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# 1Premier Summits is offering a new free service of twice-weekly interviews with Self Help experts from around the world. The great thing about this current set-up is there is no “must listen by” deadline, as with their previous summit, so you can listen at your leisure….OR even download and save the interviews! Their first guest is Dr. Bernie Siegel, who will be talking about “Reflections on the Art of Healing and Living with Improved Health and Less Stress.” Definitely a timely topic!  Access this, and future, presentations at: http://www.premiersummits.com/cmd.php?Clk=4284773

# 2 – Here’san article from Bill Bower’s LightSource News that contains some great information and resources when it comes to being informed about the current radiation situation. I know Robert Gilbert personally, and he has that unbeatable mix of science, spirituality, and integrity and am grateful he has taken it upon himself to keep us informed of current findings…

Radiation From Japan Affecting Lettuce In USA
 Dr. Robert Gilbert runs the Vesica Institute in Asheville, NC.  Robert’s background includes working as a U.S. Marine Corps instructor in nuclear, biological, chemical warfare survival. His doctorate is in international political affairs. He speaks to a mutual friend of mine about purchasing, in a North Carolina health food store, triple washed organic lettuce from California. At home, he used a radiation scanner which detects radioactivity and nuclear contamination, to test the lettuce.  The reading showed that the produce from California was highly radioactive, in fact, off the scale.Nuclear radiation from the Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima is hitting all of North America and is as bad as in Europe after Chernobyl.   Salmon from the Vancouver, BC, area are now radioactive because of contamination in the water, as levels of radioactive Iodine-131 and Cesium-137 have been found by independent testing services in food (plants), rainwater, and milk on the West Coast of North America.

Here is a link from the  Department of Atmospheric and Climate Research, The Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) http://transport.nilu.no/browser/fpv_fuku?fpp=conccol_Xe-133_;region=NH

Note that North American governments are not willing to publicize this information, it has to come from Norway from a scientific group independent of government and the nuclear industry.

This is the worst calamity for our food and water supply in our lifetime. The media is not reporting accurate information.  The media follows the government and nuclear industry in giving false comparisons between radiation and contamination.

The government will not admit health dangers no matter how serious because of the sheer scale of the calamity.  This is a damage control spin policy and has occurred after every nuclear disaster.

The nuclear industry is concerned they will lose money and be liable for injury, largely ignoring Cesium-137 contamination which has a half life of 30 years, and the impacts of uranium fallout that has hit Hawaii and the West coast of North America.

Dr. Gilbert hopes to have an email ready early this week on this topic that I can send to you if you are interested in doing your own research or gaining greater insight into what is happening and what you can do.   Which foods are most affected? drinking water, all farm products, all dairy based products.

Recent article by Dr. Gilbert: http://tinyurl.com/3rgppvj

See The Radiation Path Across The Globe

(For information about using bentonite clay for radiation, see my 4/20 blog post; I also have several other posts with information about dealing with radiation.)

# 3 – Here’s a great little story from Chellie Campbell. If you aren’t on her mailing list to receive her free daily Wealthy Spirit stories and tips, I highly recommend you jump on the bandwagon…

Once upon a time in the Land of Milk and Honey, Love and Money lived together in peace and harmony, spreading joy and riches everywhere they went. Everyone in the country was rich, inside and out. Happiness shone on their faces and they praised God for their good fortune. In the natural order of things, Love and Money had many children: Kindness, Beauty, Appreciation, Generosity, Creativity, Grace, and Focus. They, too, bestowed their gifts on the people, who treasured them in return.

The evil Witch of Lack and Lamentation hated the Land of Milk and Honey. She was invisible there. She cursed and screamed and jumped up and down but people just walked past her smiling. You can imagine how frustrating this was. She gnashed her teeth whenever she thought about Love and Money. “How dare they banish me from their kingdom!” she cried. “I haven’t been able to give away a poisoned apple there in decades!”

She fumed over the situation with a black heart, but couldn’t figure out how to get the people of the Land of Milk and Honey to see her. Frustrated, she called a conference of her friends Anger, Envy, Lust, Greed, Sloth, Despair, and Poverty to discuss the problem. She asked each one if they were able to enter the hearts and minds of the people of the Land of Milk and Honey. But they were invisible there, too, and no one paid them any mind at all. The meeting was disintegrating into fights and arguments, when a quiet voice at the back of the room broke in. “I can help you,” said Distraction. “I am only sometimes visible there, but if we await the right opportunities, we can strike the people together.”

And so they did. Distraction waited in the streets of the Land of Milk and Honey for the children of Love and Money. When Kindness stubbed his toe and yelled “Ouch!” Distraction introduced him to Anger. When Beauty bumped into a prettier girl, he presented her to Envy. When Appreciation accidentally caught sight of a woman bathing in the lake, Distraction brought over Lust. He introduced Generosity to Greed, Creativity to Sloth and Grace to Despair. And suddenly the Witch of Lack and Lamentation was visible all over town. Unable to cope with their children’s turmoil, Love and Money got divorced and went their separate ways.

But try as he might, Distraction was never able to introduce Focus to Poverty. They screamed and yelled, threw stones and rolled in the dust at his feet, but Focus refused to look at them. “I have no thought to spare for you!” Focus cried. “I’m busy with dreams and goals I want to pursue!” Focus started an Internet business, milkandhoney.com, to distribute food and drink to the masses, employed all his brothers and sisters, and retired a billionaire to his castle on the hill. At Focus’ home, Love and Money were reconciled, and their children danced joyfully. They vowed to forever work with Focus, and they all lived happily ever after.

Today’s Affirmation: “The more I focus on success, the more love and money are mine!”

Best wishes, “Zippy”

p.s. If you are looking for a way to fortify yourself against possible radiation and other toxic substances, you may want to check out my website’s What’s New page for information about a superfood called Emerald Sea that is a superior blend of 7 whole-food sea vegetables. I did some research after hearing about it at Natural News and was very impressed with both the product and company. The product supplies all your body’s daily nutritional needs, plus offers natural protection from radiation and other toxic substances. The company adheres to universal principles in the way the business is run and is dedicated to giving back to the community through Feeding America and offering fund-raising opportunities to non-profits across the U.S. That’s my kind of win-win-win situation! You can also get updated information about radiation and iodine through the link, plus two free reports, one on weight loss, the other on glutathione and anti-aging. Check out my What’s New page, or e-mail me at info@allonetogether.com if you want to know more.

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