray you are well. This month I’m not going to write an entire article, as I did so just a couple of weeks ago, however I thought sharing a powerful breath exercise followed by a powerful invocation might be of help to further open ourselves to real love.

Find a quiet place, after you have read this, to do this breath work and to embrace this invocation with love and intention.

First, we will take a few breaths together. I will guide you through each breath. As you take each breath, please breathe as though you were taking a breath of God into you.

Focus on God, in whatever way is comfortable for you. You can focus if you like, on the feeling of love, making each breath sacred and allowing the Light of God that you breathe in, fill you.

When you exhale, consciously breathe out particles or aspects of your old self out… the parts that you deeply know are not meant to be a part of your Divine New Human making its way into the new world, anymore. (Please take your time to consider what is at long last ready to be released from the old you, so the Advanced Divine You has space to merge with you taking his/her rightful place inside of you.)

Being specific is very important. Single focused intention, followed by loving repetitive action, will produce a different result.

You might be breathing out repetitive worry. You might breath out long-standing ill health that can actually be released now, or future fears, the seeming inability to love or be loved, current fears, lack of trust, a controlling nature, a pessimistic attitude or even a depressed state. Just let it out, consciously. Each one mentioned comes from the past, I promise you. They are not you, NOW. Time to reassemble.

(I find this purposeful, conscious breathing, with a specific purpose quite helpful on a daily basis. God in, old self out.) It’s a reassembly process that works.

So take a deep, conscious and steady breath of God in and hold it for three counts, and then breathe a part of the old you out. Feel a part of you that doesn’t belong with you any longer leaving.

Take another deep, conscious and steady breath of God in and see God filling your body with Light. Hold it for three counts and breathe out any tension that doesn’t belong to you any longer.

Take another breath of God into the cells of your being. Hold it for three counts and breathe out any heavy energies that don’t belong to you any longer.

Please take another breath of God in. Hold it for three counts, and breathe out, self-doubt. Feel what it feels like to let go of self-doubt.

Take one more breath of God into the cells of your being. Hold it for three counts and now breath out a circle of God around you. Be in the center of the circle of God around you.

Take a normal breath and notice how you feel. Do you feel lighter? Make a note of what you are feeling. Notice which part of the old you has left.

This is your re-birthing breath. God In. Old Self Out.
Notice how you feel. Just notice. Get comfortable with the state of noticing. It will change more than you might ever imagine.

Feel your body calmed down. This is the breath and the consciousness that it longs for. This is the breath and the consciousness that will change you. This is the breath and the consciousness that will immediately raise your vibrational field, making you more capable to accept the new Divine Human that is being birthed.

This is the breath and the consciousness that will align and merge you with a new and healthy internal environment, allowing you to experience yourself from a Higher, truthful perspective.

Now, will you hold your attention on the following invocation and speak it into your consciousness connecting deeply with each word.


From The Light Of God That I Am, and From The Power and the Love of God That I Am, I call forth and intend that The Heart and Mind of God overlay my current heart and mind beginning now.

I ask and I intend to interweave, work and play with you as you interweave, work and play with Me.

Beginning now, we will merge in one Unified Field as WE.

I AM willing to accept the quickened loving energies that will activate the Crystalline Essence of you, dear God, inside of my DNA.

I AM willing to accept the Crystalline Energy of reconfigured and expanded Light and Love to make help push out the old me, making room for the Divine Me.

I AM willing to open the halls of my mind and heart and release all imprisoned memories and stories to make room for a new reality to be born.

I AM willing to have you re-organize my mind, dear God, to be in alignment with yours. I will not get in your way.

I AM willing to have you restructure my heart so it is able to contain all of your heart, all of your Love inside of me, dear God. I will not get in your way.

I AM willing to cease harsh criticism and judgment of myself.

I AM willing to stop predicting my future or lingering in my past.
Neither is reality. Neither is love.

I AM willing to release all pessimism.

I AM willing to believe in Infinite possibilities and potentials for myself.

I AM willing to learn how to have an honest and loving relationship with myself, not a distorted one, once and for always.

And so it is.
(Take a breath and believe every word you said. Or say this invocation after your breath work 100 times until you do.)

Copyright 2011, Maureen Moss. Please pass this to all you know it will serve keeping the article, name and websites intact:

# 3 – And if you want to add your prayers to a global outreach taking place in Lourdes, France on 4/4 at 4:44pm, go here:

Blessings, Zirah aka “Zippy”

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Aries New Moon: Be Yourself
by Simone Butler

President Obama recently caught some flak for playing golf at a resort while Libya — and other hot spots around the world — burn. Like Teddy Roosevelt, who often slipped away from the Oval Office on extended hunting trips, our beleaguered president needed a respite from the world’s problems.

Is it wrong to pursue happiness while others are suffering? I considered this question the night I landed in Kailua-Kona for my long-awaited Hawaiian vacation, only to learn that an 8.9 earthquake had struck Japan — and a tsunami was headed my way. Thankfully, my hostess’ hilltop home was safe. But our friends who work at a nearby waterfront resort spent the following two weeks sifting through debris and dealing with disgruntled guests, as I shopped for summer dresses and swam with turtles. Watching Japan’s grim news, I sent prayers across the sea — while still attempting to enjoy myself.

Synchronistically, before my flight I’d picked up Gretchen Rubin’s inspiring book, The Happiness Project, at the San Diego airport. During Rubin’s year-long effort to boost her enjoyment of life, she asked herself hard questions about the nature of happiness. Taking practical steps to lighten her mood and discover what pleased her most led her to an epiphany: “One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy; one of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.”

Rubin’s insight rings true for all of us, as six planets align in individualistic Aries at the April 3 New Moon (7:32 a.m. PDT). Aries is all about pleasing yourself — as long as you’re not harming anyone else. By making yourself happy, you emit positive vibes that inspire and uplift others. Yet with the New Moon opposing serious Saturn, and Mercury newly in retrograde motion (March 30 to April 23), we could face obstacles to following our bliss. Saturn cautions us to heed warning signs, curtail rashness and stay within the letter of the law. Also, a conjunction of impatient Mars with erratic Uranus at the New Moon could spark frustration, impatience or accidents. Take care to not drive too quickly, force issues or make assumptions.

Seafaring Neptune slides into watery Pisces on April 4, heightening intuition and compassion but also stimulating irrational fears. We’re swimming in uncharted waters for the next 14 years, as mythic Neptune intensifies our imaginative powers. What you envision, you create — just make sure it’s what you want. Neptune’s shift into Pisces combined with radical Uranus’ recent entry into Aries stimulates change so rapid we can barely keep up. World events that shake our foundation are making way for a healthier life lived closer to nature. Yet with threats like radiation wafting over the ocean, it could be challenging to stay centered and in the flow.

Aries urges us to be in the moment, to maintain the optimism of a small child. At this New Moon, do what makes you happy. If in doubt, think about what you enjoyed at the age of ten. Play a card game, do an art project or take your bike for a spin. (Just be sure to remember your helmet!) Or, just relax and let yourself be pleased by little things–your pet’s antics, an early blossom in the garden, a friend’s call. Being who you are is your ticket to happiness now.

If you’ve been plagued by low energy or need a boost for your career, check out the Pump Up Your Life Force New Moon ritual from my new book, Astro Feng Shui: Making Magic in Your Home and Life.

© 2011 Simone Butler
All rights reserved

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