New moon, astrological update and Agents of Conscious Evolution training


Here’s the latest astrological update from shamanic astrologer Tami Brunk at Astrology For Earth Renewal. Be sure to read the Rumi poem she mentions for some great words of wisdom…

Tami writes…It’s been a profoundly intense week for many of us–I’ve heard so many people say-what’s in the stars? Whether it’s blowups in the realm of relationship, drought-induced fires raging across the green mountains of New Mexico and Arizona in the U.S., continued violence and upheaval in the Middle East–at the micro and macro levels, we are in the throes of unrelenting change.

I see three factors as contributing–the Uranus/Pluto square triggered early this week by the Sun; a buildup to this Friday’s 3rd and final eclipse for the summer eclipse season; and the final Venus/Moon conjunction and occultation–the final threshold leading up to the Underworld initiation for the Sacred Feminine–and thus for our Earth as a whole.

 June 28 to 30

Sun Magnifies Uranus Pluto Square

This has been a week of enormous intensity, as we approach
the final of 3 eclipses with this Friday’s New Moon and Partial Lunar
Eclipse in Cancer. It is as though for the past month we’ve been truly
compressed–with all our individual and collective shadow material rising
to the surface so we must see it and interact with it. There’s been lot
of crap to sort through–and a lot of fear and anxiety close below the

Added to this dynamic was the second triggering of the
Uranus Pluto Square this month–as the Sun squared Uranus this past
Sunday and opposed Pluto Monday evening. This follows on the heels of
Mercury’s trigger of both planets at the beginning of the month. Uranus
and Pluto, which have been within 10 degrees of a square to each other
since 2007, are now within 2 degrees, and approaching their closest point
of less than 1 ½ degrees from exact square by July 9, when Uranus turns
retrograde. From 2012 to 2015 the two planets will be within a degree of
each other and conjunct multiple times.

The Sun Pluto opposition (exact Monday night and resonating
through next week) is of special significance–and I have felt it to
represent a very acute, potent awareness of the darkest, most challenging
aspects of my character and my life, staring me right in the face.

I have also experienced it as growing despair and fear as
the the lush green New Mexican Jemez mountains are consumed in flame.
Many of us, even the most idealistic, are imagining apocalyptic
scenarios–forced to become aware of the darkest possibilities for
Earth’s future. This anxious awareness wakes us early in the morning, and
keeps us tossing and turning at night.

The opportunity presented by an opposition (or resonant
polarity as Shamanic Astrology refers to it) is that the issue at hand
(in this case the shadow, and our most primal fears) are within full
view–and thus no longer have control of us in an unconscious way. We
have held these fears and this overwhelm for a long while now–as they
have come closer in view with the lived reality of Earth changes. Now we
must deal with them directly–and surrender our struggle against the
things we cannot control so that we can focus our energy and intention in
those areas where we do have influence.

Mars Square Chiron-Compassion in Action

Yesterday (Tuesday), Mars squared Chiron, adding to the
Underworld experience we have already been so immersed in. Mars is still
visible in the morning sky, still dim but gradually growing brighter. Its
activation by Chiron has helped us to experience the habits, limitations,
or fracture points present in our lives and in the surrounding world.

Over the past couple of weeks, with Mercury and Venus squaring
Chiron and the asteroid turning retrograde (thus experienced more
intensely on Earth), we have been immersed in Chironic energy. We may
feel physically vulnerable, and acutely aware of the places where we are
unable to move forward in our lives with decisiveness and clarity. It is
very important to BE WITH this sadness and brokenness and to grieve it
fully. We must take time for our personal healing process, if we are to
move forward as fully empowered and heart-centered human beings.

This Rumi poem beautifully–and even playfully–describes how we can embrace Chiron’s teaching in our

Embracing the Initiation

Tonight just after midnight, Venus is conjunct the Moon for the 8th and final
time before her descent into the Underworld on July 11. Within Shamanic
Astrology this is described as the “Death by Intent” Gateway
that the Sacred Feminine passes through–where she fully embraces
initiatory death of her old self. This conjunction is especially potent
as the Moon and Venus are at their closest–and the Moon is in fact
occulting Venus, much like an eclipse.

The version of the Sacred Feminine currently undergoing this initiation is the Scorpio
Goddess. For readers who are currently experiencing their Venus Return, this
cycle may feel very personal. Yet it is a cycle that impacts us all
collectively, and the Earth herself. The Dark Goddess, or Kali, both
archetypes that describe the Scorpio Feminine, has been evolving on the
Earth plane since November, and we have seen her signature in the large
number of natural disasters, nuclear meltdowns, and other cataclysmic

The ultimate teaching of Scorpio–and what is gained through an Underworld
Initiation–is complete and utter transformation and metamorphosis. As
shamanic healers have known through time, it is possible that the
initiate will not live past the initiation. Yet if they do, they are
remade from the cellular level–strengthened, empowered, more whole. As
my teachers have taught me, The Scorpio Goddess is not personal–she does
not pick and choose those who are good, or bad, for suffering or
blessings. She relentlessly clears and cleanses our world for the renewal
of the Earth and we hope: our human family.

