Rikka’s ending judgment, Chellie’s blog, Be Good to Our Earth, and astrology update


# 1 – Master facilitator Rikka Zimmerman is offering a free tele-seminar titled Ending Judgment and Having All of You  on Nov 8th at 6pm PST (9pm EST) as an introduction to her new 8 week course…

Judgment is one of the most widespread DIS-EASES on this planet… it kills possibilities, creativity, fun, bodies… Anything being judged is being destroyed and killed! Sounds extreme or overly dramatic, but on an energetic level it’s actually true. Think about it.

So what would it be like if everybody could finally let go of judgment and KNOW the GIFT THEY REALLY ARE?

Eliminating judgment and exploring the unlimited possibilities inherent in you being who you truly be/are is what this free call and new 8 week course are all about. And I can’t say enough good things about Rikka’s ability to facilitate rapid change and shifts in consciousness by way of Access Consciousness™ and her own personal brilliance.

Register here for the free presentation.

# 2 – Another great insightful blog post from The Wealthy Spirit’s Chellie Campbell…

I remember well, that horrifying day years ago, when the space shuttle Challenger exploded into space. My father had worked in the space program nearly all his life, and helped design the navigational system for the shuttle. On many mornings, my sisters and I had gotten up in the early dark before dawn to watch another space launch: The Mercury program, Gemini, Apollo, and all the shuttles. Star Trek fans, we cheered when the first space shuttle was named the Enterprise.

We girls had grown up and moved out, but we still watched dad’s space ships take off. He had been working on the Challenger launch for three days in a row, but was off duty on that fateful day when the weather froze and the O-rings failed. I called him immediately, crying on the phone. He was aghast, the worst fears of all having been realized. We shook our heads, and prayed for the adventurous souls who had been lost, and the families they left behind.

As I drove along the ocean on my way to my office, Barbra Streisand’s version of Somewhere from West Side Story played on the radio. I thought about the teacher, Christa MacAuliffe, who had perished in the explosion. I had seen her on television, and the competition for the title “First Teacher in Space.” I saw the moment when she was announced the winner and saw her joy and happiness over having been selected. She was fun, she was funny, she was a dedicated teacher. None of us knew then that winning this prize meant her death.

I thought, too, about the woman who came in second in the running for this prize. How disappointed she must have been on that day when the winner was announced and it wasn’t her. She had lost the prize—but it meant that she lived.

Think about this when you cry over your next loss: What looks like good news isn’t always good news and what looks like bad news isn’t always bad news. There are plans and purposes to life beyond our knowledge. As Richard Bach stated in his book, Illusions, everything in life boils down to two things: Fun and learning. If you’re not having fun, you’re learning something. And when your mission has been accomplished, you leave the planet.

“There is no death—only a change of worlds.”—Native American Proverb

# 3 – Some news from Peter Bissonette of Learning Strategies about Be Good to Our Earth…

Deirdre Hade, creator of Radiance Pure Energy, leads the November session of “Be Good To Our Earth,” and it is ready for you right now.
  1. Simply go to www.BeGoodToOurEarth.org, and click on “Enter the Global Care Room” at the top right.
  2. On the next page, click on the “Session Room” tab.
  3. Push the “Play” button at the top of the left-hand column. The recording will begin immediately.
Deirdre begins with a five-minute opening conversation, followed by a five-minute process to focus our hearts and amplify our collective intent, and then an optional 20-minute meditation.
Please forward this email to everyone you know. This is our gift to the world…YOUR gift to the world.
# 4 – An astrology update from Risa’s column in the Santa Cruz Good Times…
In Scorpio the World Disciple emerges. Humanity is the World Disciple in potential and actual fact. World Disciples are leaders able to perceive obstacles hindering humanity from progressing onto the Path of Evolution—the spiritual Path of Return. Returning to our origins is humanity’s heritage. We are presently at the halfway mark and beginning our ascent (returning home) after 21 million years of involution (descent into matter).
Scorpio is the sign that assists humanity in identifying as World Disciple. In our present developmental stage of chaos and conflict, where the forces of materiality battle the Forces of Light (Arjuna experience), disciples worldwide are marching into the battlefield in service to humanity. Their battle cry (in Scorpio there is definitely a battle) is “Freedom & Equality,” reflecting the values of the Aquarian Age.
Two discipleship groups organizing in our world are Transition (Town) Initiative and the Occupiers. Both Transition Initiative and the Occupiers, growing world movements, have humanity’s freedoms, survival and maintaining a sustainable way of life as their focal points.
Adding to these Aquarian seed-group movements is the film Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take, premiering 11/11 (next week), unveiling the reality that our sciences (and thus humanity’s well-being), since Tesla, have been thwarted, hindered, obstructed and co-opted by the forces of materiality. This is the beginning of the Aquarian revolution. Let us together, with awareness, pride, knowledge and intention, actively “occupy” these times and “transition” into building the new world era. “May we all do our part.”

Best wishes, “Zippy”

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