Full moon, radiation update, Abraham and a trippy video w/ Dr. Quantum



# 1 – Here’s Astrograph.com’s take on the current full moon phase….

The Full Moon of Thursday, November 10th – taking place at roughly noon on the West Coast – while intense, is almost deceptively quiet as well. So much is happening beneath the surface. It is in any case the nature of this phase to represent a flowering plateau of the driving vigor from the very beginning of the cycle, a balance point between the various forces surging around in support and in contrast to the originating impulse from the New Moon time. The push of that onrushing energy finds a comforting moment of calm.

This particular configuration also has Mars opposed to Neptune, reminding us of a more laid back and cosmic perspective on all our experiences. Mars is at the same time also contra-parallel to Neptune, so that their brief opposition – lasting about a week – is quite potent. Mars with Neptune brings idealism very much to the fore, and heightens our ability to align compassionately to others, with also the possibility in working that out of deception or self-deception.

The latent intensity comes from Uranus and Pluto, still square to each other and triggered by the Full Moonwhich makes minor aspects to each. Jupiter is also trine Pluto and in forming semi-sextile to Uranus. These powerful archetypal energies remind us that there are obviously still important changes that we need to make in our lives, and in the life of the surrounding society. The idealism that Neptune brings might enable a relatively peaceful transition in the direction that your Higher Self feels sure that it needs to go.

Mars is opposed to Chiron during this week also, and we may find that old patterns are rising up to haunt us, impeding our own confidence, self-worth and self-assertion, until and unless we can accept these wounded places within us at deep levels. We might need to integrate the driving force behind them, namely ancient trauma from the long-dead past; dead but not forgotten, or in many cases not forgiven either.

At some point it pays to recognize that we have a powerful ally in that wounded and split-off disobedient child, however disenfranchised it might seem to feel much of the time. When we can accept all our parts, and by implication some of the more difficult parts of others as well, we are enabling greater forward motion in our own best interest, and greater joy along our way.

And the latest from Risa’s astrology column in the Santa Cruz Good Times publication…

Everyone knows our sciences (and thus humanity’s life force) have been thwarted, hindered and obstructed, taken over (appropriated) by the forces of materialism, especially since Tesla’s time.
This week, Friday, 11/11/11, Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take, Kimberly and Foster Gamble’s film premieres on the Internet, worldwide, in 10 languages.  Look for it. Unveiled in the film are truths (physics of life) we sense and aspire toward yet have accepted as unattainable. The information in Thrive shifts humanity, polarized in unknowingness, into the Light of Knowledge. The “sensed beauty” of our world becomes a reality. This information in “Thrive” forms the foundation of our new culture and civilization.
In Ancient Atlantean times, when gods lived on Earth, the Hierarchy (great teachers, overseers of Earth) gave instinctual, non-thinking (the mind was not developed) humanity various inventions that allowed for the building of great cities and beautiful buildings (remnants exist today), temples, air machines, knowledge of sanitation, hygiene, foods, etc. Developed under the wise guidance of the Hierarchy, humanity thought of these inventions as “magic.” The Initiates & Adepts (levels within Hierarchy) employed their knowledge of the nature of matter and energy (physics), which today we would call “scientific discovery.” This “physics” (nature of energy) was a gift to humanity.
Eventually a crisis precipitated the flooding of the world—resulting from a clash between the forces of darkness/materialism and the Forces of Light (Hierarchy). Humanity, in between, perished, with a few, who carried the Light, entering Noah’s Ark.

Today, we are once more at this “crisis” point (a higher level of the spiral).

# 2 – Here’s an update on the radiation situation…


# 3- And a little Abraham to off-set any fear brought up thinking about radiation :-)

“Ask, and it is given” means that whether you are a full blossoming genius human, or whether you are the one-celled amoeba in the ocean, or a cell in one of your bodies, when it is concluded that something else is preferred (no matter how developed the consciousness is) every time a preference is noted, Nonphysical Energy rushes forth to answer it. It is the promise of our evolving beingness.”— Abraham


A trippy, mind-expanding video clip from Dr. Quantum and the movie “What the Bleep”…


Enjoy, “Zippy”














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