And so we pray that our Earth–and all the life held upon it including ourselves; might
pass through this time of cataclysmic change intact, and in the process,
remade. It is human nature to approach deep change by kicking and
screaming. Yet it is wise counsel at this time for us to instead look
clearly at the Underworld (Plutonic) initiation that lies directly in
front of us, and fully accept what comes without reservation–embracing
the transformation that such change can bring.



Here’s a message I just received from Stephen Dinan about a second Agents of Conscious Evolution training they are offering again soon. I really wanted to sign up the first time they offered it a couple of months ago, but didn’t due to financial considerations and have regretted it ever since. I have two friends who did take the course and it’s been such a positive experience for them, especially in terms of making connections w/ like-minded people and creating powerful synergies and joint projects. They’ve had some amazing things happening and are having a very positive impact on planetary evolution already. So when I heard Barbara Marx Hubbard was offering the course again I knew I had to take it….this time I AM signing up. Even though I wished I had been in on the first training, I also know there is something perfect about being a part of this one. Maybe it’s to interact with some of you. Please join me and let’s co-create great things together (act today and get a $50 discount). Here’s Stehpen’s message and invitation…

Do you want to help humanity make the Shift in time?

I do, too. Really. It’s the whole reason we created The Shift Network and why we bring you all our programs. We are totally committed to helping turn the tide with a critical mass of love-filled change agents ready to create a whole new pattern of being.

I suspect you feel the same ache in your heart that I do – seeing so much of the world muddle through lives of fear, numbness or suffering when it’s fully within our ability to make a powerful inner and outer change. We simply don’t need to keep doing what we’ve been doing with all the war, greed, isolation and pettiness.

It IS the time, and we are the people — if we just dare to take a stand for
who we truly are, work together, and have a bold enough shared vision.

That is what Barbara Marx Hubbard has offered us with the Birth 2012 vision that is mobilizing top leaders, the 33,000 people who have signed up for the activation calls, and the 825 people who have completed the Agents of Conscious Evolution training (with the next cycle starting July 26th and early reg expiring tonight).

The Birth 2012 vision is a way to focus our collective energies so that we reach a breakthrough inflection point. A pattern interrupt for the planet. A glimpse of humanity’s higher potential. A moment of collective resonance that is so profound it cannot help but remind us that we are children of God and capable of so, so much more.

Together we can create a Birth Day for a new era that will, of course, be followed by decades of changes in systems and people. It’s a practical strategy to create a critical mass of turned-on human beings who are co-creating joyfully, living beautifully and acting with divine intelligence in service to upgrading human civilization.

To make this bold vision a reality requires building a movement of leaders. The Big Vision begins in miniature, with committed evolutionary agents learning, growing, shedding doubts and opening to their gifts together. We need to spark each other’s brilliance and empower each other for the big challenges ahead.

That’s why we’ve created the Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE)
Training. It’s a living laboratory for conscious evolution , bringing together pioneers from around the world who are committed to BE the change.

Our beloved evolutionary pioneer Barbara Marx Hubbard offers the clear guidance, powerful insights, and an evolutionary compass of joy.  This training is the culmination of her life’s work. She is pouring everything – including her latest insights, experiences and transmissions – into these 12 weeks of live-streamed, interactive teaching.

The rest is up to us. Including you. It’s time to unleash YOUR genius and YOUR gifts and join them with other evolutionaries around the world.

Some of our current 825 ACE trainees have said:

“The Agents of Conscious Evolution training delivers all it promises plus 200% more of incredible value. If you want to be a serious player in conscious evolution and the planetary shift.. then this program is a must.” – Elisabeth Gortschacher

“Words cannot convey my gratitude for this ACE Training program. It has profoundly supported my personal transformation/evolution to previously unimaginable heights.”- Linn McKeown

If you know in your heart that you’re here to help humanity make the Shift in time and be part of the global wake-up team, then you’ll want to take advantage of the savings today and join us for this extraordinary adventure.

The time is now. The window of opportunity is open. Our future great-great-great grandchildren are silently imploring us to become more audacious and live out our full potential. I know we can do it.

Stephen casual headshot.jpg In spirit,
Stephen Dinan
P.S. They are offering a $50 discount on the ACE Training until
July 4th. Get all the details and register here:

Best wishes, “Zippy”

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