Raw Food special, free healing sessions, free subliminal album, Unlimited Abundance replay, astrology and more!

# 1 – Now’s the time to shop at Raw Food World and start the new year off right. Not only can you get the Dec. AND Jan. “at cost specials” for the next few days, but if you use coupon code HOLIDAY18 you’ll get an extra 17.5% off (use HOLIDAY12 for 12% off  appliances)! Whether you are a raw foodist,  just want to be healthier, or love great tasting treats, this is definitely the time to place an order.

# 2 – There are several opportunities for free healing sessions coming up…

Rudy Hunter’s Healing Call

Wednesday night, December 28th at 8 pm Eastern time; ends at 8:30 pm. The call format is now 30 minutes–be on early so you don’t miss it!  Simulcast; attend via phone or webcast–it’s your choice. Via webcast there are no long-distance charges.  By phone your regular charges apply.
You can also listen via Skype.  To attend this event, click this link now:


The call-in number and access code are on the above page link. There is a lot of silence on the call as many rounds of healing & energy work are done on the call…so if you join late and there’s silence…just give it a few minutes.  You can send in questions using the grey submission box on the left of the webpage screen.

AND Michael Mohoric is offering another free QiGong distance session…

for everyone who wants to join and all their friends, families and anyone else who reads this. The main healing session is SUNDAY JANUARY 1, 2012 from 5-6pm Pacific Standard Time or same as Los Angeles, (6-7pm MST), (7-8 CST), (8-9pm EST-same as New York).  You can join this no cost distant energy healing session by using your intention to be included. If you wish to join, just close your eyes for a minute when you read this and mentally say that you intend to join the session and want to be included. That is all you have to do to connect with the energy; healing energy can begin to flow to you once you do this. There will be unscheduled daily energy adjustments leading up to the main session and you can receive a lot of healing energy before the main session on JANUARY 1. 
For those who want to know more about this work you can go to the website http://www.QigongEnergyHealing.com .

# 3 – Here’s a message and a gift from the folks at Real Subliminal

Download your FREE, unique subliminal MP3s – direct from us:

FREE Subliminal Download – Stick To Your New Years Resolutions

This is just to wish you a Merry Christmas from the whole team at Real Subliminal; it is a limited edition album we only release this time of year. It is entitled “Stick To Your New Years Resolutions“; here is the full script:

  • My willpower is strong
  • I will stick to my new years resolutions
  • I will  achieve my new years goals
  • I will make big changes this year
  • I always  stick to my resolutions
  • My motivation is rock solid
  • My motivation is  improving constantly
  • I am determined to stick to my plans
  • This year will  be most most successful
  • I will achieve massive success this year
  • I am  completely committed and dedicated to my new years resolutions


And don’t forget the year end sale going on at NaturalHypnosis.com. They are offering 30% off EVERYTHING right now!

# 4 –  Jo Dunning is offering her free Quick Pulse Technique later today…

Tuesday, Dec. 27th, at 5:15pm  Pacific Time.   

Listen by phone The phone number for this call is (818) 742-0029  Passcode 722334#

(Phone lines fill quickly! Your regular calling plan charges will apply.)

Listen online   http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventID=24024072 

The free Quick Pulse Teleconference Workshop offers an opportunity to change things you  would like to have different in your life so you can  experience greater freedom, joy, aliveness, and  abundance.

For this workshop prepare a list of 4 or 5 things you would  like to have different in your life. They can be items that  relate to many aspects of your life such as physical  conditions, personality, limiting beliefs, unpleasant  past experiences, phobias, fears, worries, finances,  etc.

# 5 – A quick astrology update from Chris Flisher…

Week of December 26

We find the Sun and Pluto joining for a burst of optimism amidst the dust of rebuilding. Soon a new beginning may herald a chance to innovate and invent. The Moon joins Neptune and brings forth a dream-like promise of great potential. What could it be? Our thinking takes on a broader scope and ideas that once seemed distant appear with more clarity. All planets are in forward motion and we can feel growth looming as our traction begins to hold steady. Perhaps we have touched the bottom and the swell of newness slowly brightens our spirits. The Moon joins Uranus as unexpected and emotional fire-storms trigger movement and revolution.

# 6 – Because of technical difficulties Christie Marie Sheldon and the folks at Unlimited Abundance are providing a download link to the recent presentation…

We are truly sorry for the technical difficulties and want to make sure that everyone is able to listen at their own convenience and download the entire session. We’ve decided to give everyone a one-click replay of the event.
>>>Just go here to access it any time.

