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# 1 – It is my opinion that, unfortunately, you can’t depend on the government or mainstream media to give you honest, fair, intelligent and unbiased information about the current radiation situation right now. If you want what I believe is one of the best sources for updates on the situation, plus a variety of resources and informed feedback on what to do, check out the postings of Dr. Robert Gilbert. I know Robert personally and he is that rare mix of science and spirituality, mind AND heart, intelligence and intuition, and is a being of integrity and service. If you learn a little about his background and training you will see why he makes the perfect person to be putting forth information on the current world situation and I am grateful he has taken it upon himself to do so.  Here are links to a few of his postings that I recommend you check out…

(Also check out my previous posts on using bentonite clay and other information about  radiation.)

# 2 – The people over at Yoga Body Naturals are giving away a limited number of their new Gravity Yoga DVD with any purchase, but you need to act quickly before they’re all gone. Check it out here

# 3 – Here’s the latest update from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk on Mercury direct, Venus and Mars…

April 26 to 30   

Mercury Now Direct

This past Saturday, Mercury stationed direct. We can all look forward to less wonkiness in the realms of time, communication, travel, and technology. Mercury is still, however, in the “retrograde shadow” until May 11, which means it is traveling back through its retrograde territory. We may still experience a few kinks in our best laid plans, though the intensity is much less. Same rules of engagement apply–try to roll with the punches, give yourself more time than you think you need to complete tasks, try to take some “off” time, and try to have a sense of humor about it!

I must confess, though I often get a kick out of Mercury Retrograde, and sometimes deeply enjoy the visionary, interior dimension to it when I slow down; I didn’t do so great with that this past week. By Thursday my sense of humor was failing terribly as I found myself caught in an old habit of showing up late to appointments, feeling totally cramped for time, and just generally pissed off and exasperated. When I finally slowed down enough to surrender to the experience and recognize that none of the screw-ups were terminal, I felt such a sense of relief.

The period where Mercury backtracks through its “shadow” is, in fact, a useful time for us to integrate new vision, new learning that occurred for us under the surface while it was retrograde. Since Mercury is/was in the sign of Aries, this can have a lot to do with a growing consciousness around our purpose and mission-ultimately our willingness to dive into the game of life full heartedly.

Over the past three weeks have you had insights pop up around what it is you’re truly here to do-flashes of excitement, bursts of energy, as you received hints about how your most passionate life might feel-what kinds of daring or surprising new activities or interests have been emerging? Track that, see what pattern emerges. It’s a great time to follow the thread of where our scattered, organic, sporadic passions and enthusiasms might take us-what do they tell us, when taken as a whole?

Venus in the Spotlight 

Venus is center stage this week. Today (Tuesday) she squares Pluto, and on Saturday she opposes Saturn just 8 hours after her conjunction with the Moon, as she continues her initiatory descent into the Underworld. Within Shamanic Astrology Venus is understood to represent the Sacred Feminine. Her cycles represent the specific dynamics occurring for the Collective Feminine at any given time.  

The Feminine, within Shamanic Astrology, is understood as the directional flow of Spirit INTO matter; as opposed to the masculine, which has to do with the flow of Spirit up and OUT from matter. Of course I am not speaking of gender, as we all possess both feminine and masculine energies within. 

This week is an extraordinary one where the Sacred Feminine is deepened and intensified through tomorrow morning’s Pluto square; then grounded and contained by Saturn just after passing through the 6th Gate where she will undergo a profound release and stripping away of all that stands in the way of her full experience of pleasure, full emotional feeling, and full embodiment. We are all experiencing these cycles, as is our Earth.

To personalize it, now is a useful time to ask–what do we need to strip from our consciousness and life patterns that robs us of pleasure, full embodiment, and an embrace of our emotional wellbeing and full presence? 

I feel it is also useful to realize that the current version of the Sacred Feminine is Scorpio, which helps us to root ourselves fully into the Earth experience, and to feel experientially that life is organic, ecstatic, and filled with life force. The way Scorpio (like Pluto) gets us to this place of full aliveness (and remembering that we are embodied), is by annihilating the dimensions of ourselves (and humanity as a collective), that stand in the way of this wholeness.

As we see in the world around us (and at times feel within us); this annihilation process is not pretty, or rational, or fair from our linear mind perspective. In order for us to keep our hearts alive and connected, it is vital for us to hold a space of compassion for the suffering around and within us.   

Yet it can be helpful, too, to recognize that it is in fact the Scorpionic Life/Death process, which our masculine-oriented culture (and minds); have so greatly feared, that will clear the decks for us to begin anew. When we can surrender to the process, it all gets much easier.  

Mars conjunct Jupiter

On the morning of Saturday April 30, just after Venus passes through the 6th Gate, Mars and Jupiter join up in the morning sky. This conjunction happens just as Mars has emerged from the Underworld, and represents a potent expansion of the Sacred Masculine within the collective. As I wrote in my last report, it is just extraordinary, the way Mars and Venus are on the front lines right now, in the midst of this Aries alignment.

To me it has to do with a very elemental and primary (Aries) restructuring of human culture, where we are remembering how to dance in balance with the masculine and feminine. The masculine is is experienced more “in the world” at the moment, as Mars is experiencing a “rebirth/emergence process and Venus is in a release/Shamanic dismemberment process preparing to enter the Underworld in July.

And with all the powerful Aries energy we are currently experiencing (with Uranus in Aries of course felt especially strongly), we may feel as though the more receptive, grounded, peaceful version of the feminine is just not as present within our world. Realize, though, that this coming Tuesday we will experience the New Moon (Sun and Moon) in Taurus, and that soon after Mercury and Mars will move into Taurus. By the middle of May, Venus also will have moved into Taurus and by June 4, Jupiter will have moved into the earthy sign as well. 

As Mars pursues Venus in the morning sky over the next month, as they prepare to meet up in the sign of Taurus on May 20, we can remember that in their essence the masculine and feminine are lovers, the fundamental dynamic in our world which is drawn irrevocably together to spark and gestate an abundance of life on Earth.   (For more visit

Best wishes, “Zippy” 

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