Peace Week, ACE training and a little poem. Ahhhh :-)

Those of you who are familiar with this blog know that I very rarely get into relating personal experiences. However, today I can’t help but share a little about my time so far participating in Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Agents of Conscious Evolution (aka ACE) training program….something I urged others to check out in a previous post awhile back when there was still time to sign up.

Well, I am now halfway through the 12 week program and couldn’t be happier that I decided to participate. If the training is ever offered again, I highly recommend it. It has been an inspiring, expansive, supportive, enlightening experience in regard to my spiritual growth and desire to find ways to have a positive impact on the evolutionary process of the planet and her people. And the sense of community and commonality that quickly develops between all the participants has been a real godsend and delight.

One of the main areas of focus during the training so far has been on learning to operate from Essence instead of ego, and nurturing the relationship with our inner Beloved. During my morning reflection time….when inviting and requesting that my Essential Self take dominion over my day and my thoughts, words and deeds, there was a little “poem” that more or less wrote itself. It’s called….

Me, Myself & I AM

Powerful, potent, precious and profound,

the presence of the Beloved begins to permeate

the nooks and cranies of my mind and heart,

instilling my life with meaning and purpose.

The Stillness emerges and wraps me

in the whisper-soft mantle of my Essential Self.

In joy, Zirah

p.s. Don’t forget PeaceWeek :

To make that dream a reality, it will take ALL of us coming together to learn
the best peace practices, create reconciliation and healing, as well as gain
inspiration from the most inspiring peace pioneers in the world.

Last year we gathered more than 20,000 people from 152 countries to create the
world’s largest virtual peace summit ever. This year we have assembled another
global cast of top luminaries such as Alice Walker, Deepak Chopra,
Marianne Williamson, Arun Gandhi, Michael Bernard Beckwith,
Daniel Goleman and many others who have inspired millions to create
peace in their lives.

It’s all FREE and it’s happening in the convenience of your own home or
office, September 15th – 21st. Get all the details and REGISTER HERE:

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