 Which means you can now listen to the energy clearing session at ANY TIME you like. And on that same page you will find a link with the entire recorded energy clearing session in an easy-to-download format.
The recording is about 80 minutes long, and as many of the participants will tell you, it’s worth every second.
Enjoy, “Zippy”
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Capricorn new moon, inspiring articles, raw milk & CFL updates, Abraham and more!

I will be away visiting friends and family, so I probably won’t be doing any posting for the next few days, but wanted to wish everyone an inspired and inspiring holiday season and pass along these tips…
# 1 – Here’s a sweet message from The Children of the Sun Foundation. You may want to check out their site…
Blessed Holidays, dearest Light Transmitters and GEO Teams!
We have entered into the Holy Days, the most special time of the year when our Sun dances in alignment with the center of the Milky Way galaxy and, as they make love, divine codes of love-light are birthed throughout our solar system.  This month’s new moon, paired with such a powerful Solstice, reflects upon us the purity of our Father’s Divine Love.
As our dear Earth enters into the moments of stillpoint, where day and night curtsy and do-si-do, all humanity may feel the vibration of unconditional love quite profoundly.  As light servers, when our hearts fill with sacred fire-love, we enter the stillpoint within the holy temple of our being where we understand that ALL is Love and Love is God…simple as that.  The purity of this Love is what ignites the Sacred Fires and the sacredness of this Love is what holds the vision of the divine plan of Immaculate Concept.  When we are filled with this pure and holy Love, we radiate Sacred Fire and support divine plan with every breath we take!
Allow the purity of Divine Love to merge with your Holy Heart Temple, dear Children of the Sun, as we come together upon the Crystalline Grid this Holy-Day Season.  In Oneness, let us breathe the Sacred Fires throughout the grid for the healing of all in need, for the end of suffering, for the upliftment of humanity and for the ascension of our blessed Gaia.
As you celebrate, with your families, the rebirth of the Christos upon planet Earth, our Hearts runneth over with love for each of you, dear Children of the Sun.  We pray that 2012 will hold for you all the happiness you deserve, all the love you share, all the health you need, and all the peace you want!
# 2 – An article by Simone Butler at MoonCircles.com about the upcoming Capricorn new moon titled Cracking the Facade…

Several hundred years ago, as the Burmese army was about to invade Bangkok, temple monks covered their precious, solid gold Buddha with an eight-inch layer of clay to hide its value. Slaughtered to a man, they took their secret to the grave. The Buddha’s golden essence wasn’t discovered until 1957. During its relocation, the 2.5 ton statue cracked as rain began to fall. When the head monk inspected the statue that night, his flashlight revealed its true nature shining through. Injury followed by battering rain showed what this statue was really made of. And so it is for us fragile humans.

The coming year will reveal what we are made of, as it cracks the façade to reveal the gold within. To get a glimpse of what’s ahead, we look to the Winter Solstice (9:30 pm PST on Dec. 21st), and the Capricorn New Moon that closely follows it (5:47 am PST on Dec. 24). Both charts highlight the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto square that will shake things up between 2012 and 2015. Yet the Sun in early Capricorn also throws an exact, stabilizing trine to optimistic Jupiter in Taurus (the golden core), extra powerful as it prepares to turn forward on Christmas Day.

The year ahead promises enormous benefits, both material and spiritual (Jupiter), if we’re willing to release old patterns (Capricorn) and try something radically new (Uranus).  Both the Solstice and New Moon charts also spotlight Venus, newly into experimental Aquarius, as she advocates for growth and freedom via aspects to Jupiter and Uranus.

With all the planets in forward motion from Dec. 25 through Jan. 23 (when Mars turns retrograde), it’s a fine time to launch something new. Capricorn symbolizes our true work. To discover what that looks like, we must often let convention fall aside–to quit working just to make money or meet others’ expectations. Are you doing what you came here to do? In 2012, staying stuck in a rut will only invite suffering and loss. Yet opening yourself to your higher calling brings exhilarating freedom along with increased prosperity.

At this New Moon, say a prayer of thanks for your cracks and wounds—they let your golden essence shine through. Ask for any facades that are not the “real you,” from excess weight to soul-stifling work, to fall away. Then, bask in the bliss of your true, golden nature and carry that feeling forth into the new year.

