New moon & mercury retro, Food for All Summit, free hypnosis downloads and Abraham


# 1 – Here’s a message from Stephen Dinan at Shift Network about an upcoming event they are hosting…

This week, we launched an important event with a big goal: Create a world where all are fed. The Food for All Summit, a one-day summit on November 30th, will provide participants with empowering tools, inspiration and resources to take the actions that make a difference!

It will bring together political and spiritual leaders, media, celebrities, activists and nonprofits, all standing behind a single, powerful mission:

Raise awareness of global hunger and generate innovative and sustainable long-term solutions for solving this crisis once and for all.

Additionally, this year’s Summit will be raising money for Save the Children’sefforts in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia where lives are at risk due to severe food shortages brought upon by drought, crop failures and livestock deaths. Go here to register for the free event.

# 2 – Natural Hypnosis is having a Thanksgiving sale from the 23rd to the 30th. You can also try 3 free downloads to find out if you like their products before deciding to purchase.

# 3 -Some words of wisdom from Abraham…

The  stability of your Earth exists because its change and expansion does not  outstrip its ability to find balance. It is not only Earth’s size and the laws of physics  that are of enough significance to absorb the shock of any change, but  also Earth’s Vibrational nature of Well-Being.

While  your Earth appears to be a geological sphere of rock and soil and water held  together by gravitational forces, it is so much more than that, for within  every particle of Earth’s substance is Vibrational Consciousness seeking  individual balance—Consciousness aligning with a Broader Non-Physical vision of  Earth’s future.

Even  though the human inhabitants of planet Earth are often outside of their  Vortices, in a state of resisting their personal Well-Being, the overwhelming  Consciousness of your planet (in soil, in water, in flora and fauna) is  incrementally finding balance every step along the way.

In  time, as you relax and breathe your way into alignment with your Source, you  will be able to feel the dominant Vibrational pulse of Well-Being that  permeates your Earth and everything it is comprised of, for Well-Being is the  basis of All-That-Is.— Abraham

# 4 – An update on the new moon,mercury retrograde, and other astrological happenings from Risa’s column in the Santa Cruz Good Times…

The Sun’s in Sagittarius, Mercury has retrograded, Thursday is Thanksgiving and Thursday night/Friday morning is a new moon, (partial) solar eclipse (something essential, complete, withdraws). As we either feast or fast (on Thanksgiving), Mercury (communication, thought, transporting ourselves here to there), is stationary retrograde (20 degrees Sag). Mercury retrogrades until Dec. 13th (4 degrees Sag). Holiday gifts purchased during Mercury retro are subject to misgivings, idle chatter and re-thinking. Which brings me to the thought of gifts in general. It’s not what we receive but what, how and why we give which is the real gift. A paradoxical concept we need to teach our children in order to create, foster and safeguard the foundational values of the new culture and civilization, the new Aquarian Sharing Society. Mercury retrograde in Sag. Sagittarius is about travel, justice, journeys into cultures unfamiliar, a return to food our (grand)mothers made. Mercury retrograde produces inner activity – contemplation, reflection, retreat, research …”re” words. Rapprochement is activated during, a return to something incomplete, needing forgiveness, compassion, clemency and mercy. Traveling, we experience temporary delays. During Mercury retrogrades, to safeguard our well-being, we refrain from large purchases (homes, cars, appliances) and major planning. Instead, we review and reflect upon information gathered since Mercury’s last retro in August. As each retrograde occurs, our minds overflow (are overwhelmed) with information needing organization (and possible elimination). Then we are able to absorb the next three months of information till the next Mercury retro (March 12, 2012). Let us all be grateful for everything in our world and in our lives.

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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