Clear abundance blocks, sale on hypnosis albums, 2012 Prediction Week, apple cider vinegar benefits, and Guy Finley


Lots to share with you, so let’s get started with….

# 1 – Christie Marie Sheldon of Unlimited Abundance is offering a free event on Dec. 22nd at 9pm EST to help remove abundance blocks for the new year …plus a free worksheet booklet you can download to help get even more out of the presentation…

# 2 – Natural Hypnosis is offering their “7 Days of Christmas” promotion with big discounts on their most popular albums (great gift idea for yourself or loved ones, by the way)…

20th December – 26th December

Here you can see which albums will be discounted for each day.

  1. 20th December – 50% Off “Love Yourself”
  2. 21st December – 75% Off “Improve Confidence”
  3. 22nd December – 40% Off “Boost Immune System” (new album)
  4. 23rd December – 60% Discount Off “Be Happy”
  5. 24th December – 50% Discount Off “Increase Motivation”
  6. 25th December – 30% Discount Off “Attract Money”
  7. 26th December – 50% Discount Off “Law of Attraction”

From the 27th December until the 30th of December they will be having a site wide sale offering 30% off ALL of our products.

# 3 – Here’s some extremely valuable words of wisdom from Guy Finley about letting go of the need to rush around…it’s especially helpful to keep in mind during this holiday time of year.

(You can get a free Welcome Kit from Guy’s site here.)

# 4 – Jennifer McLean and MasterWorks Healing are presenting the 3rd Annual Predictions Week, a 7-day series from January 1st until January 7th.  It’s FREE, so sign up now to insure you don’t miss any presentations. You can also check out Jennifer’s 2012 Flute Soul Song with Energized Healing…

# 5 – I’ve been a fan of the many benefits of ACV (apple cider vinegar) for a number of years. I even feature information about it on my To Your Health page and in my A Healthier You e-book, but this post by Robert at Energy Medicine & Health filled in some missing pieces as to how and why it is such a miracle worker…

Enjoy, “Zippy”

Be sure to check out my “What’s New” page for more tips, picks and free stuff!



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