Here’s an Astro Feng Shui ritual to help your true nature shine forth as you work the Fame gua of your home.

© 2011 Simone Butler All rights reserved

# 3 – Here’s an invitation from EnlightenNext…

You are invited to join Andrew Cohen for his annual New Year’s Day web address at 3 pm ET on January 1st, 2012. This complimentary EnlightenNext broadcast is our gift to all of you in thanks for your support in 2011, and will give Andrew a chance to share with all of you his thoughts about the coming year.

>>Register now

# 4 – Two updates from Natural News on some environmental/health topics I’ve been following…



# 5 – Another great blog post from Chellie Campbell. This one brought tears to my eyes…twice!


# 6 – And a little Abraham for good measure…

“Each and every component that makes up your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction’s response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell about your life. Your money and financial assets; your body’s state of wellness, clarity, flexibility, size, and shape; your work environment, how you are treated, work satisfaction, and rewards—indeed, the very happiness of your life experience in general—is all happening because of the story that you tell.” — Abraham

Enjoy and happy holidays, “Zippy”

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Clear abundance blocks, sale on hypnosis albums, 2012 Prediction Week, apple cider vinegar benefits, and Guy Finley


Lots to share with you, so let’s get started with….

# 1 – Christie Marie Sheldon of Unlimited Abundance is offering a free event on Dec. 22nd at 9pm EST to help remove abundance blocks for the new year …plus a free worksheet booklet you can download to help get even more out of the presentation…


# 2 – Natural Hypnosis is offering their “7 Days of Christmas” promotion with big discounts on their most popular albums (great gift idea for yourself or loved ones, by the way)…

20th December – 26th December

Here you can see which albums will be discounted for each day.

  1. 20th December – 50% Off “Love Yourself”
  2. 21st December – 75% Off “Improve Confidence”
  3. 22nd December – 40% Off “Boost Immune System” (new album)
  4. 23rd December – 60% Discount Off “Be Happy”
  5. 24th December – 50% Discount Off “Increase Motivation”
  6. 25th December – 30% Discount Off “Attract Money”
  7. 26th December – 50% Discount Off “Law of Attraction”

From the 27th December until the 30th of December they will be having a site wide sale offering 30% off ALL of our products.

# 3 – Here’s some extremely valuable words of wisdom from Guy Finley about letting go of the need to rush around…it’s especially helpful to keep in mind during this holiday time of year.


(You can get a free Welcome Kit from Guy’s site here.)

# 4 – Jennifer McLean and MasterWorks Healing are presenting the 3rd Annual Predictions Week, a 7-day series from January 1st until January 7th.  It’s FREE, so sign up now to insure you don’t miss any presentations. You can also check out Jennifer’s 2012 Flute Soul Song with Energized Healing…


# 5 – I’ve been a fan of the many benefits of ACV (apple cider vinegar) for a number of years. I even feature information about it on my To Your Health page and in my A Healthier You e-book, but this post by Robert at Energy Medicine & Health filled in some missing pieces as to how and why it is such a miracle worker…


Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Incredible Edible program, gift giving advice, radiation updates, Rudy’s tip, Flush Puppies and Abraham! Who dreamed up this combo?!


This is probably one of the most interesting/weird mixes of tips and topics I’ve ever put together :-)

# 1 – Here’s an inspiring article about the Incredible Edible program in England.  Would love to see this spread all over the world!


# 2 – Ah, I love it when I find simple tools to facilitate change and make the evolution process easier. Thanks, Rudy, for sharing!


# 3 -Boy, I wish I’d thought of this idea myself! “Doggie doodie bags” that are environmentally friendly and flushable. Apparently you can get them through Amazon and other places, as well as the Flush Puppies site….


# 4 – Some great advice from astrologer Risa D’Angeles’s column in the Santa Cruz Good Times on Gift Giving with Purpose & Meaning….

I attended an Alternative Giving Fair in Fayetteville, Ark., last week. Table after table of gift alternatives focused, not upon individual ephemera (tinselly) needs, but upon humanity’s needs. In a conversation with my daughter this week, responding to her saying she has not bought any holiday gifts (good choice in the Mercury retro), I suggested that she not buy any gifts this year (and next) of the regular kind. Instead that she gather her little (holy) family, inform them that Christmas (the holidays, including Hanukkah) would be different this year and every year hereafter. Instead of receiving they would be giving together as a family to another family in need.

