Astrology update, Passion Test sale, QiGong healing, homemade ketchup, tapioca, and more. What a mix!!


# 1 – Here’s an astrology update from Risa’s column in the Santa Cruz Good Times publication…

We are in the time of Advent now, preparing for winter solstice’s new light (signified by the Holy Child’s birth). Advent is Latin for adventus meaning “something’s about to happen, something’s arriving.” Advent is a “season” of expectancy: It’s a lingering hushed yet celebratory time. The Hebrews await the Messiah; Christians, the Second Coming; Esotericists, Christ’s Re-appearance; Buddhists, the Bodhisattva, Hindus, the Avatar; Mohammedans, the Imam Mahdi; Earth’s kingdoms await the new light of the Sun ascending from the tropic of Capricorn at winter solstice.
Two weeks of Advent are in the Mercury retrograde creating a double “reflective focus” within us. The contemplations of Mercury-retrograde, the coming new light along with Advent all create a subtle transformation in out etheric template (aura), which transforms our lives. In this first week of December, Venus in Capricorn (monetary structures of our money) joins Pluto in Capricorn (transformation of all structures, including government).

This is a worldwide transit. All structures, money, government everywhere are affected. Friday, Sun squares Mars (Sag/Virgo). Our ethics are challenged and we reflect upon this. We must meet the New Age’s laws, principles and sharing requirements. Mercury continues to be retrograde until the 13th. We must give deep thought to the gifts we buy, lest they seem “less than” after Mercury turns direct. Other solutions are to buy nothing, research making simply practical items at home, the many other ways to give (tithing, charity, etc. in service to those in need) and to serve (Soup Kitchens, Missions), etc. Mercury retrograde is the inner messenger. Revelations come forth.

# 2 –  Janet and Chris Attwood are launching a holiday special on their world famous Passion Test products, with some items 70% off. The official sale is Dec. 5th thru 8th, but if you order early (before midnight tonight) you can qualify for free shipping, too!

Until midnight on Thursday, December 8th, you can access two incredible packages that will help you and your loved ones discover, live and monetize your passions and truly transform your life…at more than 70% off.
Here’s what’s included in these life-changing packages…

  • The Passion Test Book – our New York Times bestselling book that has inspired thousands.
  • Passion Test Workshop Video – The companion video for The Passion Test book that will          help you through the exercises outlined in the book to achieve your dreams.
  • “7 Secrets to Living a Passionate Life” MP3 – Get answers to the 7 most frequent questions about living a life full of passion.
  • “Discover Your Passions Teleclass” (Live and MP3) – Uncover the first steps to living the     life of your dreams.
  • “Passionate Life Summit” on Audio MP3s – We unveil the truth behind connecting your passions to your skills and talents.
  • “Passionate Life Summit Videos” Online – 10 high-content, heart-opening videos to stretch and inspire you, including powerful tools from T. Harv Eker and Gabriel Nossovitch.
  • Four Exclusive Live Webinars with Chris and Janet [Platinum Package Only] – Get                 exclusive access to us and discover your passions and align your purpose with your                 abilities and talents.
  • Exclusive Webinar Home Study Guide (PDF) [Platinum Package Only] – You’ll know exactly what you need to do to monetize your passions and enjoy the life of your dreams!

And 2 Stocking Stuffer Bonuses…            

  • Passion Test Vision Book – A life-changing tool that helps you stay on track and focus on the things you want.
  • Jen Hannah Inspiring Music CD, “Grateful” – Music that truly encompasses living an uplifting, passionate life.

# 3 – Hey, how about a recipe for healthy, homemade ketchup? Would that make the evolutionary process a little easier? Who knows! Try it and find out. :-)

# 4- An interesting article about the source and benefits of tapioca and a link to a free download of the 25 Amazing Facts About Food booklet…

# 5 – Don’t forget tonight’s free QiGong distance healing at 8pm EST offered by Michael Mohoric (see previous posts for more details).

# 6 – And some great words of wisdom from Mike Dooley to end on…

“Contrary to popular thinking, being worthy isn’t something you earn, it’s something you recognize. And once you do, you won’t be able to think, speak or behave in any other way than as if what you most wanted was meant to be.”~Mike Dooley

Enjoy, “Zippy”

And don’t forget to check my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!

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