More on the Aquarius full moon and great interview replays


# 1 – Here’s Astrograph’s take on the significance of the current full moon period we are in…

This Full Moon comes along at a volatile time in the midst of an extremely volatile month. The lunations were strong that preceded this cosmic balance point, posed by the Sun and Moon in opposition to each other, and now Neptune is activated and Mars is opposed to Pluto as well. Since Mars is also square Uranus, this brings once more to a head the revolutionary force of the UranusPluto square – as the recent powerful July 1st eclipse did also – making for a strong end of summer time period. We are being urged to look deeply into our motivation now regarding anything that comes up for us, and to stay as free as possible from reactivity, instead taking the largest possible viewpoint into account; one that includes a better understanding of where we are actually at in terms of our own personal evolution.

It helps that the Moon in Aquarius brings Neptune into the picture, also being aspected for the next 30 days by joyful and energizing Jupiter, serving to soften the reactivity and foster a more spiritual perspective. This can also continue to be an extremely confusing time, with Mercury still in retrograde and opposing Neptune. We benefit from watching and waiting, bearing silent witness to our actions and the actions of others, preferring contemplation to jumping ahead too quickly.

The next few days beyond this interesting weekend are also quite intense. The Sun connects with Venus and retrograde Mercury on Tuesday the 16th as the Moon enters Aries, while the next day Mars conjuncts the July 1st  degree, forming a Grand Cross with Pluto, Uranus and Saturn. We could find that issues in our lives from that early summer time frame are reemerging now, creating an opportunity for thoughtfulness and greater clarification. This is an excellent time to journal concerning where we might be heading in our lives both in general and over this powerful summer time frame in particular.

The world is changing around you – as you are inevitably changing as well – so that it is important to remain as conscious as possible regarding your own arc of development in the midst of massive societal transformation.

# 2 – And here’s a great article by Julia Bondi of providing even more insight about this important astrological event…

Intuitive Message for the Aquarius Full Moon: Governance
by Julia Bondi

Politics, Presidents, Politicians and rebellions throughout the land… is
the landscape of this full moon. Aquarian rebelliousness abounds across the
world as fires burn in London, protestors’ brave tanks and bullets in Syria and
recalls dominate the news in Wisconsin. The list of protests, demonstrations,
strife, rebellions, and attempts to reform governments grows ever longer. We are
seeing the threads of the Aquarian Age woven into the fabric of our time.
Leo’s province of government dominates the news, the economy and the
issues of our time as Leonine greatness seems painfully absent in the vision,
actions and decisions of our leaders worldwide.

The Aquarian people are demanding reform, progress, a remaking of societies
to serve the needs of those they purport to govern. The famous hope and
idealism of America’s 2008 presidential race feels as remote as the downfall of
Kaddafi in Libya or the dreams of the revolution in Cairo. Can societies change
and serve their people we ask? Can politics be reasonable legislating viable
solutions? These are the questions plaguing our world because they are some of
the fundamental issues of the Leo/Aquarius archetypes coming into sharper focus
in the 21st century. Can we be governed? Can we govern ourselves? Can we create
governments that represent the people they are elected to govern? Leo
government versus Aquarian society, the state versus freedom, managing versus reforming – these are the appropriate concerns of our moment.

Vision informed by spiritual ideals guiding politics and politicians who
creatively govern from a heart centered concern for the people they serve is the
integration of Leo/Aquarius. Politics, politicians, government and great
officials are the province of Leo which slips into serving greed and power
unless it is enlightened by Aquarian principles of cooperation, betterment of
society for the people and a visionary ideal of a future of progress. These
archetypes are not Republican or Democratic, right or left, red or blue; they
are qualities we develop, integrate, apply and seek to serve.

How to serve an archetype when passions are inflamed and we across the
world are sure our Leo ego’s have the right answer or prescription for society’s
ills; even believing that we have the only true access to the right ideals and
reforms? Though Aquarius spiritually informs Leo, Leo’s human understanding of
greatness must be integrated with the development of an expanded heart capable
of caring for self and others as the foundation supporting the power of those
who govern. While the majority of us will never hold a political position of
governance, we are all governing ourselves well or poorly each day. Each
of us can seek to know our own capacity for greatness, developing and sharing
our gifts with the world as we are rewarded and recognized for our creativity,
effort and offering and opening our hearts to loving ourselves, those we love
and all who are humans with the same needs, cares and foibles. Then we become
capable of honest and humble listening to the Aquarian vision to better our lives and the lives of others.

© 2011 Julia Bondi All rights reserved

# 3 – You can now listen to The Aware Show Community site and listen to recordings of live radio shows of host Lisa Garr interviewing incredible visionaries in the new thought movement such as Gregg Braden, Jean Houston, Bo Rinaldi and many more amazing speakers.

KPFK Interviews

# 4 – If you missed Dr. Sue Morter’s presentation on Linda Joy’s Inspired Living Secrets you can still catch the replay if you act quickly…

# 5– And the Nadine Artemis presentation Tooth Truth and Self-Dentistry  on W.I.S.H. Women’s International Summit for Health is available for replay for a limited time…

Here’s the link to access the call:

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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