I suggested she place on their table, next to the lit Advent wreath, brochure and pictures from Heifer International, a non-profit, humanitarian organization that provides gifts of seeds, trees and farm animals—ducks, lambs, goats, llamas, flocks of chicks, a camel, water buffalo, heifer or an entire ark of animals, including bees, along with environmental agricultural training. The gifts are for families and communities around the world (50 countries including the U.S.). Gifts from the Heifer project feed, clothe, house, educate, protect, train, empower and motivate resources-in-need families. Families helped through the Heifer project are able to rise up from poverty, sustain their families, conquer hunger, create a sense of community and prosperity, and begin the process of being able to give to others. When one gives (tithes, provides for others) a sense of joy, wild, unexpected and liberating settles in the heart. Children taught to give in this way and help others “inherit a lifetime sense of intelligent giving.” This is my daughter’s gift to her children this year. The Heifer International Project. Visit heifer.org.

#5And for those of you wanting updates on the Fukushima situation, here’s a couple of articles. You can also search for the post done months ago about Dr. Robert Gilbert and his sources for up-to-date information.



# 6 – And here’s a little stimulation (as if the radiation updates weren’t stimulating enough :-)) and inspiration to end on… some words of wisdom from Abraham…

“Wellness that is being allowed—or the wellness that is being denied—is all about the mindset, the mood, the attitude, the practiced thoughts. There is not one exception, in any human or beast; because, you can patch them up again and again, and they will just find another way of reverting back to the natural rhythm of their mind. Treating the body really is about treating the mind. It is all psychosomatic. Every bit of it, no exceptions.” — Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Full moon update, intestinal health, radiation update and Abraham


# 1 – Here’s the latest astrological update on the current full moon phase from Astrograph.com. Very insightful….

December 10th Full Moon

This Gemini Full Moon taking place on Saturday, December 10th, is special even if only because it is also an eclipse; the Lunar Eclipse that follows the recent extremely potent Solar Eclipse and New Moon of November 24th – they usually come in pairs. Additionally, this Full Moon makes aspects to the same planets that have been so prominent lately and that were emphasized at the time of the New Moon, namely Jupiter, Uranus and Chiron. These heavy-weights occupy the first degrees of, respectively, Taurus, Aries and Pisces, and therefore all aspect each other, while at the time of the Full Moon they are aspected as well by Mercury, Venus and for Jupiter, the Sun and Moon. Uranus is now direct in motion, having stationed on the day before, December 9th. Uranus is therefore as a consequence much stronger even than usual. This powerful Full Moon eclipse thus continues the activation of these rather intense planetary energies.
We can see their combination in several ways: Chiron, emphasized by its connection to Uranus and to Jupiter, represents the deepest reaches within us, areas where we have been wounded by earlier circumstances that were too difficult to handle at the time and so have become walled away. Since Mercury squares Chiron while Venus also makes an aspect to it, we might have the chance to become more conscious of these deep and hidden places within us, as events bring them more readily to mind.
Uranus with Jupiter is the possibility of brilliant ideas coming to the fore, just at the time when we most sorely need them. In the surrounding culture, for example, we have seen the dilemma of the Occupy movement forces running out of places to go and direction to follow, but not running out of rage at the system that has ignored their needs for many years. The establishment has been in knee-jerk reaction to that simmering set of concerns, and undecided on what approach to take. We will see many and varied off-shoots of reactions, and reactions to the reaction in the months ahead. And this is one way that astrology is helpful; by analyzing the upcoming configurations we can be sure that the protest is likely to get more, rather than less, intense.
In personal terms as well, there are many new ideas simmering just below the level of conscious awareness that might easily become more alive to our conscious minds over the course of this climactic end-of-year period. Our depths and a segment of our inner wounding might be revealed. While not necessarily pretty, this could be at least more real to us than ever before; and truth is its own kind of beauty. As Mercury comes closer to its December 13th station, we are all engaged in meditating sincerely on our evolving situation which is also the story in micro of an evolving civilization as well. In our personal lives, and in the life of the surrounding collective, may we reach for the highest.

# 2 – A fascinating article on the bacteria in your gut and a rather disgusting, but effective, treatment for certain related issues…


# 3 – Even though mainstream news seems to have forgotten about the radiation issue, that doesn’t mean it’s gone away…


# 4 –  And some words of wisdom from Abraham to off-set any fear generated by the preceding article :-)…

“As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who-you-really-are. And in doing so you will utilize your profound freedom. Seek joy first, and all of the growth that you could ever imagine will come joyously and abundantly unto you.“— Abraham

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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Astrology update, Passion Test sale, QiGong healing, homemade ketchup, tapioca, and more. What a mix!!


