Birth 2012 Activation event, must see documentary, free distance healing & Abraham


# 1 – Here’s a message from Stephen Dinan at The Shift Network about an exciting upcoming free event…

We’re excited to invite you to a very special free tele-seminar on Wednesday, June 22nd, featuring Barbara Marx Hubbard, one of the most beloved evolutionary voices of our time, in dialogue with Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsch, Lynne Twist, and Dot

This group collectively intends to positively impact 1 billion people with their work, and
they’ll share more about how that is possible — and the role YOU can play –on this call. This Birth 2012 Activation event is a clarion call for you to join the movement forming to co-create a planetary Birth Day event on Dec. 22nd, 2012.

Already more than 20,000 people joined us for our March event — saying YES to this vision for helping set humanity on a trajectory of peace, sustainability and prosperity. And more than 800 people have stepped into Agents of Conscious Evolution roles as The Shift Network is gathering a global team for Birth 2012.

Next week’s Global Activation Call happens 18 months before the planned Birth Day. You’ll get to hear more details about the extraordinary vision Barbara, Neale, Jack, Lynne and many
others are holding and how we can all mobilize behind it – a global gathering that links millions of people, all coming together in celebration to create a field of connection, heart resonance and evolutionary possibility for one special day.

This isn’t a pie-in-the-sky vision – it’s held by dozens of other respected leaders
as well. Increasingly, we are all recognizing Barbara Marx Hubbard as a primary
spokesperson for this event (a Birth after all needs a Mother!). It also connects to the prophecies of 2012 as a time of great changes.Only those great changes are not going to happen by magic or wishful thinking, but through our collective, joyful, co-creative
efforts coming together
in a way that we have never done before. In short, the anticipation around 2012 provides an OPPORTUNITY to create a critical mass of enlightened efforts that can affect the consciousness of humanity and help open new possibilities for our future.

That’s why these thought leaders are coming together to build upon and amplify
Barbara’s vision. So we urge you to join us for this important free event and share it with everyone you know! We want all who are called to play a role in the planetary Birth Day event to hear about this remarkable vision shared by thought leaders who have already touched millions.

Even if you can’t make the live event, please do register, as we will send you the
recording. AND you’ll let us know that you want to be part of the collaborations that emerge.

Join us next Wednesday, and let’s mobilize our collective creativity into something
truly spectacular. Click hereto register now

# 2 – Here’s a tip from Doug Parks at about a fascinating documentary
about a successful means of treating cancer that has been suppressed for years. The following link will be active until June 20th and will allow you free access to the full length presentation.

Burzynski, the Movie

# 3 – Don’t forget the free distance healing tomorrow offered by QiGong master Michael Mohoric. See my previous post for details.

# 4 – And a little Abraham to end on…

“Think about that little smear that starts out as the human body, and then
there’s a nose and a liver and a gizzard, oh, not a gizzard… All that stuff
that is present and knows how to become this. There’s so much knowledge within
the human body. You’re wanting to free the human body’s knowledge to be well
from the resistance that has been picked up along this physical trail. The very
best approach to medicine is,”Well, I see your physical body is sick,
what’s been bothering you? What are you worried about? What are you angry
about? What are you frustrated about?” Because that is what is at the root
of all of this. And then say, “Let it go, let it go, let it go.” That’s the message, and if they could hear you and do that, then they would all be well right away.”— Abraham

Best wishes,

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