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#3 – As always, some great words of wisdom to keep in mind from one of my faves, Guy Finley…

“Our True Nature is not some static line drawn upon a horizontal plane, where access to what we may become depends upon what is already known. The truth is far from this. We are at our core a creature of the stars: beings whose original and celestial stuff is not only born of light, but also intended to live unbound.

It is this higher, yet still hidden Self of ours that beckons us to realize and enter into a greater life. And though its whispered wisdom often gets lost in the din of all the other voices that tell us what we need and where to look for it, if we listen closely enough we can hear what our True Self would have us know: Whenever we start to feel small it’s only because we have unconsciously identified ourselves with life’s little things.”—Guy Finley

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Here’s the weekly astrological update from Chris Flisher and Tami Brunk…

Blazing Trails As Sparks Of Innovation Fly
 ~ The energy of this week will be phenomenal.  Electricity will be sparking as Uranus and Mars will be conjunct in the early degrees of Aries.   To add to the fiery stew; Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury (in retrograde) will be holding their own conversation just a few degrees away.  With this much activity in Cardinal Aries, the pioneering spirit of courage, action and sudden changes are all readily and blatantly apparent.  Mars will be moving into a tight angle with Pluto and we can expect profoundly dramatic earth events (Pluto in Capricorn) that will test our resources and our collective responsibility.  How do we respond when Saturn, also opposing Mars, pushes us to make extraordinarily difficult decisions that will affect our future for years to come?  Jupiter/Mercury/Sun alignment will amplify this energy so that none of it can be ignored. We will have to respond in a very decisive manner with regard for the greater good.~ for more information

And from Tami at

Week of April 3 to 9th 

April holds an unbelievable number of powerful lineups and alignments-and this week is the most extraordinary: 

New Moon in Aries: we are still in the window of the Aries New Moon, exact yesterday (Sunday).

Mars Uranus conjunction: also yesterday, just 3 hours after the New Moon

Sun Saturn opposition: Also yesterday afternoon

Neptune moves into Pisces: this morning Neptune moved into Pisces for the first time in 149 years.  

Sun conjunct Jupiter: Wednesday the Sun is conjunct Jupiter, continuing the activation of the Jupiter Saturn opposition.  

Pluto stations Retrograde: on Saturday, Pluto stations retrograde, amplifying its felt impact on Earth. 

The Aries New Moon yesterday (Sunday) is still vibrantly activated for all of us. From now through tomorrow morning–and in fact the entire week–is an incredibly powerful time for ceremony, and a clear setting of intentions. This is a once-in-many-lifetimes New Moon because of all the high-powered aspects surrounding it.

We can look around us at what is happening from a purely Middle World perspective and easily go into fear. Revolt and upheaval spreading like wildfire across the Middle East, the tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan-it is so overwhelming, and we wonder–what comes next? We know that anything is possible. 

Our prayers for healing, protection, renewal, and an outcome of greatest benefit to all–for the people and land in these places is so very, very, important.  

I believe it is also incredibly important for us to open our perspective, and see we can use all that is occurring around us at this time as energy to propel us forward in very positive directions. The many of us who are not struggling with survival can use our energy and will and position of greater security to pour love and light into all places in this world that need it. 

Astrologically speaking we are poised perfectly between the Underworld, Middle World, and Upper World. At the center of the storm, we are in perfect balance, preparing for a healthy, vibrant birth.  

Let us feel into and empower that sense of perfect balance within, and let us come from a place of pure joy and gratitude for the privilege of acting as co-creators with Great Mystery at this time of great change and unfolding. 

AND in those moments where we feel oh-so-far-from-centered but instead crazy, overwhelmed, in stasis, acutely sensitized, broken-hearted, in rage, grief, or extreme discomfort –it is SO important to continue to love ourselves in these states of Ungrace, to know that our allowance of our whole selves means we are willing to be fully alive; and that it is alright to be a human being, in all our glorious, extravagant imperfections. This approach will allow us to recover our strength more quickly. 

Middle World

At the moment of the New Moon we have the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury (retrograde so felt more powerfully), Jupiter, and Uranus all in the sign of Aries. This is very, very powerful Middle World energy giving us an enormous push forward. We are invited to tune into our core, into our places of greatest passion, and to MOVE, to act, to begin fearlessly. To act as if anything is possible. We do not have to figure everything out-we simply have to act on those impulses that come from our heart, from our core, from our aliveness.

When we remain awake and aware as we move into action–this is the capacity Uranus lends us– we can continually assess the impact of our actions and recalibrate, moving forward, aligning away from and back to alignment with Source ever more effortlessly.  

To balance all of this action, Saturn is poised opposite the Moon, the Sun, and Jupiter. It is harmonizing perfectly, creating balance, ensuring that we do not venture too far into extreme expansion, into extreme action or reaction.


Pluto is preparing to station retrograde, and so its presence is magnified at this time. It is also within a 10 degree square of the Sun/Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn.  Also Venus (the Sacred Feminine) is currently in a Scorpio cycle (as the Underworld Goddess). As part of her initiatory journey to the Underworld she is currently releasing all of her blocks or distortions in the area of the 3rd Chakra, or her personal center of power. And finally Mars (the Sacred Masculine) is currently in a Leo cycle in the Underworld.     

These Underworld activations and energies have forced us to face our collective shadow. We see the impact of nuclear energy; we see the full force of the Earth bringing her cycles into balance. We see the protests and revolts by the people across the Middle East, who have been repressed and impoverished by corrupt, cruel, and billionaire tyrants–many of whom have been supported by West in exchange for oil and power in the region.   

On the personal level we continue to see and feel all of the places where we give away our power–or attempt to take it from others–where we fear standing in our full integrity, claiming our full authority within our own lives. It is good for us to see these things and to act on what we see, so that we come into re-alignment. When we see the shadow, and claim the whole picture, we are empowered by the light of Truth and accuracy-and can act from a place of empowered clarity, and wholeness. 

Celestial World

Today, Neptune moved into the sign of Pisces for the first time in 149 years. This represents a full alignment of Pisces/Neptune energy moving through our planet, enlivening us with compassion, empathy, and access to Spirit. We are provided with an extraordinary window into the realm of the angels, where Grace resides.

As we set our intentions, as we commit to heart-full action toward renewed lives, renewed relationships, and a renewed Earth, we are provided with immeasurable assistance from the dimension of Sprit. Some of us will connect with loved ones’ who have passed to the other side, or ancestors who support us. Others might feel the support and assistance from the faerie realm, or the realm of animal spirits and allies. Or we may feel the presence of angels, ascended masters, or other beings of light and love.

We have extraordinary access to higher visions, dreams, guidance from our intuition and higher selves. We know we are not alone; that we are held in Love. The actions we take are imbued with a kind of magic, beauty, and ecstatic joy, as we move forward in faith, and trust. –Tami Brunk 

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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