# 1 – Here’s an astrology update from Risa’s column in the Santa Cruz Good Times publication…

We are in the time of Advent now, preparing for winter solstice’s new light (signified by the Holy Child’s birth). Advent is Latin for adventus meaning “something’s about to happen, something’s arriving.” Advent is a “season” of expectancy: It’s a lingering hushed yet celebratory time. The Hebrews await the Messiah; Christians, the Second Coming; Esotericists, Christ’s Re-appearance; Buddhists, the Bodhisattva, Hindus, the Avatar; Mohammedans, the Imam Mahdi; Earth’s kingdoms await the new light of the Sun ascending from the tropic of Capricorn at winter solstice.
Two weeks of Advent are in the Mercury retrograde creating a double “reflective focus” within us. The contemplations of Mercury-retrograde, the coming new light along with Advent all create a subtle transformation in out etheric template (aura), which transforms our lives. In this first week of December, Venus in Capricorn (monetary structures of our money) joins Pluto in Capricorn (transformation of all structures, including government).

This is a worldwide transit. All structures, money, government everywhere are affected. Friday, Sun squares Mars (Sag/Virgo). Our ethics are challenged and we reflect upon this. We must meet the New Age’s laws, principles and sharing requirements. Mercury continues to be retrograde until the 13th. We must give deep thought to the gifts we buy, lest they seem “less than” after Mercury turns direct. Other solutions are to buy nothing, research making simply practical items at home, the many other ways to give (tithing, charity, etc. in service to those in need) and to serve (Soup Kitchens, Missions), etc. Mercury retrograde is the inner messenger. Revelations come forth.

# 2 –  Janet and Chris Attwood are launching a holiday special on their world famous Passion Test products, with some items 70% off. The official sale is Dec. 5th thru 8th, but if you order early (before midnight tonight) you can qualify for free shipping, too!

Until midnight on Thursday, December 8th, you can access two incredible packages that will help you and your loved ones discover, live and monetize your passions and truly transform your life…at more than 70% off.
Here’s what’s included in these life-changing packages…

  • The Passion Test Book – our New York Times bestselling book that has inspired thousands.
  • Passion Test Workshop Video – The companion video for The Passion Test book that will          help you through the exercises outlined in the book to achieve your dreams.
  • “7 Secrets to Living a Passionate Life” MP3 – Get answers to the 7 most frequent questions about living a life full of passion.
  • “Discover Your Passions Teleclass” (Live and MP3) – Uncover the first steps to living the     life of your dreams.
  • “Passionate Life Summit” on Audio MP3s – We unveil the truth behind connecting your passions to your skills and talents.
  • “Passionate Life Summit Videos” Online – 10 high-content, heart-opening videos to stretch and inspire you, including powerful tools from T. Harv Eker and Gabriel Nossovitch.
  • Four Exclusive Live Webinars with Chris and Janet [Platinum Package Only] – Get                 exclusive access to us and discover your passions and align your purpose with your                 abilities and talents.
  • Exclusive Webinar Home Study Guide (PDF) [Platinum Package Only] – You’ll know exactly what you need to do to monetize your passions and enjoy the life of your dreams!

And 2 Stocking Stuffer Bonuses…            

  • Passion Test Vision Book – A life-changing tool that helps you stay on track and focus on the things you want.
  • Jen Hannah Inspiring Music CD, “Grateful” – Music that truly encompasses living an uplifting, passionate life.


# 3 – Hey, how about a recipe for healthy, homemade ketchup? Would that make the evolutionary process a little easier? Who knows! Try it and find out. :-)


# 4- An interesting article about the source and benefits of tapioca and a link to a free download of the 25 Amazing Facts About Food booklet…


# 5 – Don’t forget tonight’s free QiGong distance healing at 8pm EST offered by Michael Mohoric (see previous posts for more details).

# 6 – And some great words of wisdom from Mike Dooley to end on…

“Contrary to popular thinking, being worthy isn’t something you earn, it’s something you recognize. And once you do, you won’t be able to think, speak or behave in any other way than as if what you most wanted was meant to be.”~Mike Dooley

Enjoy, “Zippy”

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